Best ceiling for bathroom

Best ceiling for bathroom Which ceiling is best for a bathroom? This question comes to mind when the renovation begins in this room. This is not surprising, since you want to make everything solid, beautiful, modern.

We suggest considering how to do this and what kind of ceiling to choose for a room with high humidity.

Features of the bathroom and requirements for the ceiling

Consider several features of the room and the requirements for ceiling covering:

  1. Best ceiling for bathroom Since the room has a high level of humidity, it must be finished with moisture-resistant materials. While bathing in the shower, you can inadvertently direct a stream of water to the ceiling, and the coating should easily withstand this.

    In addition, good ceilings will be able to withstand the rush of water from above, and this often happens if neighbors forget to turn off the tap or the washing machine has leaked.

  2. Another kind of ceiling is required, the maintenance of which will not be very difficult. Ideally, you should only be required to wipe it down with a damp cloth from time to time and that's it. The fact is that it is in this room that there are a huge number of things that interfere with normal cleaning, and it will be extremely inconvenient to climb onto the bathroom or washing machine, and since the bathing rooms are very small, there is not even a place in them to put a ladder.
  3. Aesthetic requirements should also not be overlooked.

    The ceiling in the bathroom should be in perfect harmony with all the furnishings in the apartment and the bathroom, as well as its interior and style, and so that it is pleasant to look at it when you take a relaxing bath

For this reason, it is worth consider how these or those types of ceilings will be suitable for use in bathrooms.

How suitable are different types of bathroom ceilings? Since the basic requirements that relate to the choice of a ceiling that you already know, you should consider how certain types of ceiling coverings will match.

Types and options. Details

Putty and paint

Not only is it easy to perform, but also inexpensive. Paint and putty cost a penny, and all the work can be done without the involvement of professionals.

But this option is beneficial only if the base for painting is sufficiently flat, and then alignment of the base for painting is not required. At the same time, do not forget that all materials, namely the primer mixture, paint and putty, must be resistant to moisture. If there are large differences between the floor slabs in the ceiling, then the alignment process will cost you a pretty penny, and therefore it is better to give preference to other options, how to make the best ceiling for the bathroom.

Now it is worth listing all the disadvantages of the method (but, most often they can be easily turned into indisputable advantages):

  • Although the painted ceiling does not shine with originality, but you can turn on imagination and combine 2-3 colors in different combinations.
  • Such a ceiling can last up to 10 years (but with the condition that your neighbors will not flood you ahead of time).

  • It is not difficult to take care of such a coating, but darkening that appears over time cannot be washed off, since the paint strongly absorbs dirt. But at the same time, you can easily refresh the ceiling, and just paint it again.
  • It's not always easy to create recessed lighting, but you can buy beautiful pendant lighting fixtures that will truly decorate your bathroom. Alas, it is impossible to hide communications under such a ceiling.
  • It's no secret for you that fungus and mold most often appear on such a ceiling.

As you can see, if you look at such ceilings from a practical point of view, they are not very good, but there are many other options, and we will consider them further.

PVC panels made of plastic - simple and cheap

When people decide what to make a ceiling for a bathroom, many of them make a choice in favor of PVC panels. Such a coating is relatively durable and fully moisture resistant. You can install them even without a wizard, they look pretty cute, and no additional processing is required. Their surface will not require maintenance, and it will be enough to regularly wipe it with a damp cloth.

The design of such a ceiling makes it possible to install spot-type lamps.

Now let's dilute it with real disadvantages:

  • Best ceiling for bathroom At the joints some panels have seams into which after a while dirt begins to clog. It looks ugly, but you can fix it with regular cleaning. Much worse if there is no or extremely poor ventilation in the bathroom, since it is not dirt that will settle in the cracks, but fungus, which is much more difficult to remove.
  • In addition, the metal frame may begin to rust over time.

    Sometimes even the fact that galvanized metal was used in its creation does not help. But this most often happens only if there is poor ventilation and high humidity.

  • If you want to update such a ceiling, then be prepared that it is not so easy to do. You will first need to completely remove this plastic, and then make a new coating.

Rack ceilings - durable, stylish and beautiful

What is the best choice for a bathroom ceiling? From slats on the frame.

Slats are long, narrow panels that can be made of aluminum, plastic, or steel. The best metal ones are aluminum, as they are resistant to water and corrosion cannot spoil them.The color scheme of the ceiling can be very different, since the panels are produced in both gilded and chrome-plated form, as well as monophonic and with patterns. The installation will be simple even for amateurs, since they are assembled according to the principle of a designer, and the maintenance of the ceiling is simple, so most people opt for rails.

It is also very convenient for installation work that the slats are very flexible, and therefore such a ceiling can not necessarily be made straight, but curved.

Also, the polished surface of the slats is reflective, and because of them the ceiling looks like a mirror. Some ceiling tiles also have this property.

Of the shortcomings, we note:

  • Interpanel seams are often forgotten by dirt. In principle, clean seams are almost invisible, but dark, untidy streaks appear when dirty. But such a misfortune is easy to fix if you wash the ceiling from time to time.

  • Not every bathroom will look harmonious with a slatted ceiling, as it is not suitable for every interior style.

Plasterboard ceiling

Such a structure must necessarily be made on a frame - from metal or wood. However, a wooden frame is usually not used for bathrooms. After the installation of the base is completed, you can start "sewing" it with sheets of drywall, and it must be resistant to moisture, and be marked with gypsum plasterboard, decoding - moisture resistant gypsum plasterboard. Look at the color of the material, as usually the gypsum plasterboard has a green tint.

Such drywall will not start to rot, will not damp and crumble.

Best ceiling for bathroom Such ceilings make it possible to decorate the bathroom in an original way, since you can make a multi-level structure, and also beat the placed lamps that can be embedded inside the frame. It remains to hide all the flaws, irregularities, communications from ventilation and wiring, and then you will get the most beautiful and beautiful ceiling, the service life of which is from 5 to 10 years.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • Installation of such a structure is not the cheapest, since it requires the manufacture of a frame, fixing the sheets, as well as puttying, processing with a primer solution and paint.
  • If you do the installation work with your own hands, but such a design will turn out to be the most expensive in terms of the time and effort spent.

  • In addition, periodically it will be necessary to update the paint coating, as it will quickly begin to lose its original appearance. As in the case of a painted ceiling, the absorption of dirt will be inevitable, but the structure itself will not need to be repaired or replaced.

Suspended tiled ceiling

On a similar frame, as for plasterboard construction, you can create a ceiling from ready-made sheets for cladding, which are also called as ceiling suspended tiles. As a result, you will get a wonderful cellular or cassette ceiling.Such boards already have a finished surface and can be made from different materials.

In particular, for this you can use moisture-resistant modules made of organic glass, plastic or mineral wool, metal. Such designs will look beautiful and to some extent magical if you make a backlight for them. This design is one of the best bathroom ceilings.

The disadvantages of a suspended tiled ceiling are as follows:

  • Note that the cassette / cellular ceiling does not always fit perfectly into the cozy atmosphere of the apartment and bathroom. Sometimes he looks a little too formal, cold, and it seems as if you are in a public sanitary facility.

  • However, much will depend on the style of the interior of the room. If you like minimalism, hi-tech, then such a ceiling will perfectly fit into the overall design.
  • So far, this ceiling is leading, as it has only one drawback.

Mirrored ceilings

If you use real mirrors, the ceiling will look gorgeous. You will need to create a metal frame, which will be reinforced, approximately the same as for drywall.

To attach the mirrors to the frame, drill holes in them. After that, everything should be collected, but only experienced craftsmen can do this, but such ceilings should serve very well, but care for it should be thorough and almost daily.

There are also cheaper options for mirrored bathroom ceilings, for example, install shiny plastic panels and install them using the Armstrong system. Installation is quick and easy, and even inexperienced technicians can handle it. But the frame in such a system will not be very resistant to corrosion, and therefore it will eat it in a short time.

Now about the shortcomings:

  • Best ceiling for bathroom This ceiling creates a unique shine, and not every person likes this, especially if the ceilings are low, and you are in the room for a long time.
  • Since the surface will be mirrored, cleaning will have the same difficulties as with standard mirrors. But if you have an ordinary mirror in an upright position and care for it is simple, then you will get tired of looking after the mirrored ceiling very soon.

Stretch PVC ceiling

Stretch ceiling for a bathroom is the best among many, as it will not damp, will help protect walls from flooding, save appliances and furniture. If up to 100 kg of water per 1 m 2 gets on such a ceiling, then there will be no problems.

Experts will help to drain the water, and then the ceiling will be re-stretched, and it will not change its properties. Care for such a surface consists only in wiping it with a dry cloth.

It is worth noting that such ceilings will fit into any design, will look elegant, timely and noble.They have a huge number of options for colors and decorations, and they can also be shiny, matte, monochromatic, with drawings, photo prints and even a convex pattern. Believe me, you will find a ceiling to your taste.

Now a little about the shortcomings:

  • Unfortunately, the installation work will have to be entrusted to professionals, since only they have the required equipment and tools.
  • Another disadvantage can be called the fact that it is enough to simply pierce it, and because of this, the ability to retain water in itself disappears. Therefore, you should be careful not to touch the PVC film with sharp, hard objects.
  • If you use a white stretch ceiling, then you will find yellowing on it in the places where the lamps are attached, and such spots cannot be wiped off or painted over. For this reason, you will need to change the tension blade all at once.

And now let's find out which bathroom ceiling is better to choose.

How to decide which ceiling to choose?

Choosing a ceiling from a design point of view

How already mentioned, you should first think about the design of the ceiling, as well as how it will be combined with the overall design of the room. For example, the classic is the snow-white version, while we can talk about plasterboard construction, and about suspended, hemmed, with or without a built-in lamp. The smooth and even snow-white surface will perfectly fit into any interior, and the white ceiling and subfloor look especially beautiful.

Due to the use of a textured ceiling, it is possible to visually expand the room, or de make it higher / narrower / lower.

Here you will be helped by rack, tiled, modular, cellular ceilings, since they have a clearly expressed texture of tiles and planks. If the bathroom is large, then a tiered ceiling can be used. The cheapest and easiest way would be to use a drywall construction. A convex round design with lamps, which is located on a round-shaped bathroom, will look great.

Choosing a ceiling from a practical point of view

If we consider which ceiling for a bathroom is better from a practical point of view, then the stretch ceiling will definitely come first, as well as PVC panels covering.

A stretch ceiling is an ideal option, so more and more people have made a choice in favor of it for bathroom renovation. Such a waterproof, thin, but very beautiful PVC film is quite practical and durable.