Chaise longues and their use

Chaise longues and their use Socket - what is it and how to use it

Quite often, designers use non-standard pieces of furniture to create a unique atmosphere in a modern interior. Such an object can also be a chaise longue. Translated from the French word is "to talk, talk." This will mean that the chaise longue is a cozy sofa for two to have conversations.

For a long time, the chaise longue was a private sofa for two, and lovers could have long conversations, while being at a close distance to each other, and not go beyond the bounds of decency.

General information


Such meetings always took place under the watchful eye of companions and maids. Today, designers are trying to find new solutions in order to design such a piece of furniture in a new way. The most daring will apply copies of famous paintings on the drapery material, add unusual decorative pillows and various carved elements. You can also safely experiment with the shapes of mechanisms - to make them round, in the form of a rectangle and even asymmetrical. This is usually done to attract the attention of potential buyers.

What is it

Chaise longues and their use The chaise is a small two-seater sofa without a single back of a holistic type. The goat is also the little sister of the ramier couch. But here the couch was made for reclining rest, and the chaise longue is required for official and personal one-on-one meetings, where it is required to sit with a straight back. Historically, a chaise longue had no purpose for sleeping, because such a couch does not have a solid single back.

Externally, the sofa looks like two chairs connected by means of a small opening.

The two backs of the sofa are connected in the center. By the way, there is also a recess there, which is united by a decorative insert. The backs of the chaise longue smoothly flow into the armrests. By the way, the sofa with 4-6 carved legs can be considered a chaise longue.

Note that it is possible to sit on such a sofa half-side, at a short distance, and you will perfectly see the face of the person with whom you are planning to have a conversation.

Various materials are used to create water closets, but most often they are noble and expensive. The frame made of natural wood, upholstery made of genuine materials and high-quality filler make this sofa furniture for wealthy people who have an impeccable refined taste.

A chaise longue in the interior

If you have a lot of carved furniture at home, then the chaise longue will advantageously complement the interior of your home. It is not so easy to buy a chaise longue today, because it is not a subject of mass production. Such pieces of furniture fit perfectly into modern design and make the room impeccable and stylish.

A chaise longue for a modern interior can be supplemented with a coffee table or ottoman and you get a wonderful island of relaxation and rest.

Such items fit perfectly in places where there is not enough space for a full sofa. She will find a place in the bedroom, living room, on the loggia or even in the kitchen. Cozy mini-sofas can successfully complement any set of furniture. In the interior, chaise longues will attract attention and can become a real highlight of the apartment as a whole.

All guests will definitely pay attention to it and draw conclusions about your impeccable taste.

On the Internet you can find many photos of such pieces of furniture, and from them you can also get acquainted with the history of furniture. Previously, it was the subject that was only in rich and wealthy homes, and the poor were not available. Now the situation has changed a lot and it has become much easier to buy a chaise longue.

Where to place it

In order to choose a chaise longue, first you need to decide on the room in which it will be located.

If we talk about the bedroom, then it can play the role of a banquet, which stands at the foot. It is very convenient to play, read or even drink tea on it. In the living room, a chaise longue can be placed near the window or even in one of the unoccupied corners.

Please note that a chaise longue can be placed near the fireplace along with a tea table. In the corner of the living room or by the window, a chaise longue is perfect even for the most sophisticated interiors.

In the kitchen, she is able to replace kitchen corners and is far from the most comfortable chairs.

By the way, some models with a removable back can be transformed into a chaise longue. A miniature chaise longue will be appropriate even in the narrowest hallway, because it will be possible to sit down on it in order to put on shoes or even just relax. In every room of your home, a chaise longue will be appropriate and will definitely become a favorite piece of furniture. The guest, when he sees the decoration of housing with the help of such pieces of furniture, will understand that you have impeccable taste.

Choosing a chaise longue

The chaise longue is a cozy sofa

which has a laconic silhouette with durable and reliable drapery. In the manufacture of a classic model, velvet, leather or tapestry are used as upholstery. How to choose such a piece of furniture for the style of the interior? Today there are many options for chaise longues, the poet should seek help from a designer who will select what you need.

Multifunctional product

Chaise longues and their use There are pieces of furniture in a modest size apartment should be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also useful, and also not tasteless. If you have exactly such goals and objectives, then you should take a closer look at it.

Also find a chaise-bed in furniture salons - these are the properties that certain popular models are endowed with. If you turn the armrest, you get a comfortable single bed. Naturally, such a design will not be suitable for daily use, but it will definitely be appropriate for overnight stays of late guests.

By the way, recently there have been models of chairs that can be transformed into chaise longues. By the arrival of guests, you can unfold such an armchair and get a cozy sofa for several people.

If you dream of a corner sofa, and the size of the living room is more than just modest, then you should carefully consider the model of a corner sofa with a chaise longue.

The living room is the center of the apartment, and everything should be comfortable, convenient, and a corner sofa can become the center of a small living room. Interestingly, a traditional straight sofa will create the appearance of a semicircle, and people sitting on it will involuntarily begin to turn to face each other. Corner sofas with a chaise longue will give the atmosphere to the room, make it into zones. This is a great trick for creating coziness.

When buying such a piece of furniture, you should pay close attention to the following points:

  • Colors.
  • What is the size of the chaise longue and its elongated part.
  • What material is the drapery made of.
  • Which side is the chaise longue.

The size of the chaise longue and the choice of colors will definitely not be easy.

To visually enlarge a small room, it is worth using light colors. And if you want to visually reduce pieces of furniture, then the color of the upholstery should be the same tone as the walls. When choosing rich and bright colors, the main thing is that you do not overload the interior. It also cannot be firmly asserted that a corner sofa with a chaise longue is only in a large living room. If during creation you do not get carried away with the size and correctly combine the details, then you can get a harmonious and cozy center of the apartment.

A comfortable chaise longue will look great even in a business office. Sitting in this position is very convenient to negotiate. The chaise longue will definitely be appropriate both in a small and large meeting room. Usually, when negotiating, people sit face to face, and this makes it possible to immediately assess a person's reaction to this or that information.

Making with your own hands

By the way, some craftsmen even try their hand at creating a chaise longue for the sofa with their own hands.

It's not difficult at all. This model is definitely not suitable for sleeping, but you can buy additional seats. So, you need armrests from an old sofa and an unnecessary coffee table.

Reinforce the table with a metal frame and attach the armrests. That's all, the chaise is almost ready.

It remains to "overlay" it with foam rubber and cover it with a material that will ideally suit your interior. Carved legs can be bought in all furniture stores and salons, or in a carpentry workshop. Not every furniture showroom has a classic chaise longue for sale, but if you search, you will surely find what you are looking for and it will be worth it! Don't be afraid to experiment.