Ceiling decoration in a wooden house - options

Ceiling decoration in a wooden house - options Options for finishing the ceiling in a private house + photo

When the construction is completed country house, the most interesting and even fascinating stage begins - external decoration. And then, of course, everything starts from the ceiling.

Before choosing one or another material and design variations, you need to fully think through the entire interior of the room, since the ceiling must be combined with the floor and walls, and the choice of styles and materials is very large today. Let's look at the options for finishing the ceiling in the house.

Of course, a lot will depend on the budget that you plan to spend on the ceiling.

You can choose options that are cheaper, but do it in such a way that it looks quite stylish and dignified.

Varieties of finishes

If you have the opportunity to spend money on expensive materials, then it is better to design, focusing on modern trends and trends. But then it is required to study as best as possible all the properties of materials and their application techniques, if the repair is made with his own hands. Only after studying all the nuances, you can make a final decision on how to finish the ceiling. There are the most popular options today:

  • Styrofoam tile.

  • Ceramic tile.
  • Vinyl or paper wallpaper.
  • Drywall.
  • Wooden structures.
  • Stretch and false ceilings.

  • Mosaic plaster.
  • Stucco and plaster.
  • Staining.
  • Whitewashing.

Finishing works in a country house are different from those in an apartment.

Here you need to take care not just of the beauty of the ceiling, but also of thermal insulation. Only when this is all done, you can start the direct design of the ceilings, since in the winter and during the prolonged rains, beautiful ceilings will deteriorate from moisture and frost, and will also become unusable.

Note that the sub-surface will not require secondary alignment if the solution is to create suspended ceilings. All electrical wiring can be covered with tension structures.


What you need to start

Required tools

Before starting work, it is imperative to pay attention to the fact that all the required tools are always at hand.

If some tool is not in the house, it is required to purchase it in advance, so as not to interrupt work later and not to be distracted by trifles. You will need the following:

  • Screwdrivers.
  • Rulers.
  • Regular pencils.
  • Bulgarian.

  • Trowels.
  • Building level.
  • Electric drill.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Spatulas of various sizes and thicknesses.

During the preparatory work during the repair, it is better to have a couple of rulers, screwdrivers and pencils in stock, because it is such small objects that are lost all the time during the repair process, and it will take enough to find them time.Painting or even whitewashing are the simplest and most well-known options that do not require special talent and huge costs. After the ceiling is well leveled, you can start whitening it. At the same time, it is important to cover all objects with paper or oilcloth - there is usually a lot of dirt from lime.

There are a lot of finishing options in a private house, but when choosing a paint, you need to carefully consider the selection of a shade.

White is the best option, because it cannot get boring after a while, and you can easily choose the design of the floor and walls for it. What's more, light shades are constantly increasing the space. If you prefer deeper and richer shades, then you need to focus on your personal taste and other design components. It is also important to consider that with a low ceiling, the dark color of the paint visually lowers them. But if this does not matter, then in this case it is allowed to experiment even with colors.

About finishes

Plaster or plaster

Ceiling decoration in a wooden house - options Even gypsum panels can be installed without any difficulty. Most often they have exactly white color, but due to a special paint and varnish material after installation work, you can paint them in the color that you like best. Plaster of a decorative type with a smooth, as well as textured ceiling coating looks great on surfaces in a country house. The only nuance that is important to pay close attention to in the absence of experience with this type of coating is the study of methods of applying plaster and their practical use. You should try to apply the plaster somewhere in an inconspicuous place and see what happens.

Please note that the textured plaster must be applied in a layer with a thickness of 1 cm. Then apply a couple more layers in turn. In the end, it should turn out deep and rich.

There is an option to make the ceiling even more original, using mosaics, which are on sale in hardware stores as sets. It will represent pieces from which you can add both an abstraction and even a complete picture.

This mosaic can be attached to the ceiling with a tile adhesive. The materials from which the kits are made can be very different - glass, ceramics, as well as small pebbles. If you have a desire to decorate the ceiling in the form of a mosaic in the kitchen or in the bathroom, then it is important to consider that during the work you will need a specialized water-resistant adhesive that can withstand any degree of humidity. At the same time, he must ensure that the tile does not fall off after a while.

Stretch and false ceilings

Floor structures in a country house complicate the task, and you need to decide how and how to close the electrical wiring , ventilation and other communication elements.

In this case, suspended plasterboard structures or even stretch ceilings will help solve this issue. The plasterboard construction is attached to the base for the frame, which is made of a metal profile. After the frame, it is important to sheathe the plasterboard and at the final stage, a decorative coating is applied to such sheets - wallpaper or paint and varnish material. You can also place additional lamps, which will be a wonderful decoration for the interior of the room.

As for stretch ceilings, there will be room for design solutions, and there is also an opportunity to play with lighting, place spotlights over one or another area of ​​the room.

In this case, you can choose materials of different textures and shades. Glossy ceilings simply shine in excellent lighting, and matte ceilings even look casual. But when using beautiful decorative elements, both those and other options will look beneficial. Most people tend to choose matte ceilings, if only for the reason that they are much easier to care for. If the height of the room allows, then you can try to make options with a large number of levels of the ceiling surface.

Please note that with low ceilings, the surface cannot be overloaded - bulky chandeliers and huge lamps should not be used, because this creates an atmosphere of pressure and discomfort.


There are photo options for finishing ceilings in a private house, including wallpaper ... This traditional type of ceiling decoration can also be attributed to one of the common types of finishes.

The main thing is a smooth surface and excellent adhesive composition. It is not recommended to choose very heavy wallpaper with a complex pattern - it is better to use plain options or even with abstract prints. Try different types to highlight specific areas. Photo wallpaper will look great, and this is especially true for the children's room. Also, it has become relevant to apply liquid wallpaper to the ceiling - it looks very beautiful.

The main thing is that you properly prepare for the application process. To do this, you need to prime the surface as best as possible in advance, and then you need to dry the ceiling.

Timber structures

Ceiling decoration in a wooden house - options If the house is in a village and is made of timber, then it would be very appropriate to sheathe the ceiling with wood. For this, plywood, slatted panel or lining is perfect. It is likely that an idea will appear to make a hinged-type design structure, especially if there is a desire to decorate a house in a rustic style.

The most common method is the use of lining.It is made of wood planks, which are wide or narrow, and also differ in thickness. They are usually made from aspen, hornbeam and oak. The lining is convenient in that it can hide the flaws of the ceiling, and at the same time, special surface preparation is not needed, and this structure can be mounted quite quickly.

It is interesting that shields and beams are used for attic and interfloor floors, which will be the base.

With a ceiling made of panels, plaster and other types of decoration are usually used.

If the ceiling is made of slats, then in this case it will be necessary to sand their front side, and then cover with varnish. You can use block house slats, which will not require any specialized training, perfectly retain heat and give room for various interior solutions. The only drawback of these rails is their high cost.

When selecting wood, experts recommend using species such as elm, poplar or even aspen.

It is imperative to pay attention to the fact that wood products are treated with a fire-resistant compound, as well as stain. Even the combination of materials will be a very original solution - the use of inserts from a stretch fabric or plasterboard-type structures. Painting will help to make an unusual wooden ceiling. You can make a real art canvas or even arrange small areas in the form of decoration. Both the first and the second radically transform housing and surprise guests.

How to choose

If you have doubts about which material to choose, you should pay attention to where such a ceiling will be installed. For example, wood covering in the bathroom or even in the kitchen is not a good idea, because the likelihood of mold growth is greatly increased. In this case, it is better to opt for a stretch ceiling. When choosing a ceiling for a country house, you need to focus not only on their beauty, but even on practicality.

If, for example, a country house is used only in summer, and in winter it is not heated, then ceilings made of wood and plasterboard do not need to be installed, because cold and dampness will contribute to the rapid destruction of materials .

.. For such premises, plastic or PVC panels are more suitable. The change in temperature is not terrible for the vinyl film - a tension-type fabric made of such a material will not lose its appearance either from cold or heat. Provided the house is used year-round and heated in winter, wood finishes can be chosen.

Its advantages are safety, durability and even environmental friendliness. With proper care, this ceiling will last an extremely long time.

In this case, even drywall is suitable - it will hide all the disadvantages. And after its installation, you can decorate the ceiling using different methods - apply plaster, paint or even wallpaper. The stretch ceiling is resistant to moisture, and for this very reason they are suitable for all rooms.

If for a bathroom or kitchen you can choose, for example, matte or glossy options, then fabric coverings will look more comfortable in the bedroom or office. When choosing a material, it is also necessary to take into account that nuance, how often the ceilings need to be washed, what texture and color will suit - this is individual for all families.

In the control room, boiler room and other utility rooms, it is not required to create special beauty. There should be order and cleanliness, and in the first place - the observance of all safety measures. In a boiler room, different pipes usually run along the ceiling, and you can not close them, but only plaster and whiten the ceiling.

But if you really need to hide all communications, then it is important to use fire-resistant drywall. It is also required to consider the moment that access to the pipes should be available at any minute. For this reason, it is necessary to leave the holes in the required places and provide them with gratings, which, if necessary, can be easily opened and the necessary work performed. There are many materials for ceiling decoration, as well as variations in combining various textures. It remains only to think over the design of the room and decide which ceiling is suitable for your home, taking into account all factors.