Best Interior Glass Sliding Doors Review: Tips & Tricks + Videos

Best Interior Glass Sliding Doors Review: Tips & Tricks + Videos Interior glass sliding doors have their own design features that make them attractive to many. They are closed and opened by moving the door leaf on rollers with glass along special grooves. The main door remains immovable along the wall. This door allows you to save space in the room, precisely because of this type of work.

In this article, we will tell you about glass interior sliding doors that allow you to save space in the house, make it attractive and airy.

You will learn how glass is made for this type of door, whether it is worth fearing that they can break and injure someone in the house.

What is the design of glass sliding doors, how it is attached, and what type it is. And most importantly, for which rooms and interior this design is suitable.

General information about interior doors

Glass for manufacturing. Properties

For the manufacture of glass sliding interior doors, special glass is used, ordinary glass will not work.

The main feature of such glass is its strength and reliability. There are bulletproof and fire resistant materials to choose from.

Also, glass for a sliding interior door can be transparent, matte, mirror. That is, for every taste of the owner of the house. In addition, the door can be installed with or without a threshold.

Note. The bulk of doors of this type are made by special order, taking into account the dimensions provided by the customer. Also, there are ready-made variations that may suit you.

Best Interior Glass Sliding Doors Review: Tips & Tricks + Videos The matte glass interior door has an aesthetic and attractive appearance. It is multifunctional, suitable for installation in any premises: as interior partitions, dividing housing into functional zones, like doors between rooms, on balconies, loggias.

Finished glass interior doors are made from a solid piece of material without the use of additional inserts when it comes to glass. For this, tempered glass with a thickness of 8-10 mm is used.

An interior sliding glass door has a design in which the rail at the top is a guide, and at the bottom there is none at all.

Types of glasses

  • transparent;
  • matte;
  • bronze-black.

Advantages of a glass interior door

  • High strength of glass, which cannot be broken even by using physical force.

  • If it falls to the floor, it will not break into small fragments, but only into large fragments, or crack inside the enveloping layers.
  • Possibility of manufacturing according to the customer's parameters.
  • Cost at the level of wooden doors.
  • Fast terms of order readiness.

How to choose doors

Which mechanism to choose

The mechanism of sliding interior glass doors on rails consists of from rollers and top tracks.

At the bottom there is a mount that prevents the structure from swinging.

The rollers are fixed on the door leaf, the guides are installed on the ceiling or wall. Mechanisms are divided into:

  • open, in which all components are visible;
  • closed, which are hidden by means of false panels.

Glass interior doors in the interior are valued for ease of use, practicality and beauty. For the manufacture of the frame of such doors, an aluminum profile is used, covered with an oxide or laminated film.

One-piece glass tightly gives the feeling of open, airy space, uncluttered by anything. There are many design ideas for realizing wonderful projects.

Useful tips

  • It is possible to choose glass of any color that is suitable specifically for your home based on architectural ideas. Such doors fit perfectly into op-art, hi-tech, to some extent loft-style housing. Glass sliding interior doors do not succumb to the harmful effects of moisture, as, say, their wooden counterparts.

    Do not require additional processing. Suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Ready-made glass interior doors are made in various versions, but the design provides for only two types of opening / closing: folding and sliding.
  • Best Interior Glass Sliding Doors Review: Tips & Tricks + Videos Sliding interior glass doors on rails are also divided into special groups based on their location in the house.
  • For balconies, loggias, doors of a type specially designed for such premises are suitable.

    They are developed taking into account the local climate and changing weather. The main requirement for such doors is reliable installation and a long period of use.

  • For interior partitions or kitchens, glass sliding doors, consisting of two or one wings, are suitable.
  • Structural solutions such as sliders or patios are installed to divide the room into zones, for example, the kitchen is separated from the living room, or in one large room they make a sleeping area and a place for rest or work. You can also make a glass partition in a bathroom or toilet.

  • For terraces, glass interior doors with a lifting mechanism will be an excellent solution.


To choose the best option for a sliding glass door for your home, you must adhere to unspoken rules. Before ordering a door, decide what you need it for, where it will be located, whether the space allows you to install such a structure, and how well the room is lit.

Your main task is to put the door in such a way that it creates a harmonious space, does not block the sunlight if it does not get enough into the room, and so that it all looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing, without getting out of the general ensemble. After all, if you have a design in the style of classicism or Provence, such a door will look, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

Important! In areas with a harsh climate, when installing a door facing the street, you should take care of the insulation of the structure. Doors of this type are designed to keep the warmth in the room and not let the cold out.

Today, the market presents products of many manufacturers, both domestic and foreign. But it is the Italian glass interior doors that are considered the highest quality and most attractive. In addition, the doors of their production are very durable and reliable, which is ensured by the quality of glass and frame elements.


Glass sliding interior doors were first produced in Italy, and today, this process has been established to such an extent that it deserves the highest praise. It is clear that such designs cannot be cheap, so count on your capabilities. You can revise the proposals of Russian manufacturers, and purchase doors at an affordable price.

Indeed, among the disadvantages of sliding glass doors is their high cost. Also, it is a relatively fragile structure that requires careful handling.

In terms of its performance characteristics, even the toughest glass cannot be compared with wood and metal.

As for the safety of the construction of glass sliding doors, it should be noted that if the rules of use and installation are followed, they will serve for a long time. To increase the strength of glass, a tempering process is used during its production, which makes the material resistant to external influences.