Blowing a plastic balcony door - how to fix the problem: Review + Video

Blowing a plastic balcony door - how to fix the problem: Review + Video A plastic balcony door is blowing - ways to eliminate the problem. When a plastic balcony door blows, one has to think about solving the problem. If the last time you decided to change the old frames to metal-plastic, then this time you will have to thoroughly approach the problem. To resolve the issue with blowing, you will need to adjust the doors.

Let's take a closer look at how to do this, and in what other cases you need to perform this action.

When should the balcony door be adjusted

During the season change, apartment owners change their approach to how to open and close the balcony door. In the summer, it is practically not closed so that as much fresh air as possible gets inside the apartment and cools it, but in winter, when the balcony is rarely used, the door is usually closed.

Different operating modes in winter and summer periods will affect the state of the canvas - the sash will begin to close poorly, and drafts will appear. How, in this case, to adjust the plastic door on the balcony? Is it worth doing the customization yourself or is it better to call the masters from the company who installed the window and door systems? You can fix most of the shortcomings yourself.

To adjust the plastic balcony doors with your own hands, you will first need to identify the reasons that led to the malfunction of the door structure on the balcony.

The adjustment of the settings in the locking system, which was completed on time, makes it possible to avoid large and serious breakdowns in the future. Most often, the adjustment of the balcony door is carried out for the reasons described below.

Weakening the clamping of the door leaf to the frame. The easiest way to check the quality of the clamp is to use thick paper, like a banknote. Place the paper on the doorframe and close the door.

If you succeed without effort, it is easy to pull the paper out or it will simply fly out of the attachment point, then the pressure is definitely insufficient, and it will blow through the door. If the paper is pulled out, but with force, then the pressure is good and no additional adjustment is needed. A similar check should be performed around the entire perimeter of the door leaf, which will make it possible to find all the weak points of the structure.

Violation of the geometry of the door leaf. To check the door by this parameter, you can use several methods at once, choose to your taste.

  1. For example, open the door halfway (about 45 degrees) and watch for 1/3 or 1/2 hour. If it does not change its state, then the geometry of the canvas is saved, but if the door is closed or opened, then all the hinges must be adjusted.
  2. We also suggest going outside, drawing a pencil around the sash and leaning on the door frame.The resulting lines must be located parallel to the edge of the door leaf and the distance from them to the edge of the leaf should be the same on all sides, since otherwise it is exactly a change in the geometry of the leaf.
  3. Inspect the seals, assess them visually.

    If the door leaf has a broken geometry, then you will notice uneven wear of the seal, since in certain places it will be heavily dented, and in the rest it will retain its original, original appearance.

All the described shortcomings lead to such manifestations

  • The doors touch the sill when closing. This can be caused by the weight of the door itself. The hinges of the canvas for PVC products are not able to withstand a mass of more than 135 kg, but if several glasses, even thick ones, are inserted into the glass unit at once, then the sash mass may begin to exceed the permissible values. This will cause the metal to "get tired" and the structure will begin to sag and create the same effect when the balcony door blows.

  • The sash hits the box in the middle. Usually, in this situation, changes in the profile size are to blame for the summer period of time, due to the heat, or during the heating season, when the profile begins to expand and because of this rests against the box flaps.
  • Blowing a plastic balcony door - how to fix the problem: Review + Video I can't fix the door in the closed position. The reason for this will be the fact that the pin does not fit into the hole with the striker. This phenomenon appears in the event that the canvas sags or the geometry of the sash has changed.

  • Sashes and base frame are loose. Here you will need the mood of the pivot position or reset the strike plate. As you can see, it is not only because of the blowing of the door that you should adjust the canvas.
  • Can't turn the knob. This situation can arise due to the fact that a very quick adjustment of the position of the door leaf was performed.

    All movements should be performed smoothly, the effort should be uniform.

  • When you change the position of the handle, it starts to play or breaks altogether. Similar changes can occur with intensive use of the door leaf. The issue will be resolved only after you replace the pen.
  • Chips or cracks appeared in the glass unit.

    There is one reason for this, and we have already spoken about it - the sash geometry has changed.

  • Deformation of plastic elements on the box or sash. In such a situation, the problem is not at all in the door structure, but in the fact that the entire structure has subsided unevenly. Typically, deformation is observed in country houses that were relatively recently built.

So, when you have finished analyzing the reasons, it is worth considering the adjustment instructions, which will help ensure that your balcony door does not blow.

Instructions for adjusting the door on the balcony with your own hands

Before adjusting the plastic door that is on the balcony with your own hands, we recommend buying or at least renting the neighbor has all the necessary tools. In Russia, the most popular brands of window and door plastic structures are MASO, RENAU and VEKA.

In order to adjust the fittings in them, you will need:

  • Hexagon wrench, with different sizes (the most common No. 5 and No. 4) .


  • Metallic square.
  • Pliers.
  • Plastic cuts for making to size gaskets.

  • European standard keys for furniture assembly.

In order to eliminate the various deviations from the norm, you will need to adjust all the corresponding fastening elements on the sash. Each configuration option should be considered step by step, separately.


The easiest way to figure out how to adjust the door leaf pressure to the frame. When installing window systems, specialists will use the middle position of the sealing elements, which will be responsible for the degree of adhesion to the door leaf frame.

With regular use, such elements begin to wear out quickly, and because of this, it becomes necessary to create other conditions for pressing. You can enhance this function by changing the location of the pins or adjusting the striker.

You still have a plastic balcony door blowing - what to do? First, figure out where the pins are and how they look. Usually they are placed in height at the end of the sash, and evenly - on the front side a couple of pieces, and on the back 1-2 pieces. Trunnions sometimes look like oval elements, or as round parts with an eccentric.

By the position of such elements, you can understand to what degree they are set for pressing the sash to the frame:

  • If the oval pins are located vertically position, and the pins, in which the eccentric is closer to the outer side, then you have set the summer mode with a small degree of pressing the door leaf to the frame.
  • If the oval trunnions are at an angle, and the trunnions, which have an eccentric, are located in the middle, then the standard or neutral mode is set.
  • If the oval pins are strictly in a horizontal position, and those that have an eccentric are closer to the inner part of the door, then you have a winter mode, as well as the maximum degree of pressing the sash.

To adjust the position of the trunnion, use pliers, or a hexagon. In special systems, you need to pull it back a little to reposition the pin.

Please note that in addition to adjusting the trunnions, the degree of pressing the sash to the frame can be changed if you adjust the folding scissors.An adjusting screw is located on this mounting element, and its position can be changed using a key or a regular hexagon. The process of regulation itself should be carried out when the sash is open - first, with the door structure fully open, and then at the "airing" position.

Adjustment of the position of the mating frame is provided in extremely rare cases, and this is done by changing the position of the special screws of the structure.


You don't need to do anything complicated to fix problems with the pen.

Usually it takes a maximum of 15 minutes to set up this element, as almost all problems can be solved by simply tightening the handle holder. To eliminate the looseness of this element, follow the instructions below:

  • First, you should open the place where the handle is attached to the base, and for this it is important to pull back the plug that covers the attachment point and helps to unfold all across. As a result, the space for adjustment will be free.
  • Poor tightening of the clamps will affect not only the position of the handle, but also the process of changing the position of the sash. For this reason, if the screws are loosened, then they should be tightened, but note that broaching should be done without much effort so that you do not inadvertently spoil the base of the elements.

If after the broaching procedure there is a backlash, this indicates that there is deformation directly in the product body. With such a defect, you cannot do without a complete replacement of the element.

When touching the middle part

If after the previous actions you still have the balcony door blowing, then proceed to setting the lower part. When the leaf clings to the base in the middle part, we recommend adjusting the location of the door leaf, namely, pulling it closer to the attachment point. Usually, you first need to adjust the lower part of the sash, and for this you need to tighten the adjusting screw on the hinge located at the bottom, and then, if necessary, carry out the same procedure with the screw that is at the top.

Horizontal type adjustment may be required if frame and blade retention is weak. In this case, the sash should be pushed towards the striker on the door frame.

If the trunnions do not cling to the maximum extension of the leaf, then a slightly different approach is required:

  • Using plastic spacers, correct the violation of the sash geometry.
  • Remove the strikers and then reattach them using the same plastic spacers.

As you can see, it won't take long to fix the problem with touching the middle part.


To get rid of the sagging problem of the door leaf, you are required to adjust strictly vertically. Such manipulation will be possible only on the hinges.

The vertical adjustment of the web is as follows:

  1. Open the sash.
  2. Remove the upper protective cover made of plastic from the hinge.
  3. Using the long end hex key, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise.

    This will raise the sash vertically. The bottom loop should be adjusted first.

  4. Check the level of the lower part of the door, and if it has stopped touching the box, then the process can be considered complete, and if the lifting height is still insufficient, then the screw will need to be tightened again.
  5. Similar actions should be performed from above.

When everything is ready, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with how to change the clamping method.

How to change the clamping mode

During the season change, the settings of the locking mechanisms in the plastic balcony doors should be changed. Usually, such a need appears in late autumn or spring.

Summer mode

Blowing a plastic balcony door - how to fix the problem: Review + Video How to make the setting balcony door in spring warming? In summer, the degree of clamping of the door leaf to the frame should be weakened to obtain the "micro-ventilation" mode. In order to loosen the clamp, it will be enough to move the trunnions to the indicated position. Note that round pieces that have an eccentric will be positioned so that the main body is closer to the outer edge.

In order to loosen the oval elements, simply set them upright. Use pliers to correct the position of the oval-shaped parts, and for those equipped with an eccentric, you need a # 4 hexagon.

Winter mode

How to adjust for winter? In order for the connection to be tighter, it is required to perform all actions that will be the reverse of the adjustment for summer mode. In order not to blow through the door on the balcony, the summer position of the pins should be changed. Set the oval parts in a horizontal position, or with a small deviation from the horizontal.

Move the parts with the eccentric to the position closer to the inner part. Strengthening the pressure will make it possible to eliminate even the smallest gaps in the baffle and the seal.

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