Brick, wood and metal construction + Photo and Video

Brick, wood and metal construction + Photo and Video Each owner of a country house tries to create a cozy corner for himself on the site for a joint holiday with his family and friends. After all, cooking in a hot place in a stuffy room is not entirely pleasant.

Food prepared in nature is much tastier, and if it is a gazebo with a summer kitchen, then cooking becomes even more pleasant.

This kind of association is very common lately. And if such a kitchen is equipped with a barbecue or barbecue, then even in the cold season it will be your favorite place.

Gazebos are open and closed.

General information

The advantages of a summer kitchen

The advantages of a gazebo with a kitchen include:

  • Space saving. There is no need for their separate device;
  • Operation regardless of the weather. The roof and walls will protect from wind and precipitation;
  • Comfortable rest. Food is prepared and immediately served, no waiting and carrying plates from home and back, all in one place.

The disadvantages of such a building include only its seasonal use, although if it is insulated and glazed, then it is quite possible to use the barbecue and fry a delicious barbecue in winter. Much better than frying it outside.

Varieties of gazebos

With regard to the material of manufacture, the gazebo can be brick, stone, wooden, metal or combined.

Brick structure refers to capital, which are arranged on the foundation. Certain expenses and professional help will be needed, especially for laying out the oven.

Such gazebos are fireproof. There can be no ignition from an accidentally flying out spark of the barbecue. They also do not need constant care and can be made completely closed. To do this, you just need to install removable glass units in the openings, which is also very convenient for use in winter.

Wooden gazebos

Wood is an environmentally friendly material, but requires proper care, namely processing with special water-repellent, fire-resistant agents and impregnation from pests .

.. In addition, the construction of such a structure can be done by hand. There is no need for a powerful monolithic foundation; a columnar or finely serrated foundation is quite suitable.

Brick, wood and metal construction + Photo and Video However, the place under the furnace will require additional reinforcement.

Metal construction

It is rare, and more often in a forged version. It is difficult not for a professional to make such a type on his own, and the finished version is quite expensive. And such a kitchen is inconvenient because of the constant blowing. They are mainly produced small and not spacious. In winter, this building is practically not functional.

But if you combine forged elements with wood or brick, you can get quite an exquisite summer kitchen.


Stages of construction

First, you need to develop a project. You can do it yourself or use the help of specialists. There are many ready-made options on social media.

First, we define the material of the future structure.

Next, select the type of oven. This can be a barbecue or grill. After choosing a brazier, you need to consider a security system, because the coals must be protected from wind in order to prevent the burning sparks from flying away from the fire. It is necessary to provide a place for a fold of firewood, arrange a cooking area, and install the necessary furniture.

Important: For the safety of guests, the working area should be at least one meter away from the table.

Even during design, it is extremely important to think over all the nuances:

  • Decide what kind of gazebo will be open or closed.
  • Specify all dimensions, purpose.
  • View possible project options.
  • Choose what shape your gazebo will be.
  • Choose a style.

  • Provide where the furniture will be located.
  • Determine the location on the site

Important: According to the airbag, such a building should be located at a distance of at least eight meters from a residential building. You also need to consider installing a chimney to prevent smoke from the resting place.

Choosing the location of the kitchen

It is impossible to place a building equipped with a barbecue near flammable buildings. It is located away from prying eyes, in a place convenient for connecting communications, and it is also not worth building it next to technical buildings and compost pits.

The best option would be a secluded spot in the garden surrounded by trees. It is not worth doing it very close to the garden, since the shade from it may not have a good effect on the plants. And it is better if it is not very far from home, so that it is easier to stretch communications.

Pouring the foundation

Brick, wood and metal construction + Photo and Video the base depends on what your building is planned from. The tape is versatile and suitable for any type of building.

Lightweight structures can be built on a columnar base, while heavy structures need tiled ones. So for example, if the gazebo is planned to be brick or foam block, then the base must be poured, and for the wooden one you will need a tape one, for metal structures you need a columnar base.

Algorithm of the device

Let's get acquainted with the installation of the foam block structure. Here you will need to lay a monolithic foundation. For this, first, the top layer of the earth is removed from the site of the future building.

Then the entire site is deepened by thirty centimeters and formwork is arranged around the perimeter.

A cushion of sand and gravel is laid and tamped at the bottom of this platform, on top of which concrete is poured. After the foundation has completely solidified, they begin to build the walls.In the course of construction, you must immediately provide for the laying of log beams for the base of the roof.

Important: When erecting walls, beacons must be installed to avoid distortion of the building.

When arranging a canopy, the upper contraction of the crossbars is done to secure the rafter system on them.

Features of the barbecue device

If you plan to have a gazebo at the dacha with a barbecue, then you need a monolithic base for it, which should be laid even during the construction of the main foundation. The capital barbecue is built from refractory bricks.

Another nuance of a summer kitchen with a barbecue is that its room should be relatively large in size so that the oven is located at a safe distance from the table. The brazier is equipped with a working area and a sink.