Chainsaw chain oil features: Instruction + Video

Chainsaw chain oil features: Instruction + Video Chainsaw oil - which one to choose?

Gasoline saws work in difficult conditions, which is very negatively affects its service life. Chainsaw chain oil helps keep parts from overheating and can improve cutting performance in hardwood. If the chain runs smoothly, the load on the tool will decrease significantly.

Chainsaw manufacturers recognize that oil is essential to lubricate parts. To do this, their design provides a place for an oil tank, with fixation or adjustment.


The composition is small for chainsaws consists of elements with antioxidant, anticorrosive and stabilizing properties. They help to maintain the working qualities of oils and increase the wear resistance of the tool. It is best to choose oils from well-known companies such as Calm, Echo, Daewoo and others. Recently, Chinese oils, which are produced in state-owned enterprises, have become noticeably better in quality.

People who have chainsaw tools have the right to decide for themselves which oil to choose for lubricating saw chains.

The best option is an oil suitable for the climate and weather conditions in your area, as prescribed in the instructions for the tools.


Chainsaw chain oil features: Instruction + Video To assess the benefits of using universal remedies, refer to caution. In life, this is most likely an unsuccessful advertising move. Since at the moment not one well-known manufacturer has confirmed the release of oils with completely universal properties. In practical use, it has been proven that if the oil is incorrectly selected, it means that it will exert a load on the tool of about 10% and significantly reduce the working performance of the chainsaw tool.

Properties in use

There are special standards that the oil must comply with. According to the criteria of density, viscosity, purification height, etc. Natural, mineral oils have practically no differences between themselves.

Professionals recommend this type of oil for lubricating chains if the intervals between using the chainsaw are no more than two days. The protective functions of high-priced oils will come in handy for complex, one-time work.

Checking the oil for how it matches the temperature is very simple. To do this, you just need to lubricate and hold the working tool over a sheet of paper. The width of the oil strip determines how the saw will work and also its performance.

Criteria for choosing

Difficulties with finding the necessary oil which is not available is quite frequent. An excellent alternative is Shtil and Husqvarna.

These manufacturers have proven their products very well. Thanks to a good selection, the buyer can choose a good, high-quality chain oil at a high price, or a cheaper equivalent. In addition to the products of well-known companies, there are oils that work even at low temperatures, down to -30 degrees.Also mineral and organic oils. Professionals tend to prefer the same brand.

After all, such an application can contribute to a more efficient use of oils.

Temperature adjustment

Chainsaw chain oil features: Instruction + Video Oil use at low temperatures negatively affects the performance and service life of the oil pump. ...

If the required material is not available, the problem can be solved by diluting with cold oil.

Kerosene can be used as a solvent. It can completely lubricate parts, but is not very suitable for high loads.

High cost oils from Europe are recommended for use with professional chainsaws with high loads. The inflated price of materials is fully justified by the high cutting performance and long service life of the tool.

Our Russian oils are often made from foreign raw materials using new technologies. In terms of properties and operation, it is practically not inferior to European competitors, but the price for them is several times lower.

Chainsaws from China have an average level and are significantly inferior in terms of service life to previous manufacturers. This can be eliminated with specially formulated oils that are well proven. All these criteria are relevant only to large producers.

Consequences of savings

Most owners of inexpensive chainsaws with simple lubrication systems are concerned about too high oil consumption. On average, the price of high-quality materials is much cheaper than analogues, but marriage is also common.

The use of diesel and engine oils is completely unsuitable for the lubrication of chainsaw chains. It is not at all difficult to calculate the funds spent on surrogate materials.

The use of such oils for lubrication reduces the productivity and service life of the saws by almost half.

No replacement option is suitable for complete lubrication or cooling of the instrument.

Tips from professionals

Professionals recommend purchasing materials from manufacturers' stores or dealer companies licensed to sell. The purchase of oils with precipitation must be discarded. It is necessary to review the documentation on how to store and how to operate the materials. If you want to buy oil from an unknown manufacturer, then you need to look on the Internet how users respond to such material.

It is also worthwhile to regularly check the chain lubrication system.