Bright kitchens that cannot be taken away from: Review + Video

Bright kitchens that cannot be taken away from: Review + Video TOP-5 bright kitchens that you will definitely like. The selection of beautiful and unusual colors for kitchen decoration is very important. Due to the correct combination of colors, it will turn out to make the space harmonious, make the atmosphere comfortable, and also create the mood for preparing exquisite and tasty dishes.

Let's take a look at how to integrate kitchen sets of different bright colors into your interior design and create a bright kitchen.

Gray kitchen with blue fronts

Bright kitchens that cannot be taken away from: Review + Video This color is pretty common and common.

This combination of shades helps to calm down, visually expand the room. The color scheme is associated with blue skies, relaxation and the sea, and since it sets you up for positive thinking, your stay in the kitchen will be joyful and pleasant. But this combination has a plus - a lot of gray can lead to emotional fatigue, and in some cases even to depression.

Please note, that designers do not recommend making such a kitchen in those rooms that do not face the sunny side.

In addition to good lighting, such a kitchen can be made even more attractive with the help of accessories with suitable shades.

Bright colors will help transform the room, as well as bring a charge of positive and cheerfulness. In turn, gentle tones will smooth out the severity and coldness that comes from the gray-blue range, and will also help make the kitchen more spacious and fresh.

For wall decoration it is worth picking up glass wallpaper or non-woven fabrics. The fact is that they are durable, they tolerate temperature changes well. Blue facades can be combined with large drawings on a blue wall or against a background of beige wallpaper.

An interesting technique would be to decorate only one wall with wallpaper with a print, and the rest can be painted in a single color. Walls with brickwork (or imitation), which are painted with a matte snow-white emulsion, also look great. This option is often used for modern style trends. Light walls make it possible to visually expand small spaces, and in a large kitchen you can paint one of the walls in dark blue.

Decorative plastering will also look original, using which you can make a relief and interesting surface.

For example, if you decorated your kitchen in a nautical style, then you can make beautiful waves on the walls finished with plaster. For the ceiling, you should choose white, and the materials can be completely different. A stretch ceiling is suitable for a modern style, and a fabric ceiling will become something unusual at all. Plaster is a classic option, and quite durable, and with the help of drywall, you can even zone such a bright kitchen if you have a large one.

For flooring, it is better to choose ceramic tiles or laminate.

In this case, a tile that has a rough coating that will not slip is perfect.If contrast is required, then you can choose dark materials for finishing, and if you want lightness and tranquility, then materials in light shades are the ideal choice. This will give you a complete and harmonious interior.

Gray kitchen with pink facades

Bright kitchens that cannot be taken away from: Review + Video Designers pay great attention to the selection background shades, as well as those that attract attention, that is, rich and bright colors. Most apartment and house owners prefer pink kitchens, as they look light and fresh.

Pink shades are perfectly perceived by the human psyche, since they are able to evoke only positive emotions and even give optimism. In order for a kitchen with pink facades not to resemble a doll's house, and also not to look frivolous, this shade should be correctly combined with the rest, secondary colors of the design.

Such a combination of shades will look colorful and at the same time harmonious. The interior of the kitchen in gray-pink colors looks luxurious and glamorous. If you want to make the room elegant, then it is better to use a pale smoky and light shade of pink, and also not opt ​​for inviting fuchsia.

A room in similar pastel colors can be decorated in various styles - Provence, Mediterranean, retro, shabby chic, as well as high-tech. It is very important that the right materials are selected and that the correct furniture is installed. If you have chosen a modern interior, then it is better to give preference to a headset that has pink facades in the form of a glossy surface. You can complement everything with a gray apron.

For arranging shabby chic and Provence, it is better to install a light gray kitchen set made of solid wood, a white round table with chairs, and paint the walls in snow-white color.

Be sure to keep in mind when arranging the interior that it is better not to use pink as the main color, and such a delicate shade should only emphasize the freshness of the room. The set can be made from a variety of materials - solid wood, plastic, chipboard or MDF. Depending on the chosen kitchen style, you can use both matte and glossy textures. The main thing is that you succeed in correctly combining shades with each other, and then the situation will not cause dissonance.

Another type of bright kitchen with pink color is the line between pink and purple hue, which is quite thin, and therefore such a color combination looks harmonious and beautiful.

In addition, this way you can visually increase the area of ​​the kitchen. To unleash the full potential of pink and purple, try creating an oriental kitchen interior. We recommend using a magenta eggplant shade in it, as well as the color of a tea rose and a delicate powdery. In this case, it is better to give preference to natural materials - stone, ceramics and wood.

Non-standard accessories - copper dishes, porcelain bowls, figurines and teapots - will look great in such an interior.

As a floor covering, you can use porcelain stoneware in dark gray or dark blue, and for wall decoration, lilac washable wallpaper with oriental ornaments is perfect. Use brass candlesticks, large platters, and thin floor and long vases of similar material for decoration. Windows should be decorated with light long pink curtains made of silk, satin, or any other very similar synthetic type fabric.

Bright yellow kitchen

Yellow kitchens look bright and stylish. This color will contribute to a great mood, and is also suitable for large and small rooms.

In addition, you will have a great opportunity to create incredible combinations with the rest of the furniture shades. If you are thinking about whether to buy a yellow kitchen, or if you want to choose individual accessories for the headset that you already have, then you will definitely find beautiful examples. The kitchen in this color looks great, and it is mainly chosen for modern types of interior, but this color can fit even in a more traditional style.

Matching a yellow color palette has some obvious advantages:

  1. Bright kitchens that cannot be taken away from: Review + Video A yellow kitchen set can look great even with brighter accents. This feature is relevant if you have made a choice in favor of pastel pale colors for the kitchen.

    You can find catchy accessories that will give the room a lively look. For example, decorative elements in olive, raspberry, turquoise and dark gray tones look great.

  2. If you want to choose a kitchen in a bright yellow saturated color, then it can itself be the brightest "spot" of the interior. Even if the wallpaper is pale in color, such a set will help make the kitchen original, comfortable and cozy. Saturated colors are required to make the room look more interesting.

    In addition, in this case, there is no need to use catchy accessories and you can decorate the room in a minimalist style. Laconic designs are in trend at the moment.

  3. A lot of people love bright yellow color - both adults and children will appreciate it for its positive energy. Yellow color will be perfectly associated with free, sun and even creativity. For a children's room or bedroom, it may be too bright, but for the kitchen it is what you need.

  4. The color of the sun will work well with many other bright colors. It can be pale, or rich-bright, warm and cold - everything will depend on the specific shade chosen. Thus, the yellow headset will perfectly fit into the most unexpected design ideas. It doesn't matter what kind of renovation you do, but even the yellow lockers will look great.They are also suitable for dark and light woods, metal surfaces, and discreet or bright tiles.

Most want to have light kitchen sets, and this is especially true for small apartments, where the room should be visually made more spacious. But white furniture does not differ in practicality - dirt and dust are visible on it, so you will need to clean it much more often, but a yellow kitchen will solve the problem - and visually expand the space, and minor contamination on the surface will practically not be visible.

But it should be borne in mind that there are certain disadvantages:

  1. Excessive brightness of the kitchen in yellow sometimes causes a feeling of discomfort. This is especially true for small kitchens, as well as when combined with wallpaper or furniture in an overly saturated color scheme. Too colorful design will not look harmonious.

  2. The habit of seeing yellow furniture exclusively in modern interiors. If you want to install a sunny shade headset in a classic design, it will be quite problematic. This combination may even look pretty, but most likely it will be associated with eclectic design.
  3. In special design situations, it is best not to use pastel yellows, and this applies to pure open colors - red, blue and bright green. Compared to simple saturated shades, a complex yellow color can seem sloppy, dirty.

    It is also better not to combine headsets with snow-white finishes or decorative items.

And a little about the varieties. The headset itself can be matte or glossy. The latter option is achieved by varnishing any material - an excellent solution for small rooms, since a smooth mirror surface will reflect light and visually expand the space. Be extremely careful when combining matte and glossy surfaces - they can look bad together.

If you pick up matte wood / plastic, then keep in mind that such a surface requires special care, because it is much easier to remove dirt from gloss. But the matte texture also looks great, especially when using the country style. In any case, the choice is yours.

Kitchen with mint facades

What a beautiful mint color! It promotes relaxation and also helps to improve mood. Using a similar color for kitchen interior design helps create an atmosphere of comfort and happiness.

The mint color is quite intense, but still not annoying. With the right combination of a headset of a similar shade and wall color, you can achieve a significant visual expansion of the walls. A monochromatic light shade of the ceiling will also help to visually increase the height of the room.

The peculiarity of the kitchen with mint facades is that they are combined with many other shades and colors.But menthol-colored furniture is perfect for kitchens located in the south and southwest.

The mint color will contribute to the feeling of natural cooling, so dining in the kitchen in this shade in summer will be quite comfortable and pleasant. In addition, this shade usually evokes a sense of security and will encourage culinary feats. If your kitchen is located on the north side, then mint shades are ideal for its decoration. But keep in mind that you should choose them correctly.

It is for this reason that designers are advised to use shades of turquoise.

At the same time, it is not recommended to combine them with a dark blue color, because such a fact will contribute to the fact that while staying in such a kitchen, a stable feeling may appear that you are very cold. To avoid this, combine turquoise shades for the kitchen, which is located on the north side, with pastel or gold tones.

Modern forge sets made in mint shade can be made from different materials. Among the most popular are furniture made of glossy plastic, but you can also find those headsets that have several tones at once. Usually they are made from laminated chipboard.

In addition, the main elements (usually they include the facade) of such furniture have a pleasant mint shade, and the rest of the parts can be of completely different colors. The designers noted that such a combination helps to create additional volume in the kitchen area, and also not to overload it with the main color.

Please note, that when choosing a mint set, be sure to take into account the color of the rest of the elements that are in the kitchen. So, if the facades of the selected kitchen furniture are mint color, then in this case you can make the countertop gray. But the tile, which is located in the working area, it is better to choose a light shade - for example, beige or even white.

The emerald green kitchen

The emerald colored kitchens are an innovation. Refined, noble - these are the first words that come to mind when you hear the phrase "emerald color". Many beautiful shades make it possible to create a unique style of your own, but here you should carefully choose the combination of color design of the surface of the walls, furniture set and floor - if the decision is unsuccessful, it is very easy to make a gloomy and dark room instead of a bright and joyful kitchen. Usually, emerald color is used in design as an additional color, since with its abundance, the atmosphere turns out to be depressing.

Most often, painted interior items are selected - furniture, curtains, lamps, and for the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings they use the main color, for example, pistachio, white or any other light tone.

This approach makes it possible to refresh the room and fill it with bright details.It has long been known that green color has a good effect on the psychoemotional state - it helps to reduce tension, aggression, soothes, and also adjusts to the positive. The choice of color scheme will largely depend on the size of the room. Dark shades are suitable for large areas, while light shades are universal and suitable for large kitchens and small-sized kitchens. The color will go well with emerald white, pastel colors, as well as in combination with blue, blue and green.

If you decide to radically change the interior in the kitchen, it is recommended to first consult with the designers!


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