Build a turnkey townhouse like in Siberia

Build a turnkey townhouse like in Siberia Small but bright townhouse in Siberia , as well as the nuances of buying such housing ... A young family with three daughters became the customers of the townhouse project in Siberia. They bought a townhouse on two floors and decided to invite the leading designer Polina Stepanova to make a comfortable and cozy home out of standard brick walls.

The owners of the house really wanted to have a Mediterranean style interior and also have the atmosphere of Greece.

As for the functionality, the task was to provide a large number of storage systems, including using the stairs to the maximum, placing three children in two children's rooms, and also arranging the kitchen-dining room , sofa area and design a real fireplace for further installation.

Interesting details

In general, the townhouse is a typical project in the village, which was chosen by the customers. The assignments for the premises are the most common - on the ground floor there is a kitchen that flows smoothly into the living room, as well as a small sanitary unit and an entrance hall, and on the second floor there are living rooms and a bathroom. If we talk about the kitchen combined with the living room, then it turned out to be relatively small - only 24 square meters, on which there is also a staircase.

Due to the competent arrangement of furniture, the designer will be able to place everything necessary - a kitchen corner set, a sofa (which is "recessed" under the stairs), a dining table and a fireplace. In the first nursery, a two-story bed was installed, and a separate room was allocated for the older child. In addition to the customer's bed, the bedroom also has a work area and a dressing room.

There are no storage problems - there is a large wardrobe designed in the hallway with a built-in washing machine, a compartment in which you can store household appliances and a place for clothes. The door to the garage is still hidden in it.

In the living room, the space, which is the floor of the stairs, was also used for storage.

Build a turnkey townhouse like in Siberia Porcelain stoneware and laminate flooring, as well as decorative plaster and wall paint were used as finishing materials , wallpaper in the bedroom. A very interesting technique was also used - for decorating the fireplace, the designer used the same tiles as for the kitchen apron. In the bedroom and children's room, window sills play the role of tabletops. In addition, as the customers wanted, they relied on cheerful and bright colors - blue, turquoise and yellow shades that can create a holiday atmosphere.

Storage systems have non-standard sizes and shapes, so they were made to order, but decor items and furniture were planned to be chosen from popular brands. Naturally, in addition to the shade and appearance, furniture should be comfortable and durable.

Features of townhouses as a real estate format

Townhouses are one of the most popular suburban real estate objects.They were able to squeeze even economy-class cottages in terms of sales. But you should immediately take into account the fact that during construction there will be many legal nuances, and developers must necessarily take into account certain requirements.

Otherwise, in the future, the right to property will not work for you, and the house may even be demolished. In this case, it is unlikely that a potential buyer will be eager to invest several million rubles and at the same time live in constant fear that they may lose their own home. Next, we will consider the main risks of a legal nature, as well as problems that may arise when buying a townhouse in the Moscow region.

Most often, townhouses in Russia are understood as interconnected or even interconnected buildings with a minimum number of floors and entrances. But this category can even include a small house that stands separately and is immediately divided into several owners.

Before building a turnkey townhouse, let's read the information from the brochures and find out what types of buildings there are:

  • Build a turnkey townhouse like in Siberia Lanehouse - the building has distinctive features in the form of a separate garage, entrance and its own garden.
  • Duplex - in this version there can be two owners, and therefore two separate doors.
  • Twinhouse - it is also intended for two families to live in it at once, but the sections are not separated by walls, but inside there are common and separate living spaces.
  • Quad house - the building can combine four separate sections with the same layout into a single whole.

Please note, that when choosing a townhouse in the Moscow region, be sure to take into account the fact that payment for utility bills, for example, gas, electricity and water in a similar the complex will cost much more than a private cottage or apartment.

Moreover, the further the house is from the Moscow Ring Road, the more important it will be for the head of the family to have a car, since there may be big problems with the availability of transport, the presence of kindergartens and educational institutions.

Let's find out what are the distinctive features of townhouses:

  1. It is these houses that are most often located on separate sites and have access to the public area.
  2. It has a height limitation - construction of no more than three floors is allowed.
  3. Can be used for permanent residence (permanent residence).
  4. Consists of blocks, which can be no more than 10, and each is intended for one family.

  5. Blocks have one or even several common walls, while there are no openings with neighboring ones.

In addition, townhouses can be multi-tiered or have more sections than indicated above, but this will require additional expertise, and this is not very popular with developers, as this entails large financial and time costs.

Construction of a townhouse on a plot of individual housing construction

When choosing a suitable townhouse, the legal status of the land will play an important role

Build a turnkey townhouse like in Siberia Since such objects are considered residential, they should be rebuilt on the land of the settlement. At the moment, most developers are building townhouses on land for individual housing construction (IZHS). Can this be considered a violation? The fact is that according to the law, it is allowed to build houses for one family on such sites.

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, although judging from a legal point of view, when selling a house for several families in the territory that is relied on only for one family, the buyers become misled, so the developers have not violated the law, because they skillfully used a loophole in the legislation - they sell shares in the object, not the whole house. Is it possible to completely legally build a house on the land of individual housing construction? Yes, it is quite. But keep in mind that a whole list of standards must be followed.

So, during construction on the land of individual housing construction there is an established minimum, as well as the maximum possible size of the plot. The point is that on paper, which is a technical passport, the area of ​​the site is prescribed, which is not less than the minimum size for each block.

The fact is that each section is a separate household with personal plots. True, this type of sale is not very profitable for developers, since developers in this case overpay not only for a large area of ​​the site, but even for communications, which on land with a similar legal status are much more expensive than agricultural land. How, then, to build a townhouse?

Important! It can be assumed that the developer has at his disposal 12 acres of land, which has the IZHS category. With the minimum allowable size of a plot for individual construction of 6 acres, it must be delimited and cut into two identical parts. Similarly, it turns out that you can safely build a duplex.

It is no longer permissible, since from the point of view of the law, such a building is not entirely legitimate.

Build a turnkey townhouse like in Siberia And here the idea to sell houses in parts or shares comes to the rescue. You can safely make a small cut of plots, for example, in 1.5 hectare, and in this case, the 12 hectare plot given at the beginning will turn into 8 beautiful identical hectares, and eight blocked sections can be built on them. The main thing is to be able to find a piece of land in a good place and the best option would be to buy an elongated land.

Features of legal registration of townhouses

Now it is worth considering more carefully the main points that relate to legal registration.

Which type of townhouse you come across will depend on a large number of criteria:

  • All townhouses have different status, and may also be different the purpose of the land.
  • The specifics of the construction work are different.
  • Different conditions and interactions between the local administration and the developer, as well as personal preferences and the degree of awareness in all the nuances of the transaction.

Please note, that developers usually either "disguise" townhouses as an individual house, or arrange everything as shared ownership in the house.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, both for the client and the developer.

Making a townhouse

... as an individual house

If a similar one will be used variant of the development of events, the townhouse will be built on the land of settlements, which was intended exclusively for the development of individual houses.

Also, detached cottages, and blocked type duplexes and other types of semi-detached housing can be built. In this case, the total area of ​​the land plot for one section will be limited by the rules of land use and development. Even if the documents indicate that the house should have been built on 6 acres, this will still not limit the construction. The main thing is that for each section of an individual house the area as a whole should not be more than 6 acres. Otherwise, if a number of buildings from several blocks are built on the indicated area, the owner will have huge problems.

Please note, that when buying a townhouse, the owner must obtain a certificate for the plot and the house. Moreover, each house will receive its own postal address.

But keep in mind that the status of the house will impose significant restrictions on the construction project. In particular, you will not be able to have a public basement as well as an attic space. If we talk about engineering communications, then they should be carried out to each section separately.

Such rules will increase the final construction cost by about 1/10 of the pre-negotiated cost.

... as an apartment

Build a turnkey townhouse like in Siberia There is another option - to build a turnkey townhouse and arrange it as an apartment.

The peculiarity of such a design will be clear to most buyers, even without explanations of advice and lawyers. In this version, the construction will be considered as the construction of a standard apartment building, in which each apartment will have a personal exit and entrance. All the same rules apply here as for a standard house, namely that everything around the house is common . Even a small piece of land is the common property of all owners. No more than 1.

5 acres of land can be allocated for each apartment.

Interestingly, that a townhouse, which is decorated as an apartment in an apartment building, is the most preferable and safe solution from the point of view of the law. At the same time, the client must understand what the disadvantages of such an option are - the plot will not belong to him, and the built house can be built at all on a plot that is rented.

Occasionally there are problems if unscrupulous developers rent space, build real estate and disappear. After some time, when the lease obligations expire, the owner has the right to redevelop.

What then should the buyers of townhouses do? In this case, all that remains is to go to court.


Build a turnkey townhouse like in Siberia So far, it remains only to state facts when it comes to the legal status of townhouses, because there are more questions than answers. Alas and ah, but the legislation in relation to this particular type of housing is not thought out at all and lawyers are not able to come to a consensus on most issues. The situation is complicated by the fact that in the current legislation the concept of a townhouse as such is absent, therefore, when buying this type of home, you should be careful.

This is ideal if you do not want to part with the comfort of the city, even if you live in a village.

But when buying such a home, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the legal regime in advance, carefully study the documents and insure yourself.

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