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Best Places to Apply - Tips + Photos & Videos Silicate-silicone decorative plaster. A popular and innovative product, which is increasingly used for the decoration of building facades, has become silicate-silicone decorative plaster. It is a coating that is applied to the processing surface in a dense layer. Cerisite plaster has a complex composition and structure.

This decorative variety material has a lot of undeniable advantages in comparison with analogues that are used for wall cladding.

The structure of the coating that will be used to decorate the facade is determined by these parameters.

General information

  • Filler fraction.
  • The tool selected for the job.
  • Methods of applying the mixture.

Cerisit silicate-silicone decorative plaster is good because it is unpretentious in application and further use.

In order to finish with this plaster, it is not at all necessary to call professionals, since you can do everything yourself. You can watch the tutorial videos on how to properly apply the mixture to the wall.


Best Places to Apply - Tips + Photos & Videos This type of decorative material has a lot of scope. It is used for finishing well-plastered surfaces, which are made of concrete, plaster, brick. Particular strength is due to the silicates that are in the composition.

Due to the presence of silicone, the material is elastic and easy to apply. This decorative plaster is perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

Please note, that the composition does not contain toxic substances that can harm humans.


The demand for this material is due to the fact that it has the following features and properties:

  • Resistant to mold, mildew.
  • Resistance to precipitation, large temperature differences.

  • No special finishing required.
  • A unique appearance that perfectly transforms the entire building when decorating the facade.
  • By applying the plaster in a thick layer, you will be able to remove all unevenness, cracks and roughness on the surface.

Silicate-silicone plaster makes it possible to reduce the time and slice for preparing walls for further work. To get the desired result, you should adhere to all instructions that the manufacturer comes with to the package.

With one operation, you can solve several problems at once.

What can be plastered

Cerisite as a type of decoration is suitable for summer cottages, residential buildings, facades of offices and high-rise buildings, country cottages and industrial buildings. Since the material has excellent technical characteristics, you can create not an ordinary gray building, but an architectural work of art.

Good advice! Silicone compound can be overpainted to increase service life.

If you are the owner of a country house or a city apartment, with the help of Cerisite you can decorate the walls, and at the same time realize all your fantasies.

When buying a ready-made mixture, pay attention to the manufacturer and the expiration date.

Good advice! Do not buy decorative plaster from an unknown company, as such attempts to save money often end up even more expensive.

The period of operation of such a construction "pig in a poke" will be short, and you will have to spend additional funds to buy new material, but now from a trusted manufacturer, as well as spend extra time. This formulation is a ready-to-use mixture that can be applied immediately. It is environmentally friendly and has a wide color spectrum.

In addition to decorating with this mixture, you can decorate the premises from the inside. For example, the ideal option would be to use cerisit silicate-silicone plaster for decorating a kitchen or balcony.


The main component is liquid glass. Chemically speaking, it is sodium and potassium silicate, which were obtained by heating glass in an autoclave. It also contains pigments, various additives, water, mineral filler and an emulsion with silicone resin.

The ready-made mixture can be used for lime substrates, plasterboard, concrete. The advantage is a high level of vapor permeability, as the walls will "breathe". They will not attract dust as they are neutral electrostatic.


There is a classification of this type of decorative plasters, since some of the components are slightly different in their composition. Mineral and polymer plaster is considered acceptable in price.

This mortar ensures that you get a durable finish, and the cement included in the composition will contribute to this.

If we talk about facade plaster, a lot of good reviews have been written about it, which made it popular in the construction market of our time.


Despite the fact that the material has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. For example, the mixture should be applied to the surface quickly, and beginners who have no experience will not be able to do everything efficiently. Since the mixture needs to be applied on a special primer, you will need to spend a certain amount to repair the coating, as it is short-lived.

Please note, that the ready mixture should be thoroughly mixed before starting work.


On the surface of the wall, which was plastered with silicate-silicone decorative plaster, the risk of cracks is minimal. It is the ideal material for finishes that require the desired shade. To do this, you need to buy a color scheme and add it to the mixture. If everything was done taking into account the recommendations from the manufacturer, then this surface will serve you at least 20 years.

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