Build your own house on a budget, what can you save on and what you shouldn't? Review + Video

Build your own house on a budget, what can you save on and what you shouldn't? Review + Video If you have a dream to build your own home, and the process and cost are scary, then you still don't know how to build a house cheap.

Because you can discard unnecessary operations, approach the construction of a building with the mind and experience of such builders, make your dream come true at minimal cost and then tell your grandchildren that nothing is impossible.

Modern technologies come to your aid.

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How to build a house cheaply

Advantages of your home

Green lawn, smell flowers under the window and cute outdoor picnics right in your yard. Well, isn't it wonderful?

The advantages of living in a private house over an apartment are simply obvious:

Just how to build a house cheaply ? What secrets will maximize savings?


1. Planning

The first secret will be the following: you need to plan the future construction optimally. The building should be as compact as possible. The functional area of ​​the house is the largest, best of all, about 90%.

Reasonably planned layout alone provides budget savings of 20 percent.

2. Materials

Build your own house on a budget, what can you save on and what you shouldn't? Review + Video The second secret is to select the most economical modern building and finishing materials. Execution of works using high-tech techniques. Here you can save up to 40% of the resources.

Both outside and inside the house will need to be decorated as simply as possible. When the budget is modest, the excesses will have to be neglected. So we save another 10%.

It is better to make the roof gable , in extreme cases, five-pitch. And the building itself should be one-story.

Building houses higher will already draw much more money. The rooms should be arranged in such a way that in the future it would be possible to make extensions .

You can also reduce the cost of construction by abandoning the basement and simplifying the foundation. That is, by making it not very deep. The façade is, for example, made of cement-lime plaster.

3. Using your own forces

Build your own house on a budget, what can you save on and what you shouldn't? Review + Video The third secret is to do as much work as possible with your own hands. Theoretically, a simple private house can be built independently , at least about 90% of the upcoming work is quite feasible for any average man.

It is reasonable to decide to hire employees under a contract, only in the case of complex, specific and requiring professional qualifications. It should only be borne in mind that when hiring workers, you will have to carefully monitor the entire process, otherwise you risk getting not quite what you planned.

Tip! You need to contact a specialist at least to adapt the selected standard project to the conditions of the construction site and your wishes.A competent engineer can make very profitable, in the sense of reducing the cost of a building, edits of drawings.

Heating, electrical, water and gas supply systems must be installed only with the advice of a specialist. So you will not only stop at a high-quality option, but also save money in construction and operation.


Choice of materials

Plumbing accessories can be bought inexpensive, but worthy of attention, having studied customer reviews on the Internet.

Tip! When buying building materials in large quantities, a pleasant discount is usually provided.

Step by step, having gotten a taste and learned from your own experience that a house can be built relatively inexpensively, you should not give in to boundless greed. Everything should have its own measure and optimal price. Otherwise, you risk falling into bondage when a newly built house begins to fall apart before our eyes, causing some repair costs.

Tip! Pay attention to seasonal discounts. Outside the construction season, due to low demand, prices for many materials can be significantly reduced.

What should be avoided when building a cheaper house

The presence in terms of numerous and non-standard windows can take off at a large pretty penny. A multi-slope complex roof configuration will cost a decent amount. Building several floors, erecting a large number of partitions and installing decorative elements will eat up your money at once.

Construction of an affordable house with your own hands

Inexpensive foundation

For a small project, or a country house , the foundation can be made from piles . This will be the most economical, but the reliability will be low. Therefore, large and weighty buildings still have to be placed on a strip foundation.

There is no time to save here, the main thing is that the house should stand firmly. Calculations for laying the foundation must be done especially carefully.

The width of the poured foundation strip or the number of support piles must be sufficient for the reliable construction of the building.

Instructions for choosing modern materials for inexpensive construction

Prefabricated houses are now gaining enormous popularity for themselves and for sale.

This Canadian technology is firmly rooted with us because of the optimal balance of simplicity and quality. The cost of such houses is very democratic, and the speed at which such a building is being built is amazing.

  1. Brick house .

    Advantages: Strength and durability of the structure, availability, environmental friendliness and good sound insulation. Disadvantages: requires a strong and durable foundation, low energy saving, difficult to process, long construction process.

  2. Steel structures . Advantages: Attractive cost, quick and easy installation, non-critical weight, the ability to erect buildings of any configuration, finishing with any materials is acceptable. Disadvantages: low strength, sound and heat insulation.

  3. House made of wood (logs or beams ). Advantages: High strength, environmental friendliness, excellent sound and heat insulation, simple and quick installation, relatively acceptable weight, aesthetic appearance. Disadvantages: the cost is higher than that of others, the requirement for treatment against pests, fire hazard, modest water resistance.
  4. House of foam blocks or aerated concrete . Advantages: quick and easy construction, acceptable weight and high load capacity, durability, high-quality sound and heat insulation, tempting cost, environmental friendliness.

    Disadvantages: the first time after erection, the strength is quite low, requires additional finishing work due to the porous structure, it easily heats up in the summer.

Tips for saving

You won't be able to save on paperwork to your home. Every document must be courageously published and there is no getting away from it.

It is better not to save on engineering communications. Feel free to contact specialists and purchase the highest quality of them, it is also better to entrust the installation to professionals.

No need to be afraid of the upcoming work, in the modern world construction processes are simplified as much as possible. It is a pleasure to mount the newest materials. Perhaps, imagining yourself in the future home, it will be easier for you to get down to business and very soon your dreams will come true.

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