Bio fireplace in the interior - how to choose

Bio fireplace in the interior - how to choose Advantages and disadvantages of biofireplaces + user reviews

Have you heard about biofireplaces before? No? Surprisingly, such a device has become a real trend over the past few years, which is in great demand among buyers. Such devices attract even beginners and craftsmen in design and construction. The thing is that, unlike the electric analogue, the fire in the bio fireplace is real. But the difference from an ordinary wood-burning fireplace is that the product operates on a special liquid fuel. This means that no aroma, smoke and soot are emitted in the work process.

General information

It turns out that chimney systems are not tedious to operate. You can install a fireplace with ease and anywhere. Among the most popular types are Eliot 1200 products from the manufacturer in the Russian Federation Zefire. Such devices can almost always be seen in the house. And for those who do not need an expensive and large hearth, a small bio fireplace Prometheus is provided, which can be mounted even on a table.

The photo shows Eliot 1200. Are these fireplaces really good? What do those who have been using such equipment for some time say? What are the advantages and disadvantages of biofireplaces? This is what you will find out. Such devices, along with their advantages - this is what our article will tell you about.

Features of biofireplaces

The principle of operation of a biofireplace is generally clear, and the heart of the device is the heating unit installed inside. it is made of stainless steel, and it is in such a heating block that biological fuel must be poured.

When burning, there is no soot, sparks, smoke, and the flame is very even. Due to the sliding lid, which is on the biofireplace tank, you can control the intensity of the fire. Fireplace finishes are different and are suitable for all kinds of interiors.

These are the following materials:

  • Marble.
  • Veneer.

  • Granite.
  • Refractory glass.
  • Painted steel.

The power unit has an offset filling system

Due to this there is no risk of scalding when refueling the bio fireplace. The heating unit is equipped with a system with internal walls, due to which the return of flame and thermal pops, as well as explosions, are excluded.

If we are talking about fireplace fuel, then it is made on the basis of ordinary alcohol. Not everyone is aware of what ethanol is made through the process of fermenting sugar in various crops such as banana, potatoes, beets, cane sugar, and wheat. Since international rules state that the sale of pure ethanol is prohibited, denatured alcohol is used as fuel. when burning in a biofireplace, the fuel begins to disintegrate, while releasing carbon dioxide, heat and water vapor. Products that are safe for human health.

Please note that you can buy biofuel in a can with a capacity of 2.5 and 5 liters. In 1 hour, about 0 burns out.37 liters, and therefore a canister with a capacity of 2.5 liters is enough for continuous operation of the bio fireplace for 10 hours.

Their efficiency is 95% or more.

After we will consider the main advantages of such devices, and also find out the reviews of the owners.


Nice design move

Bio fireplace in the interior - how to choose Be that as it may, but a fireplace in an apartment or house is the dream of any person. It not only carries an exclusively functional component, but also serves as an element for decoration. Houses with it turn out to be stylish, beautiful, modern and cozy.

How nice it is to sit at such a fireplace in the evening with a loved one and friends. We suggest looking at a photo-example of what kind of atmosphere will be created by the Zefire fireplace. And if you compare a simple fireplace and a biofireplace, the difference is tangible. In the first case, the structure will be tied to a place (that is, stationary) and has a normal standard appearance. Such devices have a firebox, a chimney and a conventional design.

But if we talk about biofireplaces, then they are more diverse, more beautiful and more modern. In terms of design, the products are great, and that's what the designers themselves say.

"In one of the projects, I used a bio-fireplace. The owners of the house are happy, despite the fact that they have been launching them relatively recently. Most often, it constantly functions when guests come, or just turn it on in the evenings for the soul.

But they shared that the fireplace looks amazing even when it is not working. It is not surprising, because the design of the fireplace is very decent, and it is like an art object. And most importantly, the bio fireplace will serve to connect 2 spaces, as it is embedded in the wall surface between the corridor and the living room. This created a stream of light in the corridor. "

Mobility of biofireplaces

So, a biofireplace in the interior of an apartment of a multi-storey building has a place to be.

There can be no wood-burning fireplaces in the apartment, since it is technically difficult to do, and also irrational and expensive. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of these things, then the presence of a bio fireplace will definitely delight you, because it is ideal for an apartment. there is no need to build a chimney and takes care of the safe removal of combustion products from the dwelling. Due to the variety of fireplaces, you can install the product anywhere in the apartment. We mentioned earlier that there are huge structures like the Eliot 1200 or small models that resemble a basket or vase like the Prometheus.

Small in size, the structures are mobile and transportable, and you can carry the device wherever you go, because it is possible to put it on the table to create a pleasant romantic atmosphere.

"The furnaces in such fireplaces and their design features are completely universal. Everything can be built in or installed anywhere and adapted to different forms. And then it is a matter of technology - to purchase biofuel, fill it and run it through the system.All this will burn for a very long time, giving home owners not only warmth, but also positive emotions.


" This is some kind of miracle, I have a fireplace in a high-rise building. This is not just a fireplace, but an excellent device that does not require chimneys (none at all), constant cleaning and careful maintenance. The room will be comfortable and clean. How joyful it is to sit with my husband at the hearth at home, with natural fire, but without firewood and other surplus. Due to the size of the fireplace, the husband perfectly transfers it to any place.

I often ask my husband to bring the fireplace into the kitchen, and I am very happy. "

Ease of use of the biofireplace

Bio fireplace in the interior - how to choose Another advantage of the products is that they are easy to maintain. This has already been noted by most users, and there is still no need to buy firewood, light a fire for a long time, and then remove the combustion products and clean the place near the fireplace. you can forget about everything with a working system.

"A biofireplace is a wonderful thing.

I constantly use it in my projects, and what can I say, I myself have such a house, and therefore I recommend it to all my friends, because I am very pleased with it. Care is also very simple, just wipe the dust from the surface, that's all. I recommend it to all my customers. "

And this is what a family who has been using a biofireplace for more than a year said:" In short, I like everything. We especially want to note the fact that the biofireplace is excellent in operation, and if earlier, with the simplest fireplace, there was no desire to heat it up, since I did not want to deal with its future cleaning, at the moment the fireplace burns almost every evening.


But as practice has shown, not all people use a fireplace 100%. After installation, literally 4 out of 10 people use it all the time. The rest use it for special needs or only for round dates. Could it be a habit? to compare wood-burning fireplaces, then tinkering with them is much more difficult and longer. With biofireplaces everything is not at all like that.

The main advantages of biofireplaces

If you take into account the reviews of users of biofireplaces and compare from the declared advantages and characteristics, it will be possible to draw a conclusion, summing up the use of the device. Comparing everything, it turns out to determine the main advantages of the devices.

When buying such a product, you can count on the following advantages:

  1. Excellent external parameters of the fireplace, and the use makes it possible to make a room beautiful, stylish, original and rich. At that time, warmth and comfort will be created in the room.
  2. The versatility of fireplaces - such products can be used not just for apartments, but also for houses.

    At the same time, you do not need to bother with the removal of combustion products and cleanliness in the house.

  3. Ease of use - the biofireplace is simply started up, and then you can simply extinguish it.
  4. Easy to care for - no chips, ash, gas, dirt, soot or other contaminants.And after work, nothing needs to be cleaned, and you only need to clean the fireplace from time to time. The surrounding objects will also remain clean.

  5. There are table fireplaces that are excellent for transportability and mobility. With them it will be possible to create coziness anywhere.
  6. An excellent choice of shapes, design, construction and other parameters of biofireplaces. If you cannot afford one type of fireplaces financially, then you can buy another, the one that is cheaper.

Take a little more time to select your fireplace.

The fact is that among such a huge number it can be difficult to navigate, and products can be compact, or they can be built-in, like the familiar Zefire. The second option perfectly imitates a wood-burning fireplace. As for the cost of a fireplace, it depends on the structural complexity, its size and the degree of automation. Bio fireplaces are automatic or mechanical. The latter options are characterized by the fact that you need to kindle them yourself - pour in fuel, kindle the flame with a long lighter, and you can extinguish the fireplace with a poker, simply by sliding the damper by the fireplace.

Automatic devices are slightly more expensive, but the launch will be carried out due to automation. Since there is a touch panel, you can easily turn on, turn off and adjust the intensity of the flame. And due to the remote control, you can perform such manipulations at a distance. The display on the fireplace will show the fuel level, carbon dioxide indicator, temperature and other parameters.

Please note that there are biofireplaces that can be controlled directly from a smartphone.

It is practical and convenient if you are a busy person and do come into the house with the fireplace on.


If you need to create an excellent atmosphere in the apartment, then the bio fireplace is the ideal option. But like any other product, it has some disadvantages.

This is what users are saying.

"I don't really like the fire from the fireplace, and if you compare it with the wood-burning one, the difference is noticeable.

There is no crackling of logs, the smell of wood, only a certain similarity in the visual video. But it's a sin to complain, because there are no other options for an apartment ".

"I think a biofireplace is like a cigarette with no nicotine or non-alcoholic beer, just an imitation. For this reason, it is better to opt for the real option."

"This is not the first time I have installed fireplaces at my customers, everything works fine, looks the same, and in this regard there are no complaints.

But this is a useless toy, and the user will play with the fireplace for 6 months, and then throw it away."


As you can see, the bio fireplace in the interior is the best option for replacing simple wood-burning equipment. But he cannot fully replace it, despite this, the fireplace has positive properties that distinguish it from the background of ordinary fireplaces. Then it's up to you to decide whether to buy the equipment or not.Feedback from real users will help you a lot.