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Budget options + Photos and Videos DIY shower cabin. Currently, the owners of apartments and private houses increasingly began to give preference to homemade showers. This will significantly reduce the size of the occupied living space, save water and electricity without restrictions.

You can buy a ready-made shower cabin, or you can make it yourself. But before that, you need to stock up on tools and the necessary materials.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the shower cubicle is that it can be installed in any room. The most important thing you need is a water supply system and a water outlet. With a suitable and high-quality booth, your interior will be transformed, it will become more original.

ATTENTION! For a small studio apartment or loft style, a shower cabin will be the best option.

Budget options + Photos and Videos Of course, the design is a huge plus, but do not forget about significant savings on water.

After all, taking a bath will need about 500 liters of water, and for a shower, 100 liters will be more than enough.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the high price of manufacturers of popular models. But this drawback can be circumvented, because the shower stall can be used independently. This will be much less in cost of the finished cabin, but its quality will delight the user for a long time.

Choice of design

When making a shower cabin on your own at home, it is better to abandon moving elements, as there will be difficulties with their manufacture.

It is desirable that the shower stall is stationary. The best option is to make a shower cabin from slabs, between which the shower will be located.

The simplest thing is to install a booth in the corner of the room, this will significantly save space. To do this, you need to build one wall with a door. The partitioning structure is best made of moisture-resistant plasterboard.


  • Budget options + Photos and Videos Easy to install,
  • Relatively low cost,
  • Smooth and smooth surface, without excessive dirt build-up.
  • Scratch resistant, durable coating,
  • Visually beautiful design,
  • Small size,
  • Many options and types of cabins.

The booths for sale have the most amount of plastic, so if you use high-quality materials for self-production, then the booth will serve for more than one year.

The disadvantages include the fact that the shower option will be very simple, consisting of only one watering can. And in the store there is a lot of everything, including various types of hydromassage.

Also from the minuses can be noted the complexity of its removal.

Of course, tiles alone are not enough, you can still use glass blocks and wood. But in the second case, you need to think in advance about wood processing.

Choosing a place for installation

After you decide on the size of the booth, you need to find a suitable place for its installation. The simplest thing is to mount a shower in the bathroom.

The benefit is that there is already everything you need for this, only minor improvements will remain.

If this is not a suitable option for you, then you need to choose the best place with available communications. Never forget that a shower is not only hot and cold water, but also vapor. It is also necessary to equip the space with good ventilation.

Manufacturing steps

For self-production of a shower cabin, a cabin with a pallet, partitioned off with plasterboard, is best suited.

You can sheathe it with plates, make a door from plesiglass. This will be the easiest installation option, but still, you must first draw a plan of how everything will look in life.


What are the walls for the shower stall made of? To simplify the task, the shower stall can be placed in the corner of the room. This will allow you to get rid of the purchase of additional material for the partition. It will only be necessary to equip the protection of the walls from high humidity and cladding.

We will have a door in the role of the front wall, it turns out that there will be only one partition.

There are several options for partitions: you can mount a blank wall for the entire length of the shower room, or make a combination of transparent material with a closed one. Drywall can be used as a closed one. First, you need to create a frame of metal, sheathe and putty it. If you recently had a repair and after it there were bricks, then it is quite possible to make a partition from them.


There are many different types of tiles, so you can use them for finishing. It will fit absolutely any interior. The slab is glued to the walls with a special, construction glue, and for drywall the best option is a sealant. In order to use it, you do not need special knowledge, but the coating will be very resistant and strong.

Water supply

The shower room will look more beautiful if the pipes are hidden in the wall.

It is very easy to do this with plasterboard walls, but if the wall is made of concrete, then you have to hammer the passage. In the place where the pipes will be installed, it is necessary to put some kind of insulation, in order to avoid the loss of warm air and the appearance of condensation. You can use modern plastic pipes, it is much easier to connect them together using special fasteners. The pipes are started up, cut off, leaving small ends for installing the mixer, the outlet is closed with cones and putty is applied.

Now you know how you can save on buying a shower stall - you can make it yourself.

But it is necessary to soberly assess the situation, because if the plumbing is incorrectly installed, then you may experience significant inconvenience.


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