Chameleon brick in modern construction

Chameleon brick in modern construction Innovation in construction - brick chameleon

Today, most people are considering the option of not buy and build your own home. It is for this reason that they are sophisticated and try to come up with something special so that their house stands out favorably against the background of others and already boring standard finishes using red brick, which previously looked prestigious and original. Not only the future owners of the house, but also architects and designers who are interested in creating a beautiful portfolio will dream of a simple and at the same time unique design of the house.

So a new type of brick for facing was born, which has the name chameleon brick, or as it is also called, "velor", "velvet" brick.

General information.

What is a chameleon brick

In the last couple of years, one of the best solutions for decorating a house with bricks has become the use of an innovative material, which is decorative velor brick. At the moment, it is often used for external and internal decoration of the house, as well as for laying fireplaces and erecting hedges.

Chameleon brick in modern construction Velvet brick is a new type of red brick that was invented by scientists in 2003. The name of the decorative material for finishing speaks for itself. This material has a velvet-velor surface, because the brick finish gives the building a noble, bright color and decorates it to a large extent.

Chameleon brick in modern construction A distinctive feature of the red velor brick is that depending on what time of day, on the angle of incidence of the rays the sun, brick trim will look different, and change its color from pale pink to daring and deep burgundy.

In addition, this may apply not only to the outside decoration, but also to the inside. So, for example, a fireplace or a wall will have different brightness of color and shade, since everything will depend on which and how many light sources are used. But in fact, velor brick is not a chameleon, it just all lies in the optical effect.

Facing velor brick has a similar effect, because there is a special corrugation on the outer surface of such a material, while a velor-type brick for facing will perfectly connect with materials such as standard terracotta-type brick, natural stone, concrete, wood, and this gives designers unlimited activity and imagination.

For this reason, red velvet brick has become more and more popular lately. At the moment, brick decoration is often used for cladding the facade of a house, finishing walls, staircases and vestibules, walkways and other large elements of architecture.

Advantages of velor bricks

Such frequent use of decorative chameleon bricks is due to the fact that it has a whole range of advantages:

  1. Firstly, it is the high decorative properties of the material, which make it possible to obtain excellent results from the work of designers.
  2. Secondly, if we compare this material with ordinary red brick, we note that small, but efflorescences often appear on ordinary material. On the facing brick of the velor type, if they appear, then only on the flat part, and this is an indisputable advantage of the new material for construction.

  3. And thirdly, according to experts, if brick finishing is carried out according to all the rules and regulations, then velor brick will not be afraid of any fading from the sun's rays. Fourthly, it is extremely important for consumers that the price of building materials is democratic, and this can be said about facing velvet brick, which is an affordable material for most of the population.

Generally, in construction markets, red velor bricks cost a little more than a buyer would pay for plain standard bricks, but still much less than they would pay for red traditional decorative materials. As you can see, it is very profitable!

An excellent combination of price and quality has led to the fact that such a brick makes it possible to give the house a unique appearance, and not yet spend all the money on it. For this reason, velor brick finishing is often used not only for private construction, but also for multi-storey buildings, and such material is also actively popular not only among private entrepreneurs, but also among large construction companies.


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