Calculation of the cost of individual design of a frame house + Photo and Video

Calculation of the cost of individual design of a frame house + Photo and Video Calculation of the cost of individual design of a frame house. The question of how to correctly form the most favorable price-quality ratio will always come first. The cost of individual design of a frame house can be determined even before construction with a competent approach. Houses built using this technology can withstand over 50 years without major repairs.

If the house was built conscientiously and is located in a region with a favorable climate, where the average level of air humidity, the service life of frame structures increases to 75 years and more.

What to consider at the design stage?

At the stage of designing a country house on a frame basis, first of all, it is worth deciding what area of ​​the building will be, so that you can was to determine how much materials you need and how much everything will cost:

  1. Day zone. The area of ​​this space will depend on how many people will live in the house. If we are talking about a family of 3-5 people, then count on 40-65 m 2 .
  2. Sleeping area. Each bedroom can have an area of ​​10 to 25 m 2 if the same family of 3-5 people will live in your house.

  3. Bathroom. If more than 3 people will live in your frame house on a permanent basis, you should think about creating a second bathroom, the area of ​​which will be from 5 to 10 m 2 .
  4. Veranda / terrace. This will make your stay as comfortable as possible. The extension area will be from 8 to 16 m 2 .

  5. Hall, corridor, utility rooms and stairs. For these elements, the house is allocated approximately 20 m 2 . Depending on which heating method you choose, you will need to allocate a room for a boiler room. If you want to make gas heating, the size of the room must be at least 7 m 2 .

Issue price

How to calculate the cost of the foundation

In the price of designing a frame house be sure to lay the foundation, as this is the most important part in any structure.

The main thing is that you correctly calculate the costs of purchasing components for construction. When erecting a frame house, a pile or strip foundation is usually used.

If you build everything with your own hands, it will save you some money, but the work performed by specialists will be of better quality and faster. The price includes:

  • General works - cleaning the area, marking the territory, laying a pillow under the foundation, covering with geotextiles (28,000 rubles).
  • In the strip foundation - earthworks - 10,000 rubles, laying of concrete and reinforcement - from 45,000 to 65,000 rubles, waterproofing with roofing felt, sewer pipes and laying of anchors - no more than 10,000 rubles.

  • In the pile foundation - piles from 37,000 to 55,000 rubles, installation of piles about 30,000 rubles, channel grillage from 35,000 to 50,000 rubles, and installation of a basement about 10,000 rubles.

It will cost about 75,000 rubles to build a foundation for a frame house, and the contractors will have to pay 125,000 rubles.


The cost of the box of a 6 by 6 frame house will include:

  • Installation of the frame - 30,000 rubles.
  • Assembling the stairs, subfloor and arrangement of the basement - 40,000 rubles.
  • Creation of gables and roof - 40,000 rubles.

  • Box casing - 45,000 rubles.

At this stage, the work will result in additional costs of about 150,000 rubles. The price of windows, together with installation and delivery, will be approximately 35,000 to 70,000 rubles, a similar amount will be spent on interior doors. An external door with installation, accessories and delivery for a frame house will cost about 10,000 to 17,000 rubles per m 2 .

Please note, that if the project of a house on a 6 by 6 frame basis will have 8 windows and 5 doors, then 75,000 rubles will be spent on installation and purchase.

Thermal insulation - materials and cost

When designing a frame house, you should pay special attention to thermal insulation. Thanks to the insulation of the frame house inside, you can well protect your home from frost. External insulation will not be advisable, as this will put stress on the frame. Also, along with the insulation, it will be necessary to carry out waterproofing work, which can be done both during construction and after it. The main thing is that you choose the right material.

To save money, you can do everything yourself. When installing the insulation layer, you must have:

  • Calculation of the cost of individual design of a frame house + Photo and Video For insulation of the outer wall of the roof - more than 0 .15 meters.
  • For soundproofing load-bearing walls, partitions and floors - from 0. 1 to 0.

    15 meters.

  • You can not make insulation on the internal partitions, or make it with a layer of 5 cm.

Glass wool can be an excellent and inexpensive material for thermal insulation, but the recommendations of experts fell on a different material - basalt wool, which costs about 2,000 rubles per m 3 .

As materials for insulation, materials are used that will come out at such a price:

  • Waterproofing (roll) - 2 600 rubles.
  • Mineral wool (with a thickness of 15 cm) 22 m 3 - 40,000 rubles.

  • Mineral wool (with a thickness of 10 cm) 8 m 3 - 15,000 rubles.

Thus, it will take at least 65,000 rubles to insulate a house if you do everything yourself, and if you use the services of a contractor, it will cost at least 85,000 rubles. Installation of finishing pilaf is carried out separately. To assemble the floor, a 15 cm board (25 by 100) is used.

If the flooring will not be installed, take the sheet piling.

A sheet pile flooring will cost you 400 rubles for 1 m 2 , and 260 rubles for an edged board. When working without the services of a contractor, you will save about 1/2 of the amount. The finishing floor of the 2nd level will cost about 30,000 rubles.

Heating and laying of communications

Heating, ventilation system, water supply, sewerage and electrics should be thought out even at the stage of individual design of a frame house, since the placement, materials and price will depend on the size and your choice. The cost of the sewerage and water supply system will depend on where the drain and water source are located.

If we take into account that everything you need will be nearby, then the price of water supply, which will include polypropylene pipes and plumbing, will be at least 35,000 rubles, and the master will take from you at least 20,000 rubles for work.

The cost of installing heating will depend on the type of fuel and may even be more than the cost of the entire house. Gas is considered the most expensive option, since a lot of money will be spent on buying expensive equipment to create a basic heating system. When choosing electric heating, be prepared to pay at least 400 rubles / m 2 . The electricity itself will cost even more.

When installing a gas boiler with a water heating system, installation in a house 6 by 6 will cost you 85,000 rubles. A team of start-up and installation specialists will require at least 70,000 rubles for the work. There is another option that has been tested by time - stove heating, which in the future will not be as expensive as the two previous options, but then the cost of the work of a good master stove-maker will be from 210,000 rubles. The cost of energy supply is mind-boggling - from 350 to 650 rubles / m 2 , and the installed power grid in a 6 * 6 house will cost 20,000 rubles, and the work of an electrician will be 1/2 of the cost of materials, i.e.

10 000 rubles.

External and internal finishing

Now a little about finishing. Although many neglect this, the exterior should be made of high-quality materials that will not allow the impact of atmospheric precipitation on the house (thanks to this, major repairs will not have to be done in 10 years).

The outer walls of the frame building should be sheathed with materials that cost from 350 rubles (euro lining, siding, block house, imitation of timber). Class A aspen lining looks great on the walls, which will cost about 35,000 rubles when designing a 6 * 6 frame house, and the work will cost 25,000 rubles.

For interior decoration, choose lining or drywall. For a sheet of drywall with an area of ​​3 m 2 you will need to pay 250 rubles, and the lining will cost 5 times more. Those rooms that have a high level of humidity (kitchen and bathroom / toilet) can be sheathed with waterproof plywood.

Approximate calculation of materials for finishing a house 6 by 6:

  • Plasterboard - 65 m 2 (approximately 6,000 rubles ).
  • Lining for finishing the attic floor - 85 m 2 (27,000 rubles).

  • Waterproof decorative plywood for finishing utility rooms - 65 m 2 (15,000 rubles).
  • Ceiling and floor skirting boards - 100 r / m (26,000 rubles).

Finishing work, taking into account the call of a team of craftsmen, will cost about 140,000 rubles.

House of SIP panels

Separately, I would like to talk about the technology of individual design of frame houses, developed in Canada, namely houses made of SIP panels ..

. Such buildings are suitable for the climate of central Russia.

The cost of installing a tile consists of the following values:

  • The price of a panel is from 2,500 to 4,500 rubles.
  • Fasteners and timber - 1,000 rubles.
  • Installation work - 1,500 rubles.

If we calculate the cost of a box of a house 6 * 6 from SIP panels, we get the following amount:

  • Roofing - 40,000 rubles.
  • Hem and its thermal insulation - 20,000 rubles.
  • Overlap - 15,000 rubles.
  • Bearing, external and internal walls with pediments - 230,000 rubles.
  • Rafters - 100,000 rubles.

The total amount for the construction of a house from self-supporting insulated panels will be 505,000 rubles, and this amount includes the remuneration of the brigade. With self-erection, you will be able to save 100,000 rubles, but it will take much more time. The funds that will be invested at the initial stage make it possible to save on thermal insulation in the future, as well as on the installation of the finished floor. Even manufacturers believe that SIP houses are much stronger than frame buildings, although there are almost no differences in price.


Everyone decides for himself how he wants to see his house.

There are many calculators for calculating construction costs. To compare, let's analyze the cost of building a frame house 8: with different construction technologies:

  1. Canadian SIP panel technology from 750,000 to 1,000,000 rubles.
  2. Panel type construction from 1,000,000 to 1,400,000 rubles.
  3. Frame house from 550,000 rubles to 750,000 rubles.

Please note that the calculation of the cost includes items such as the price of design and estimate documentation, payment for labor, materials.

You can significantly reduce costs if you build a frame house with your own hands and will engage craftsmen to work only in critical areas, namely for conducting electrical wiring, communications and heating systems. Also, prices may vary depending on the dollar exchange rate.


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