Ceiling decoration in a house? Types and ideas of decor + Video

Ceiling decoration in a house? Types and ideas of decor + Video The ceiling creates the style of our home, uniting all the subtleties into one whole. Avoiding unnecessary accents and expressing doubts about errors, more often we only assign him the extremely insignificant significance of a snow-white faceless canvas.

Less often - we decide to experience and paint the ceiling in rich colors. True, he very readily tries on the most popular, sometimes even extraordinary, attire.

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How can you decorate the ceiling?

Ceiling decoration in a house? Types and ideas of decor + Video There are many ways to decorate the ceiling and add a special charm to the interior.

Below we will consider several options for finishing the ceiling.

How to improve a stretch ceiling

It is essential to note that stretch ceilings, for the most part, are made from a substance harmless to health (which seems to be an integral attribute for the purposes of a children's room), it is easy and simple to clean, stretch ceilings are instantly and easily installed - in just 1 day. An ordinary light stretch ceiling with a matte texture is a repository for the personification of imaginations. It is allowed to transform it into a picturesque, three-level, asymmetric; can be painted in absolutely any tone; mount a unique backlight.

How to decorate the ceiling with plasterboard

Ceiling decoration in a house? Types and ideas of decor + Video Plasterboard, directly on itself, relatively affordable, quite comfortable and very strong material.

Offers an excellent alternative to expensive, difficult designs.

Unlike stretch ceilings, gypsum plasterboard is quite easy and simple to assemble personally. The main and key advantages of this type of ceilings are the indisputable natural security, the undoubtedly simple and affordable subsequent decorating finishes.

Very well suited for the purpose of the nursery, as it has unsurpassed soundproofing qualities. To do this, in order to achieve the possibility of easy washing and cleaning of the plasterboard ceiling, it should be pasted over with a non-thick ceiling fiberglass and a cover of moisture-resistant acrylic paint should be formed.

Ceiling decorated with fabric

Ceiling decoration in a house? Types and ideas of decor + Video Numerous upscale self-taught builders and installers choose a manufactory ceiling finish according to the order of factors. The main advantage is the simplicity of the design.

You will spend much less time than installing difficult structures, for example, large stretch ceilings. The drapery is carried out quickly and makes it possible to hide all the convexities of the plane, besides, for this, you do not need to personally learn how to restore the ceiling.

The fabric finishing method looks beautiful in the bulk of the rooms.

Ceiling drapery is not only interesting, but also fulfills an actual function - it can help keep warm. Due to its flexibility, the material perfectly resists mechanical overload.The use of draperies will emphasize the style of the owners of the living space and create an atmosphere of wealth and romance, including in the former "panel."

The fabric ceiling looks preferable in rooms with a traditional design. Drapery can be used in the art style dining room.

decor or in an attractive Gothic guest room.

This design solution can also decorate rooms with the current interior. As you can see, this is a fairly versatile type of ceiling decoration.

Ceiling decorated with stucco molding

Ceiling decoration in a house? Types and ideas of decor + Video Stucco molding is a traditional part of ceiling design, the history of which is rooted in immemorial distant past.

Known during the periods of our great-grandmothers and actually forgotten during the years of the Soviet era, today this component of the decor is giving up its own position and again enters into interior fashion.

Decorate the top of your own home with stucco molding - from this next blows to add a little grace and casual luxury to it. If you decide to decorate the interior with stucco molding with your own hands, your house will most likely be completely transformed and will be the most sophisticated and luxurious. At the same time, such a procedure is quite easy to perform and does not in any way involve extremely significant financial costs, which appears to be its indisputable and obvious advantage. Ceiling decoration in a house? Types and ideas of decor + Video

Having overlooked the tempting inspiring ideas on this topic, you will certainly make sure that this kind of fashionable typical pictorial element adorns almost everyone interior and gives him a special harmonic and atmosphere of wealth.

Metallic forms, showered with Teflon, appeared in everyday life not so long ago, but instantly captured the greatest fame.

This is the most relevant (in comparison with PVC configurations) image, which is distinguished by the highest level of strength, clarity of geometric volumes and unsurpassed silhouettes of the pattern.

Teflon covering of this kind of shape ensures the absence of various defects associated with damage or displacement of the stucco pattern during the period of removing the shape. With such high quality resources available today, you are fully capable of making your own ceiling moldings.

Decorating the ceiling with wood

Ceiling decoration in a house? Types and ideas of decor + Video In addition to wall panels, build a market offers very tempting options for decorating the ceiling with wood. This is a special element for decoration, it forms the compositional integrity of each interior.

Do not trust whoever will say that they are gone into the distant past.

We draw the upper part of the room stylishly according to the old one. It is allowed to divide it into squares with wood slats, to make a multi-level labor-intensive design, or to form visual extraordinary results using a different texture of the tree.

Ceiling decoration in a house? Types and ideas of decor + Video One of the most famous and simple ways to design the upper plane in a room is ceiling beams made of wood.

Log beams can be hollow or inseparable (U-shaped cut).

The first type is better and more comfortable, because it is allowed to conduct galvanic communications from the inside of the false bar. Timber beams as well as the norm are quite fine.

The finish can be coated with a tinting varnish. However, the weight of the structure is large. It turns out that it is not very easy to fix it on the ceiling.

But even an extremely difficult ceiling is allowed to decorate with beams.

In addition, there is one method of decorating the ceiling using wood - it is facing with a massive board (type of parquet), lining or panels, which are trimmed with veneer from an expensive wood species. Combined with clapboard, the beams on the ceiling look very impressive. Large wood boards will make it possible to "break" the visually monotonous ceiling.


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