Calculating the amount of siding for house cladding? Calculation Formulas: Overview + Video

Calculating the amount of siding for house cladding? Calculation Formulas: Overview + Video The popularity of siding as a material for cladding the facades of buildings is growing relentlessly. And this is not surprising, because it has undeniable advantages that are difficult to resist. Outwardly, the material is very attractive, the houses sheathed with it look presentable.

Siding is easy to install and does not stretch for a long time. To determine the amount of material required and soberly assess the financial situation, choose the type, brand and grade, it is necessary to carefully calculate the siding for the house.

You can use the services of professionals, after all, they know better all the nuances of calculations. Or go on your own and make a calculation using one of the three available methods.

General information before calculating

Tools and programs

Experts in calculating outdoor siding for the home use :

  • Calculating the amount of siding for house cladding? Calculation Formulas: Overview + Video with a special measuring tool - laser length and height meter;
  • special programs that draw up an estimate, taking into account the deterioration of the structure, as well as the shortcomings of the construction process;
  • knowledge of linking the structure to be erected to the specifics of the construction site, climatic zone, amount of precipitation in summer and winter, strength and direction of air flows;
  • standards and regulations that focus on the percentage of waste and the added cost of fasteners, dismantling, and work in areas that are difficult to reach.

A common man in the street does not need all of the above methods. In order to make a calculation for cladding a house with siding, it is enough to use the available methods, which are much easier.

The main thing is to have an idea of ​​how to work with this material and additional additional elements and fasteners.

What is siding?

Note. Siding - panels made of various materials, which have a special hidden lock connection or perforation together with latches for installation.

Complementary elements are parts, the main function of which is to cover panel joints. In addition, they have a decorative and protective load, since they become an obstacle to the penetration of rain and snow under the siding.

The fundamental points that affect the number of additional elements are:

  • The structure of the house and its walls;
  • The number of door openings and windows;
  • Roof features.

Methods for calculating siding

Calculation of siding for exterior finishing of a house using a mathematical method

Calculating the amount of siding for house cladding? Calculation Formulas: Overview + Video The essence of the method is to determine the total area that must be sheathed with siding to the usable area of ​​one strip of material. It is this useful area that is facing, and in size it is slightly smaller than the total. To make it easier for buyers to decide, manufacturers indicate these data on the packaging.To finally calculate the amount of siding for finishing the house, you need to subtract the area of ​​the planned openings in the house (windows, doors, garage entrance, etc.


Calculation of siding graphically

This method is considered one of the most accurate, if you use a graphic editor for this purpose. Make a full unfolding of the cladding surfaces. In the program, the material slats are applied to the joint area in a useful size. The scaling for all elements and structures should be the same, only under this condition you will get an accurate result.

At the end, you need to subtract the area of ​​the openings in the house.

Note. If desired, the calculation of siding with a graphical method can be done manually, use paper for this, which is cut into identical strips, and applied to the house on the scale of siding strips.

Online calculator for calculating siding for the house

To use this method, you must specify in the program the dimensions of the walls that you are going to panel. You will receive preliminary results immediately.

It is very convenient when the website of the online store already has data for the material you have chosen. It is enough to set the exact dimensions of the surfaces in the calculator, and as a result, you will receive the required number of siding panels in m², linear, individually, and in packages. Also, such calculators are very often programmed to calculate the cost of the required materials, as well as the cost of transportation.

Definition of additional elements

If with the calculation of siding for a house online, everything is more or less clear how to be in additional elements is not clear to an ordinary person. Even a specialist who is directly involved in such work is just right here.

Starting and finishing strip

These elements are used for mounting and covering the installation sites of the initial and final row of facing material. The starter bar is essentially the same profile but low in strength. Each first row starts from the starting bar, the measurement takes place in running meters. The right amount for cladding is appropriate for the perimeter of the house.

The finishing bar must be purchased in the same quantity as the starting bar.

This element is used to complete the siding of the house. To determine the total amount of material, you need to divide the length of the house perimeter by the length of the plank. In order not to get confused, look at this indicator on the package. Often, manufacturers produce finishing strips 3 m long.

Corner profile

There should not be any particular problems in calculating this element.

This is the most needed detail in all home cladding work. Its main task is to join the siding in the outer and inner corners. It is produced with a 90º bend and a standard length of 3 m.

The outer profile is measured in running meters. The required amount corresponds to the joint length of the outer corners of the house.

Thus, the internal angular profile is also calculated.

Calculating the amount of siding for house cladding? Calculation Formulas: Overview + Video

Drain bar

This element is set over protruding parts in the wall to drain rainwater. It also performs a decorative function - it hides the joints of the corners and other protrusions, mainly highlighting the basement. In addition, the drain bar protects the plinth from rain and melt water. The calculation of siding for the walls of the house outside is carried out taking into account the length of the protrusions, so you will determine the required number of planks.

Docking H-profile

H-profile is not very often used when sheathing a house with siding. Its main function is to decorate panel joints along the entire length of the planks. But the joint is needed only if the length of the walls is more than 6 m. In the process of sheathing of overall premises, such as hangars, industrial buildings, the H-profile is used for its intended purpose without fail. The length of the profile is 3 m.


This detail is often undeservedly overlooked. Its main task is to hem the lower part of the cornices. The amount of material required is determined by the size of the cornice area, which is planned to be faced.

To fix it, use a wind board in an amount equal to the length of the cornice. To decorate the diagonal cuts of soffits, use a J-profile, in the amount corresponding to the length of the cuts.

The ends of the cornice are trimmed with a wind board and soffits are fixed.

Cover plate

This element is used for facing the joints on the openings of windows and doors. You can choose the color of the siding or play in contrast. There is a direct dependence on the depth of the slopes. It often happens that platbands are not required at all in the work, but if necessary, the quantity is calculated taking into account the amount of the opening perimeter.

Stock and tolerance

This moment must be taken into account when purchasing additional elements, since various unforeseen situations can occur during the process of cladding a house with siding. The general waste rate was adopted at the level of 7% of the total volume of work.


The design features of the house, its shape, the presence of decorative elements play a huge role in the calculation of materials.

Complex shapes require additional work to adjust the facing materials, thereby increasing the cuts and adjustments of the facing material, thereby increasing their consumption. As practice shows, the amount of waste when sheathing a house with siding reaches 10-15%.

If you make such adjustments in the calculations, you will come to the exact amount of consumable material. When ordering siding for a home, the estimated consumption is multiplied by the waste rate - 1.07, 1.1 or 1.15.

The formula for calculating the amount of siding:

A = (B / C) x 1.1

A - the number of siding panels;

B - the sum of the areas of the walls of the building;

C - the working area of ​​the panel.

1.1 - safety factor at 10%.

Formula for calculating siding for the pediment:

The number of planks and the area are calculated in a separate order, but using a similar method and identical sequence.

It is necessary to find out S - the area of ​​the pediment, the area of ​​the opening, if any, the working area and apply the formula A = (B / C) x 1.1.