Can I use a grinder to cut wood. How to work correctly with a wood grinder

Can I use a grinder to cut wood. How to work correctly with a wood grinder One of the most popular tools for cutting various materials is the grinder.

It is quite easy to use, it can easily change the cutting angle, compact, has attachments for certain materials. Many are interested in the question, can she really cut absolutely any materials? How and can a tree be cut with a grinder? We will try to figure it out.

Note: Angle grinder is called a grinder, abbreviated to angle grinder. She received the name Bulgarian from the country to the manufacturer in the Soviet years.

Principle of operation

LBM is an electric tool for processing, grinding and cutting metal, granite, stone and other materials. It is represented by such elements: a housing in the form of a cylinder with a protective casing, a motor, a gear housing, a safety clutch, a nut clamping a disc, an on and off button when replacing discs.

Grinder from different manufacturers may vary.

Due to the complete set with different attachments, this tool is considered universal.

Note: The grinder can be used to cut hard workpieces, as well as grind and polish. For which, in fact, additional nozzles are used.

The device is not complicated. Rotating movements are received on the shaft from the electric motor, on the angular gear of which replaceable nozzles are fastened.

The device can be adjusted to the required cutting depth. You can also adjust the required rpm.

Surfaces made of iron, steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, etc. are cut with it. There are special attachments for each material.

Important: The grinder must be able to work correctly. How to hold it correctly and in which direction the circle will rotate, in which direction sparks will fly when cutting metal.

Can I use a grinder to cut wood?

Can I use a grinder to cut wood. How to work correctly with a wood grinder There is an opinion that it is impossible to process wood with a grinder.

Professionals say that the tree should be processed only with specially designed power tools.

So, for example, if you cut the bars with a grinder, you may encounter such undesirable moments as overheating of the disc, which will make it fragile. If there is a bevel of the corner, then there is a high probability of its rupture, which can lead to serious injuries!

The second point is that when processing wood, a large amount of raw material is captured by the teeth of the disc and the tool begins to break out of the hands. It can also be very dangerous.

Conclusion : From the above, we can conclude that a master working on wood with a grinder does not have adequate protection.

This even applies to professionals.

How to work properly with a wood grinder?

Wood is an ecological material used in all spheres of human life.It is still considered very demanding due to its environmental friendliness, aesthetic appearance and relative affordability, as well as ease of processing.

Now there is a large assortment of woodworking tools. However, due to the fact that the grinder is a functional tool, many people work with wooden blanks.

Important : The main argument not to use a grinder for wood is safety.

But if you still decide and have extensive experience in working with a grinder, then, first of all, it is very important to adhere to the safety rules.

This is very dangerous because the grinder does not have a stopper to stop sawing in case of emergency.

There are special nozzles for wood on sale. They are usually represented by discs with a special tooth shape.

This shape reduces the chance of jamming.

Metal attachments can be used on wood, if only the wheels with small teeth are selected, and also provided that the segments located on the top of the attachment are carbide or tungsten. Thanks to this design, unwanted incidents during operation are minimized.

Working with wood

Carefully review the grinder, evaluate the reliability of all connecting elements, the correct attachment of the nozzle.

The tool should start with a soft start, if available in your model.

The process must be carried out at low speeds, with periodic build-up, if necessary.

A piece of wood can be cut with a grinder only at a right angle. No oblique cut is allowed.

Important: Any slope is excluded. If skewed, a dangerous situation can occur.

Carved wood compositions are made with other tools.

There are technical features of working with a grinder on wood:

  • Can I use a grinder to cut wood. How to work correctly with a wood grinder Many, in order to make it more convenient to work, do not use a protective casing for a grinder, and this is strictly prohibited. This is the only protective barrier between the disc and the trowel;
  • A special device called the carrier base contributes to a stronger fixation of the tool in the hands of the master;
  • Always use gloves with rubber pads when working.


Each tool should only be used for its intended purpose. However, modern models of grinders are produced with a large set of attachments, including those for processing soft material.

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