Cellular amplifier for a private house

Cellular amplifier for a private house Cellular amplifiers for home and summer residence - do it yourself

Today, the use of repeaters for urban areas have become a very popular method for amplifying cellular signal. Such devices received particular relevance after users were offered high-speed networks, for example, 3G and 4G. This phenomenon is due to the fact that in most areas there are no other alternatives for gaining access to the Internet.

But the weak signal and remoteness from the main stations do not make it possible to use high-speed Internet without using devices to amplify the signal. In this article, everything will be described how to make cellular amplifiers for a summer residence and at home with your own hands.


Signal amplification - what it is and how to achieve it

Signal amplification is a way to improving the communication level when using additional devices. In a large number of cases, an antenna and a repeater "repeater" are used, which will help to improve the signal level. Today, amplifiers of a cellular signal are very common, which are assembled with their own hands. The main thing to know about Internet signal repeaters is that they work both ways.

Its principle of operation makes it possible to obtain high-speed and comfortable access to the Network.

The signal from the Internet provider from the tower is transmitted to the installed antennas, and then amplification and distribution occurs over the area you require. When making a repeater with your own hands, you need to make a certain model, and then the electromagnetic waves spread over the entire coverage area. Due to such a device, gadgets in the house will receive an amplified signal, and the Internet speed will become higher.

What speed can be obtained by means of the repeater

If we consider this aspect, it should be understood that the repeater is designed to amplify the signal entering it. In other words, it will expand the range of the Wi-Fi network.

For example, if the wireless connection speed is 20 Mbps in the corridor, but in the bedroom the signal is worse and drops to 10 Mbps, when installing the repeater, it will level out to the initial value.

Please note that if one repeater (repeater) of the signal is not enough for the signal to be stable over the entire area of ​​the housing, it makes sense to use several repeaters.


Repeater antenna

Repeaters are used to improve the quality of reception and transmission signal for mobile devices and modem. This requires the use of special external antennas that will reproduce the signal relay to the internal antenna of other devices. The main operating principle of the repeater is that such a device will provide high-quality communication with antennas, which make it possible to modify the shape of the incoming signals.

The signal improved by the antenna will go in the opposite direction to the main operator station. But to ensure the correct operation of the repeater, you should consider a high-quality electromagnetic isolation between the two antennas, through which it is possible to drown out the self-excitation effect. This effect mutes the signal of subscribers who are located at a short distance directly from the device.

Antennas that are used to "catch" communication with the operator can be made into several types, based on design features. Their method of operation comes from the names of all individual devices.

The maximum efficiency is in MIMO, which are sector or directional devices:

  • Cellular amplifier for a private house Simple and MIMO.
  • Room.
  • External.
  • Outdoor.
  • Directional, omnidirectional or even sector amplifier.

  • Broadband and narrowband amplifier.

Please note that when using an indoor antenna, it will not be possible to achieve high signal quality gain, which means that the speed of the Internet connection will increase insignificantly.

Constructional varieties, passive and active US

Active communication amplifiers for a private house are devices that use the principle of the hardware method during operation. To ensure the functionality of this device, an amplifier, repeater, antenna and repeater are required. In other words, you are making a communication signal amplifier, in the circuit of which there is an antenna and a special electronic device that can help improve data transmission.

The role of passive signal amplifiers will most often be understood as devices that do not require an active amplification device to operate. As a rule, their design includes different antennas and passive repeaters. It is the antenna that is responsible for amplifying the signal itself for network access.

How to make a GSM signal amplification with your own hands


In order to provide high the speed of the Network and a comfortable stay on the World Wide Web when using wireless bonding requires the purchase and installation of special equipment. This requires the use of the following components:

  • Repeater, which acts as an intermediate link.

    Its main function is to receive and process signals that the antenna will pick up.

  • Coaxial cable through which data will be transferred between connected devices to enhance the communication signal.
  • Antenna is a device that is installed on the roof of a house or inside an apartment.
  • Cable splitter and connectors.

Please note that this list contains only those devices through which the required amplification will occur.

To set up an Internet connection, you need a SIM card and a modem.

Structural features of the amplifier, its operation scheme

Cellular amplifier for a private house Based on the structural features devices, they can all be divided into two main classes. The first class will include an active group, to which all amplifying elements can be attributed. Such devices work via an Internet connection, and even a signal repeater is included in such a group. The second passive class is the cable, antenna and splitter.

The cellular amplifier made by oneself can be used for various systems of amplifying the cellular signal. Their choice will directly depend on the object of amplification. The most effective system will be the one that uses the shortest cable as much as possible. This factor will keep signal loss to a minimum.

The principle of operation of the repeater is carried out by retransmitting the received signal.

The device will receive the signal and redirect in the direction required by the user. Everyone is able to assemble a 4G repeater with his own hand of each type, but the masters advise using a couple of antenna subspecies right away.

With this design, the first antenna will begin to work to receive the signal and send data back to the main station, and the second will be used to spread the Network throughout the home area.

Making a repeater by hand is the most popular scheme

Ready-made devices for signal amplification are not cheap at all. For this reason, most active Internet users are engaged in self-assembly of such devices.

To do this, it is permissible to use a GSM repeater and make a device for 3G out of it, and also specialize it for a network connection. But in any case, you will need to purchase a ready-made repeater in a specialized store, because such a device has an extremely complex design. In order to make a signal amplification device, you need to make sure you have the following items:

  • Coaxial cable.
  • Wire with a length of 0.35 meters.

  • Block for connection.
  • Mounts for connecting a pair of blocks.
  • Plastic.

Important! To fasten the parts, you need to use tape or electrical tape.

To assemble an antenna of a cellular amplifier in a house with your own hands, you must clearly follow the instructions:

  1. The wire purchased in advance must be bent so that the finished element acquired the shape of a diamond.

    It is important to maintain a right angle, that is, 90 degrees. After that, at a distance of 9 cm from the center, a couple more folds should be made at the same angle.

  2. The ends of the wire should be bent inside the formed diamond and connected to the connecting block.
  3. When using a cable with stripped insulation at the end, connect the antenna. The outer and inner conductors should be connected to a contact in the junction block so that the cable forms an extension of the antenna itself.

  4. Install the finished antenna on the roof and point it towards the base station.

Please note that the signal repeater must be installed at a minimum distance of a couple of meters from the heating device. It is recommended that the cable be laid after the antenna has been installed. All elements of the structure connection must be protected from moisture. The classical scheme for amplifying the communication signal remains operational at a temperature of -40 .

.. + 55 degrees. But the signal repeater should be in a warm room, but it should not be placed near a fireplace or other heating elements.

System settings

At the very beginning, check all types of connections, and then inspect the line filter.

Next, you need to adjust the gain, and its average value should be 20 dB. To do this, you can change the direction of the antenna towards the operator tower, and you can also use the setting of the repeater itself. Following the instructions and description, everyone can create an effective system for increasing the speed of the Internet connection with their own hands. Apply the required components, install and configure the hardware. After that, you will have access to a high-speed network.

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