Buleryan-Aqua - specifications, features and Reviews + Video

Buleryan-Aqua - specifications, features and Reviews + Video Wood-burning boiler of long burning Buleryan-Aqua: reviews, characteristics. Heating and its importance in the climate of Russia can hardly be overestimated. But still, not everyone has access to centralized heating, which is why they have to use special stoves for heating and heating a private house, which is the most effective method of solving the heating issue. the best option would be the Buleryan-Aqua stove with a water circuit.

Buleryan-Aqua has high efficiency (efficiency) - from 76 to 80%.

In general, it is a horizontally located cylinder, inside of which fuel is burned.

Combustion of firewood occurs in the primary chamber, and those substances that do not burn begin to rise into the second chamber, which is located on top in the oven and completely burn out.

Principle of operation and efficiency

This method makes it possible to burn almost completely all fuel. This is one of the factors that helps to ensure the high efficiency of these types of ovens. The ash pan in this device is located in the lower part of the combustion chamber, but in several variations of the device it is simply not there.

This is due to the fact that there is already a high degree of burnout, and there are practically no solid combustion products.

Buleryan-Aqua - specifications, features and Reviews + Video Pipes are located around the combustion chamber, casing. If there is a water circuit in the oven, but water vapor will circulate in them. There are other variations of similar stoves in which heating air circulates. The circulation of water vapor occurs according to the following scheme: the steam heats up in the pipe and begins to expand under the influence of high temperatures.

Because of this, according to the laws of physics, it begins to rise up and enters the inside of the heating system. When heating living quarters, it begins to give off heat, and then cools down and shrinks.

After that, it goes back down and again falls into the pipes adjacent to the boiler. There it will start to warm up again and the cycle will repeat again. Do not forget that at the end of combustion we get gaseous waste.

In this case, we are talking about carbon dioxide and a small amount of smoke. These combustion products must be removed to the outside through the chimney, which is located in the upper part of the furnace.

Note that heat will be removed in a similar way. In order for the heat to remain inside and not to escape along with the combustion products, it should be overlaid with mineral wool or other material of similar properties. Using this method will also contribute and increase the efficiency of the heating system.

the casing must necessarily be two-layer, which will help to reduce the waste of heat during the operation of the device.

The Buleryan-Aqua heating process can be divided into 2 main stages:

  • Ignition. Wood is added to the stove to get an intense burning.
  • Maintain fire. A small amount of fuel should be added regularly at this time.

    So, during the combustion process, everything will be even and with greater strength. A minimum of effort is required to maintain a fire.

When using the stove, it can be decorated, decorated in such a way that it resembles a stylized Russian stove (or something else that you like).

Advantages and disadvantages

Please note that the device runs on wood. For this reason, when choosing the various options for the available type of heating, you should take into account the price of such fuel in your area.

As a rule, firewood is expensive within the city and using such a system will not be an economically viable solution for you. If you live in an area where firewood is inexpensive as fuel, then the Buleryan-Aqua long-burning wood-burning boiler will be your salvation. When performing heating work, this system works on convection and heat exchange, which occur due to the cyclic circulation of water vapor, which leads to good heating.


  1. Taking into account that the steam circulation in this system is very dynamic, the heating of the room is performed not only quickly, but evenly.
  2. Buleryan-Aqua - specifications, features and Reviews + Video The design features are as follows, thanks to them it is possible to heat both a one-story and a two-story house with the same efficiency.

  3. During the working process, the boiler will not heat up, which will give the absence of oxygen burnout in the room where it is.
  4. There is a two-chamber combustion here. Food that is not completely burnt goes into the secondary chamber and burns to the ground. This will not only help improve fuel efficiency, but will also minimize the formation of solid combustion products.
  5. Tightness of the door closing, and this excludes the possibility of sparks during the combustion process and provides a guarantee against fires at the installation site.

  6. Simplicity of installation work. The main condition is that the distance to the nearest wall is not less than half a meter.
  7. And the most important feature and advantage of the system is that it does not require external communications for its operation.


The cost of buying fuel can be high.

  1. When using certain types of wood, the chimney pipes can become clogged.

  2. To use this heating system efficiently, you need to learn how to use the operating mode in which there will be a slow combustion (smoldering) of the fuel.
  3. There is no guarantee that the heating system will not freeze in severe frost without a special anti-freeze liquid.
  4. Installation of such a heating system is quite complicated and costly.

User reviews

Mark, Moscow: "I use the Buleryan-Aqua oven with water the circuit is already 2 years old.At the beginning I used blocks of pine as firewood, but then I decided to use birch firewood.

And then a problem arose - the pipes began to clog up with porous masses.Because of this, they had to be cleaned, which was not very convenient in the winter. This winter I changed everything - they use only chopped and well-dried firewood. I also definitely set aside time for regular pipe cleaning, and there are no problems. Firewood began to burn faster, and it became even warmer than it was "

Irina, Novosibirsk: " I have been using Buleryan for 6 years.

The oven is great, I'm not even afraid to leave it on overnight. The main thing is not to forget at this time to switch it to the mode of decay away from sin. "

Christina, Sverdlovsk: " Our family has a country house, the area of ​​which is 100 m 2 . For him, we once purchased the Buleryan oven, which works great - everything heats up quickly, and only dry firewood is used for heating. Although the stove suits me completely, I treat it with a degree of caution, since it is very powerful.


Evgeniy, Syzran: " I have a lot of experience in using various stoves for heating, and I can say from experience that the Buleryan-Aqua stove with an additional circuit is an excellent option for those homeowners who permanently live in a private house. If you pour non-freezing liquid into the pipes, then even in severe frosts there will be no problems with the heating system. But still, such a stove is not suitable for everyone - it is very expensive. "

Price and rules of use

For example, a device for long burning Buleryan-Aqua PO -100 will cost you at least 10,000 rubles. This stove has a chamber for double combustion.

The warranty period is only 1 month. The volume of the heating room can be up to 100 m 3 . There is another model, Buleryan-Aqua PO-200, which costs 15,000 rubles, and its main difference from the first model is that it can heat a room with an internal volume of 200 m 3 . And Buleryan-Aqua NV-400 costs 19,000 rubles, and it can heat a room with a volume of 400 m 3 .


  1. Firewood should be carried out only after you have made sure that there is a draft and that the dampers are open.

  2. Periodically clean the chimney from ash to ensure trouble-free operation of the device and ensure that there are no bad odors during operation. Process.
  3. Set the combustion mode with the knob.
  4. When placing firewood, always make sure that the flaps are open.


And finally, we decided to leave you some useful tips from the experts:

  1. This the heating system can be used for houses with one or two floors.

    In houses with more floors, it is not accepted to use it.

  2. The place for installing Buleryan-Aqua with a water circuit must be lined with metal sheets.
  3. The oven should be no closer than 50 cm from the walls.
  4. It is forbidden to heat this kind of stove with coal, as it is wood-burning. It is permissible to use only firewood.

  5. Special corrugated pipes can be used for heat transfer efficiency.
  6. To prevent freezing of the coolant in the heating system, there is an electric heating element with a power of 1 kW. Don't forget to make sure it works properly. To be on the safe side, completely drain the coolant from the heating system, and then the stove and pipes will be able to withstand temperatures even down to -50 degrees.
  7. Try to install the device in a separate boiler room, or at least not outdoors.

    Although the street option is possible (but only if it is constantly burning), it is better not to risk it.

Like other types of pyrolysis equipment, Buleryan-Aqua is sensitive to the quality of the fuel used, as well as errors that are made during installation and the peculiarities of the operation process. In general, the stove has good thermal characteristics, and it is often used for heating domestic and even industrial premises.

( 1 grade, average 5 out of 5 )