Built-in refrigerator standard sizes

Built-in refrigerator standard sizes Standard dimensions of the refrigerator (width, height, volume)

Now is the time when it is difficult to draw a mentally comfortable life without such a charm of technological progress as a refrigerator. Such devices are very important in an apartment, rather than a computer or TV.

One of the main questions that will arise before the future owners of the required item when buying - the choice of a standard refrigerator size.

Ideally, if you get such a ratio of sizes relative to the dimensions of the room where it will be located, so that everything you need can lie inside, but at the same time not piling up the surrounding space too much.

Recommendations for choosing the size

There is a certain unspoken relationship between the recommended dimensions of the device and the number of people living in an apartment, which states that the more people live together, the larger the refrigerator should be.

And yet, this rule does not always work, and it is much more important to take into account the habits and lifestyle of potential buyers. For example, even people living alone may need a refrigerator with the largest possible size, if, for example, he prefers to go out for groceries once, but for a long time. A close-knit huge family may have the habit of eating outside the home, in which case a small refrigerator will be the most suitable option. It turns out that when choosing a refrigerator, you need to focus only on the area of ​​the room where it will stand, the preferences and lifestyle of the owners of the technical miracle.

The dimensions of the refrigerator must be selected by measuring in advance the room or kitchen where it will be placed.

It is important to provide for the unhindered opening of the refrigerator doors so that it can be done freely, without touching the adjacent pieces of furniture, and preferably without blocking the arrival of the rest of the family. Moreover, when buying, it is required to evaluate the ratio of external volumes to the useful internal space. There are products that are poorly designed, take up a large area, but contain very few products. It is also useful to make a preliminary assessment of how the freezer and refrigerator compartments relate to each other. In such a matter, personal household habits must be taken into account - if you intend to store more frozen mushrooms, meat, canned food, herbs and the rest of the harvest, it is better to choose a model with a large freezer, if you prefer the freshest products, you can always sacrifice the internal space of the freezing chamber for the sake of increasing the volume of the second compartment.


Popular sizes

The range of different sizes of refrigerators is incredibly extensive, and yet there is a chance to highlight certain standards adopted in European countries:

  • Volume 35-800 liters.
  • Depth 0.6 meters.
  • Height from 0.85 to 2 meters.

  • Width 0.6 meters.

Usually in height it is possible to mark a gradation to high (up to 2.5 meters) and small (up to 1.3 meters).

There is also an approximate taxonomy:

The smallest can be refrigerator bars. These are found in offices, hotel rooms or small private homes, and are usually used to store food for children or cool water / alcohol. The width of babies is usually 1/2 meter, the height can be 0.5-1.

2 meters. The capacity is small (the volume will be from 120 to 220 liters, of which the cooling chamber takes from 25 to 140 liters, and the freezer is 4-60 liters), but the cost is several times less than for large models. They can be distinguished by their low weight and simple control system, and are often single-chamber devices. The height of a standard refrigerator can be up to 1.8 meters.

Such models can be either two-chamber or single-chamber, and are often built-in.

For spacious apartments

Large units are recommended for large families or people with tall stature. Their height sometimes reaches 2.1 meters, and it will be difficult for people with small stature to get food from the top shelf of the model. The depth standard for both high and medium models of refrigerators is 0.

6 meters, and the width sometimes varies from 0.5 to 0.6 meters. The Side bu Side category includes units of a really impressive size, in which the compartments are not located one above the other, but near the freezer compartment on the left, the refrigeration compartment on the right. This design was invented in order to guarantee the lowest possible load on the parts - if instead of two there was one door for opening, more space would be needed, and its weight was many times higher than the standard one.

Such models need adequate space - they will not fit in a small kitchen. The indisputable advantages of such giants include the ability to store a large grocery basket at a time. These cooling cabinets are suitable for people who want to go to the store as little as possible and buy a large number of products.

Refrigerators from such a line as Side bу Side are often equipped with ice makers, special compartments for cooling and storing wines, and a built-in mechanism for creating cocktails. Certain models can be connected to the new "smart home" system and controlled from a distance, in addition, despite their huge size, such units consume electricity very moderately.

Typical dimensions for similar models:

  • Height from 1. 7 to 1. 9 meters.
  • Width up to 1 meter.
  • Depth 0.

    6-0. 8 meters.

  • The volume is 350-800 liters, and the refrigerating chamber can have a capacity of up to 500 liters, and the freezer up to 270.

Consider the best units.

Most popular variants

The maximum popularity was captured by the two-chamber models.

Their range is extensive, and customers are able to choose the required unit in accordance with all personal requirements, from the height to the color that you love. Due to the presence of two built-in compressors, it is possible to regulate the temperature in each chamber separately. Modern manufacturers saturate cool cabinets with many new options - the function of quick freezing, automatic defrosting, blowing, antibacterial spraying, chambers with a special zone for freshness and other achievements of engineers. Thanks to these innovations, the refrigerator does not just need to be used - now it is a pleasure to do it.

If we talk about food storage, then the most convenient option would be household refrigerators.

They differ in configuration - more than two storage compartments (for meat / fruits / herbs), a freezer, and other compartments with special functions. Such a situation will significantly increase the level of food safety, and therefore each type of food is stored behind its own door, which will lead to a decrease in the number of door openings, and this is beneficial in order to maintain internal temperatures and microclimate. These models are often equipped with new features such as a vacuum storage compartment or special filters to keep the air fresh. The main disadvantage of the units will be their huge dimensions - the height is usually 2 meters, the width varies from 0.6 to 1.

2 meters, the depth reaches 0.9 meters, and the volume is sometimes up to 700 liters.

Non-standard models

There are built-in refrigerators with a standard size. To save space, most manufacturing companies offer to place the refrigerator in a non-standard layout or build it into a kitchen set, and there are unusual models in the assortment of large companies. For example, you can buy narrow models, whose width will be only 0.

4 meters. The depth standard for these models differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Built-in refrigerator standard sizes Built-in units usually have a depth of 0.55 meters and a width of 0.6 meters, and the height can be up to 2 meters depending on the model.

In this case, when the unit is built under the countertop, there are certain nuances - in particular, there are two-door cabinets, and most importantly, the dimensions should be small. Height can be no more than 0. 82 meters, width and depth are usually about 0.5 meters.

General tips

When you choose the size of the refrigerator, you need to remember about the features of the room in which it will be located.

So, you need to think about so that the opening door does not block the entrance to the kitchen.Moreover, the dimensions of the device must be such that it can be placed at a distance of at least 1/1 meter from the stove or heating radiator.

Also, the rear wall of the refrigerator should not be adjacent to the wall. So, in addition to the dimensions of the refrigerator itself, it is required to measure the space in order to correctly place the unit in the room.

After the desired and required dimensions of the refrigerator are determined, it will be important to pay close attention to the material and placement of shelves for food, the number and placement of compartments, the degree of energy consumption, the level of vibration and noise, additional .

.. functions and other characteristics. Nevertheless, a refrigerator for a modern person is an essential item and it has to be used many times, and therefore it is required to approach its choice extremely responsibly and thoughtfully. Check out the video for more expert advice.