Best Chainsaw Attachments

Best Chainsaw Attachments Interesting attachments for the chainsaw: motor, winch, grinder, pump, wood splitter, drill and mower. At the moment, almost all craftsmen have chainsaws - both professionals and home craftsmen, but most people use this tool only for its intended purpose. Usually, the preparation of firewood, pruning, etc. is done no more than once a year, and the rest of the time the tool gathers dust on the garage shelf, and this is a completely wrong approach.

Perhaps you did not know, but the chainsaw can also be used as a power device for various devices, which we will talk about in this article.

Why do you need attachments for a chainsaw

There are special attachments for a chainsaw on sale, with the help of which it is possible to significantly expand the functionality of the tool. When using additional equipment from a chainsaw, you will get an excellent wood splitter that can cope with chocks, because many of them are problematic to split with an ax, or a boat motor for walking on a rubber boat. In fact, such attachments are required in order to get the most out of the chainsaw, and so that it does not lie on the shelf, but is used almost every day for various tasks.

Please note that no special skills or education are required to install the attachments, everything is quite simple and easy.

Varieties of chainsaw attachments

At the moment, there are many attachments for a device such as a chainsaw, and they have been developed and sold by many manufacturers.

More specifically, you can buy the following for the saw:

  • Best Chainsaw Attachments Winch.
  • Attachment in the form of a boat motor.
  • Motor-drill.
  • Pump.
  • Log splitter.

  • Board cutter.

If you love to constantly craft something with your own hands, then the saw will become an excellent assistant here, as it can be used as a power unit for your inventions. For example, their ordinary chainsaw can create a go-kart for a child, because it is extremely exciting and not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. And in another video on the Web, it is shown how to create a snowblower with your own hands, in the role of the engine of which is the Stihl chainsaw. The idea is great, but the device itself is a little underdeveloped, although it makes it much easier to clean the area around a private house.

Now we propose to consider all the nozzles in more detail in order to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using, and also draw conclusions about them.

Boat motor

Attachment for the "boat motor" chainsaw is designed to be mounted on small rubber boats with a transom. The characteristics are as follows:

  • Best Chainsaw Attachments The gear ratio is 1: 2.
  • The maximum available speed in still waters is up to 20 km / h.
  • Three-blade propeller, diameter 15 cm.

  • Fuel consumption 1 liter / hour.
  • Assembled weight 8 kg.

Such characteristics make it possible to use the attachment for those people who do not pursue a high speed of movement on water, but they only need to get from one point to another. It is quite popular among fishermen, as it is quite compact and lightweight, and also fits into the luggage compartment of a car. The kit contains all the required fasteners, as well as instructions for installation and correct operation.

The main advantage is that you will save on the purchase of a complete outboard motor.


Another quite useful attachment is a winch for a chainsaw. With its help, it is possible to lift loads that weigh up to 1.5 tons. Conventional electric winches require electricity to operate, and this significantly reduces the possibility of use.

The chainsaw with a winch can be used anywhere. With such a nozzle, you can safely go to harvest firewood, load tree trunks, which are divided into several chocks. In addition, if necessary, it will be possible to easily get a stuck passenger car, but such a winch will not be a salvation for trucks.

The cost for such a chainsaw winch will be a little more expensive than the price of a conventional electric one, but its mobility will more than compensate for this. There are several models for chainsaws on sale, which differ in cable length, weight and size.

On average, the length of the cable is approximately 30 meters, and the total is not more than 11 kg.

Interesting, that using a plow together with a winch, it is possible to cultivate a land plot with minimal effort.

The video tutorials show you how to plow the land using the winch attachment and plow. The advantage of this method is that it is possible to cultivate the land in a summer cottage where there is no way to connect electricity.


Pump out water from flooded cellars, pump water from a well for irrigation or simply to pump water from a special nozzle, which is a pump, will help one container in another.

Its installation is simple enough and you don't need any special skills. Its advantage is that it is mobile and can be quickly connected. In addition to the pump, you will need to buy hoses. Like other attachments, the saw pump is available from different manufacturers, so on sale you will find elements with different performance and other characteristics. This attachment is considered universal and can be installed on any brand and model of chainsaw.

For those who do not like to spend money on the purchase of additional equipment, you can try yourself in creating a pump with your own hands.


This is also a rather useful thing in everyday life, namely the drill attachment for the chainsaw. There can be many options for such an addition, you can do it yourself.The device is extremely useful for winter fishing enthusiasts, as well as for builders, because it can be used to drill holes to install fence posts. The advantage over the electric options lies in the same mobility, because the drill can be used regardless of whether there is electricity or not.

Please note, that in order to install this attachment, you will first need to remove the clutch and drive sprocket from the chainsaw, and for this you will need to lock the crankshaft. Information on how to properly remove the clutch from a chainsaw is described in the instructions.

In addition, an adapter sleeve is included with the chainsaw drill, which can be installed instead of the drive sprocket.

Wood splitter

Best Chainsaw Attachments it is difficult to split thick lumps, and to facilitate the process, you can install a wood splitter attachment on the chainsaw. It will be screwed into the chocks, and due to the shape of the cone, it will split.

The attachment is considered universal and can be used for different chainsaw models.

User reviews of the device have been overwhelmingly positive as it really helps ease the process of splitting large chocks. The cost for a nozzle is more than acceptable, no more than 1200 rubles. You can buy it in special petrol stores or online. Installing such a nozzle does not require special skills, especially since all manufacturers provide instructions.


If you need to plan a few boards, but you do not have a special machine for these purposes, then the jointer nozzle will help you cope with the task ... The attachment should be attached to the usual bolts for fastening the tires, and instead of the clutch, use the drive pulley for installation, on which the belt will be put on. Through the belt that leads from the pulley to the driven one, the transfer of force begins, which makes the planer shaft with two legs rotate.

The system is quite reliable and simple, and the quality of processing will depend on what is the maximum rpm of the saw, on which the attachment will be installed.

Important! Manufacturers do not recommend installing a jointer nozzle, because with it the chainsaw has been operating at maximum speed for a long time with almost no load, and this can cause overheating, and as a result, engine burnout.

To compensate for the lack of load on the engine when using a jointer, you can slightly reduce the maximum number of revolutions, and the instructions for adjusting the carburetor in a chainsaw are on the manufacturer's website. The attachment is not universal, and for its operation you will need to replace the sprocket with a pulley, and the attachments for chainsaws will be different. For this reason, when buying, you should first consult and choose the model that will work on your chainsaw.

Bark beetle

This is an additional attachment for the chainsaw, which is required in order to clear tree trunks from bark. The attachment is very similar to the jointer described above, the fastening is carried out in the same way and there are two pulleys and a belt. The main difference is that there is no stop bar on the bark beetle, which does not make it possible to deepen the knives, and because of this, only a certain amount of chips will be removed.


And the last one will be presented one of the most popular gadgets, about which users leave a lot of positive feedback. This is a nozzle for a Bulgarian chainsaw, or as it is also called an angle grinder, but it is not it, since it is intended only for cutting.

It should be attached to the regular place of the tire, and it is not universal, therefore, you will need to select it for your chainsaw model. The nozzle itself is inexpensive and convenient to use,

and it also consists of the following elements:

  • Frame.
  • Drive pulley.
  • Driven pulley with shaft and disc mount.
  • A belt that transmits reinforcement.

  • Protection.

Simplicity and common grinder consumables (discs) made such a nozzle extremely popular. Its advantage is mobility, that is, the ability to use it in places where there is no electrical energy. Instead of the metal cutting disc, which is indicated in the photo, you can install carbide for cutting concrete and use a saw with a nozzle as a chaser.

Helpful advice: when working with a grinder attachment, the engine will experience a heavy load, therefore, for a chainsaw with a power of less than 2 kW, the use of the attachment is not recommended.

Attachments for the Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaw

There is no special attachment that would fit only the Stihl chainsaw and have a unique functionality ...

Best Chainsaw Attachments Everything that can be installed on Calm has its analogs for other models of chainsaws, the situation is similar with Husqvarna devices ..

. For this reason, when choosing a chainsaw, do not pay attention to the recommendations of sellers regarding the purchase of any one model just because it can be equipped with advanced functionality of additional equipment. The only thing that is really worth paying attention to is the power, because it is recommended to purchase powerful units for working with nozzles.

What attachments you can make with your own hands

Most home craftsmen do not spend extra money on buying attachments in special stores, but make them with their own hands. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this and almost everything you want can be done with your own hands.

To do this, you only need a welding machine, sandpaper and a little experience + knowledge, and spare parts from old tools and mechanisms, like chains, belts, shafts, pulleys and others, can also come in handy.

Devices for cutting boards

I would also like to say about such a device as a bed for cutting boards using a chainsaw. This is a small sawmill that you need to assemble on the site, install a chainsaw in it and dissolve tree trunks onto boards. There are enough options, there are factory ones, like Logosol.


Yes, the chainsaw can perform not only longitudinal and transverse cuts of wood, but also makes it possible to create and create on its basis a huge number of useful tools and devices for household needs that make it possible to facilitate everyday tasks or even relax for your own pleasure.

Remember that if you plan to use homemade chainsaw attachments, then you should be extremely careful not to overload the device and its engine, and also do not forget about safety precautions, because all responsibility lies only with you.