Black glossy stretch ceiling + photo

Black glossy stretch ceiling + photo Black glossy stretch ceiling in the interior

There is a separate group of people who are disagreeable about black , and consider it depressing, gloomy. But if certain conditions are met, you can achieve the most unusual results - from unusual refined, to some extent even daring decisions to the classics in its strict manifestation. The glossy black stretch ceiling in the interior looks great when combined with most colors and looks striking, elegant.

Classic white, magnetic purple, passion red, luxury gold or silver are preferred. Everything will depend only on your choice when determining the range of colors and style of the room.

General information

When choosing a black canvas for gloss, the wallpaper and the floor should be kept in light colors, pieces of furniture or decor should also overlap in color with the design of the ceiling. A glossy black ceiling can create the visual effect of an additional floor, and the light reflection factor is up to 85%, and the absorption is 15%, that is, this ceiling is almost mirrored, and the office or room seems taller and larger, and there is also a sense of volume.

But in low, terribly lit rooms with small windows, these ceilings still should not be used. Still not worth mounting them in the children's room. It is believed that for the child's psyche, which has not grown stronger, one should give preference to scales with a large number of colors.

You should also pay special attention when choosing a ceiling for your personal office. Most people get tired of reflected glare from window surfaces, PC monitors or TVs. It is important to take into account the fact that even a small mess in your personal account will be reflected in a mirror-type surface on the ceiling and spoil the impression on visitors. If such nuances do not bother you, then an office or an office with a glossy black ceiling will look fashionable, presentable and elegant.


Advantages and disadvantages of black stretch ceilings

The first and tangible plus - the warranty period of PVC film is 10 years .

.. Polyvinyl chloride will serve as the material for the manufacture of stretch glossy ceilings. Because of this, ceilings made of PVC film have the following positive qualities:

If you give preference to stretch ceilings, then you need to use the opportunity to hide electrical wiring, telephone cables, alarm system and even ventilation behind the canvas. Another significant advantage is the increase in the level of thermal insulation due to the special material and air layer.

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • The warranty period of the PVC film is 10 years, but as practice has shown that the present term of application of the structure can be up to 50 years.
  • It is required to install low-power luminaires or provide them with heat removal.
  • A specialist is required for installation, and there is no way for repairs or re-installation.

High resistance to moisture and durability gives an incredibly wide range of uses for glossy ceiling in black color in the pool, kitchen or bathroom. In the event of an emergency, such a ceiling can withstand a large volume of water - up to hundreds of liters per 1 square meter.

Black ceiling in the interior

In the bathroom you can realize effective design contrasting ideas for combining a glossy black stretch ceiling and light-colored tiles with light pieces of furniture. It is also important to note one more extremely important quality of ceilings - resistance to fungi, the film cannot support the development of molds.

Gloss in the bathroom is a perfect combination with LED-type lighting around the general perimeter.

If you add a large mirror of a simple shape, as well as snow-white accessories, and then your bathroom will look luxurious, stylish and rich. Glare from lamps on a tiled surface looks expensive and even natural. Ceilings can be easily cleaned using specialized detergents (for mirror surfaces), which attracts when choosing an option for decorating a kitchen ceiling. There is no need to overload the interior with decorative details; everything in the kitchen should be free and easy.

Black glossy stretch ceiling + photo If you don't like contrast, you can add gray shades to dilute it.

To do this, it is enough to mount the equipment of the same gray color, and the combination of the steel-colored countertop will look quite interesting.

The glossy black option in the bedroom is good in its own way, it will create an intimate atmosphere when combined with spotlights, and if you add an elegant chandelier to the interior, you can achieve the effect of incredible style and beauty. A glossy ceiling with the effect of a starry sky will look extremely impressive, but there are also nuances here - the size of a bedroom for a star-type ceiling should be at least 18 square meters.

If such a "sky" was created by means of LED filaments, then it is possible to select a program with flickering, color overflow and switching speed using the program control unit. The photo below shows a backlit stretch ceiling.

For a living room, it is better to choose multi-level stretch ceiling options, which are made of gloss black. For a restrained style, it's enough to use the classic combination of black and white.In order to get an elegant version, you can use design ideas with one bright spot of color, and a multi-color scale with decorative elements. It is important to take into account the fact that black tends to muffle all other colors, shades, and because of this, it is better not to use pastel colors when combined with black inside the living room.

Multi-level stretch ceilings make it possible to use several colors, as well as several different textures, which make it possible to execute various complex shapes of designers' ideas, use non-standard lighting, in order to solve the problem of room zoning and division to independent self-sufficient zones, as well as correct the room configuration.

By means of a multi-level ceiling, you can hide unwanted building elements (high-rise drops, irregularities and air ducts) or beat ordinary elements (pipes and columns).

Even with a skillful choice of lamps, you can achieve simply mesmerizing effects and pictures. Whichever option you choose for glossy black ceilings, the end result will be worth it.