Best Profiles of Which Manufacturers Deserve Attention - Review + Video

Best Profiles of Which Manufacturers Deserve Attention - Review + Video Loud slogans of numerous sellers of plastic windows confuse any buyer. Each manufacturer presents their products as the best. Is it really? The answer to this question is known to those who are familiar with the criteria for a PVC window profile.

The ability to notice the first signs of fakes is a guarantee not to become profit for fraudsters.

Plastic windows.

General information

plastic windows have entered the construction industry very firmly. Very soon, wooden windows will be a curiosity that you will hardly see anywhere. And there are explanations for this.

Advantages of plastic

Best Profiles of Which Manufacturers Deserve Attention - Review + Video

First plastic is a cheaper material than wood, secondly, it is easy to use, and thirdly, it is very easy to make repairs in such windows.

Replacing any part of the window: sash, glass, opening mechanism takes a couple of minutes, and therefore is inexpensive.

Technical characteristics of PVC windows

Determined by the type of its profile, of which there are a lot. The facade of the windows can be exactly the same, but the functionality and quality are different, due to the constructive profiles. Then, if there is a firm intention to purchase plastic windows, which profile is better to choose?


Best Profiles of Which Manufacturers Deserve Attention - Review + Video Window manufacturers lure buyers with the names of brands that have become familiar. REHAU, KBE, VEKA, BRUSBOX are looking at us from advertising tabloids in big letters.

But you should understand that these are just brands of windows and nothing else can be said about them.

The products offered to you will be made by non-listed manufacturers.

But even among the Russian representatives there are quality products, you just need to know how to define them.

Important! At the moment, only SALAMANDER windows are manufactured directly abroad, this is understandable and at a price for such a product. The rest have long been mastered in Russia.

Classes of the profile of plastic windows and their characteristics

The main material for the sash and frame construction is called a profile.

Vertical and horizontal elements are most often made of metal (aluminum, steel) and polyvinyl chloride.

Best Profiles of Which Manufacturers Deserve Attention - Review + Video Sealed walls between several longitudinal cavities are visible on the cross-section of the profile. The cavities are called chambers. Their number affects the thermal insulation and strength characteristics of the window.

PVC windows must be produced according to the standards: EN12608SR (Europe) and GOST 30673-99 (Russia).

Depending on the thickness of the profile walls, there are:

Class A

The thickness of the outer wall is from 2.8 mm, the inner from 2.5. This class is characterized by high thermal insulation.

Class B

Best Profiles of Which Manufacturers Deserve Attention - Review + Video Outer wall from 2.

5 mm, inner from 2 mm. Thermal insulation is significantly reduced, resistance to mechanical stress by 15%.

Class C

These are windows with a lower profile wall thickness than for classes A and B. It is recommended to install them in industrial premises where heat preservation is unimportant. They are even made monolithic, without opening mechanisms.

Reinforcement of the profile is performed by metal strips located inside. Hence the name metal-plastic windows.

The PVC material itself is distinguished by good resistance to atmospheric conditions, low heat transfer, environmental friendliness, excellent adhesion to paints and varnishes, durability, high sound insulation and low cost. Its aesthetics are also worth noting.

How to choose a high-quality profile

First, it is worth evaluating the appearance of PVC material.

It should be of uniform color, smooth surface and made of a monolithic canvas. The presence of spots, inclusions in the PVC structure should alert.

The most common profile width is 58 mm. Profiles 60 or 70 cm wide are usually installed in tall buildings or in harsh climates. Width 90 cm belongs to the premium class.

The thickness should be the same throughout the structure and be in the range from 2.5 to 3 mm.

A minimum of three air chambers are required for sufficient thermal insulation. That is how much fits into a 58mm wide profile.

Number of double-glazed windows

Best Profiles of Which Manufacturers Deserve Attention - Review + Video Do not forget about the number of double-glazed windows.

A glass unit is called several sheets of glass, fastened with a sealant and enclosed in a special frame.

The number of double-glazed windows makes the construction of the window heavier, therefore, for rooms with large openings, it is proposed to use single-chamber double-glazed windows.

And for a private house it is better to choose a two-chamber package of three sheets of glass, then the thermal insulation will be sufficient. Three-chamber packages are justified only in very cold areas

Attention! There should be at least two seals in the frame. Otherwise, condensation will form under the frame, which will lower the insulation and promote the development of mold and mildew.

Absolutely disgusting products a company with a well-known name cannot afford. Most likely, these will be one-day firms.

Therefore, give preference to products from manufacturers who have experience and have collected a list of positive reviews. In addition, the risk of stumbling upon a substandard product by choosing the windows of a large factory is much less. Small firms are unlikely to buy expensive productive and technological equipment.

REHAU windows

Best Profiles of Which Manufacturers Deserve Attention - Review + Video

Very famous manufacturer plastic windows. Deserved reviews, a minimum of scrap, constant training and improvement of its employees, innovative development of manufactured designs. They cooperate with enterprises only if they have good equipment.

Interesting! Manufactures certified by REHAU are constantly tested.Therefore, the risk of buying a low-quality product from the hands of a company partner is very small.


Also a representative of German windows, loved all over the world. They produce a white and colored profile that is able to stay tinted with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The seal is made of natural rubber and is able to withstand very low temperatures. Models are sold from 58 to 90 mm thick. In the price range, VEKA and Rehau are approximately the same.


Takes the third place in our rating after the first two companies. There are small shortcomings: the number of rejects is slightly higher in comparison with the previous giants, there may be delays in deliveries, they do not suit their partners with checks.

However, the products of this company are considered environmentally friendly and are recommended for installation in kindergartens and hospitals. The service life of such windows is around 50 years. There are offers, both luxury and economy classes.

The profile is produced in widths from 58 to 70 mm.


The company is one of the pioneers in the production of PVC profiles. They offer a huge assortment for decorative possibilities.


These companies are still gaining their reputation. There are already reviews of their products on the Internet.

You can even select a forum and ask questions of interest to the owners of such windows. The main advantage here is the affordable price.

Where to buy plastic windows?

Best Profiles of Which Manufacturers Deserve Attention - Review + Video

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