Characteristics and consumption of Rapid-100 glue

Characteristics and consumption of Rapid-100 glue Glue Rapid-100 - application features, composition

DIY repair work for upholstered furniture is quite real, there you will know about the basic rules of work and buy only high-quality consumables.

For example, for pasting surfaces with foam rubber, a special furniture adhesive is required (for example, Rapid-100), which will reliably fix the material on a wood base.

The adhesive composition for foam rubber can be different, because there are a large number of brands.

General information

Basic requirements for adhesives for foam rubber

If we talk about furniture production, then foam rubber (elastic polyurethane foam ) a very important, widely demanded material. It can be easily cut, and it is also non-crumbling and inexpensive.

But choosing good foam rubber adhesives is not so easy - most of the compositions can spoil structures or are quickly absorbed and have an incredibly high consumption. What kind of adhesive is better to use in order to glue foam rubber?

The product must necessarily meet the following requirements:

  • Sufficient viscosity, excellent elasticity - if the adhesive composition is homogeneous, thick, then the seam will be flexible and strong, and with a liquid texture, the glue will begin to flow.
  • A suitable shade - so that the appearance of the pieces of furniture is not affected, it is worth choosing an adhesive composition that matches the color of the shade of foam rubber.
  • Fast drying structure - the adhesive composition must set well, and the process itself will take no more than a few minutes, but in such a time period you can manage to move the base if there are flaws.
  • One-component type composition - high-quality adhesive composition is sold ready-made, and its components do not need to be mixed together.

After evaluating the composition, you should make sure that there is no trichloroethane in the adhesive composition - this substance is harmful to the human body, and can also spoil the foam rubber. Good products contain water, rubber, various solvents and many other targeted additives. You can use adhesives based on neoprene, polyurethane and styrene-butadiene.

Please note that with a high-quality adhesive, foam rubber can be glued not only to wood, but also the composition can reliably attach foam rubber to metal and plastic. Most products are suitable for woodworking and shoe repairs.

Brands of means for attaching to different surfaces

How to glue foam rubber parts with furniture surfaces? It is important not to save money and not buy the cheapest formulations, although most of them are quite profitable in cost. The most modern can be considered water-based adhesives or even water-dispersible ones - they are harmless to humans, environmentally friendly, and also safe for the environment.


Characteristics and consumption of Rapid-100 glue Initially, this glue was developed for furniture production, and the second name is "Foam-2" glue, and this is the most popular name. The tool is perfect for gluing together foam parts or gluing them to a base made of materials such as fabric, chipboard, primed metal, cardboard, rubber or leather.

The limitation will be imposed only on polymer substrates that contain plasticizers.

A distinctive quality of 88-P2 glue is the ability to form a strong, highly elastic seam that will be resistant to moisture.

The product can remain sticky for a long time, during which you will have time to correct all errors if necessary. With the material, you can easily glue even large-sized parts, paste over seats and furniture backs. The adhesive is ready to use, and it also contains no harmful solvents. It contains glue resin, polychloroprene rubber, modifiers, glue resin, gasoline and ethyl acetate.

Main characteristics:

  • Complete drying and readiness for use of pieces of furniture is 1 day.
  • The color of the product is light brown, sometimes yellow.
  • Viscosity according to a special device VZ-246, which has a nozzle at 0.4 cm is 90 s.
  • The density of the product is 0.

    86 grams per cm 3 .

Let's consider a few more adhesives before moving on to the most important thing - Rapid-100 glue for foam rubber.


Furniture glue 88-Н is used much less often, because it is rarely found on sale. It is perfect for gluing foam to wood, plywood, metal and plastic. By the way, the tool can be used for other purposes as well - with it you can easily glue vulcanizing rubber to iron, leather, wood, glass, and you can also use it to fasten plastic and concrete walls.


Such an adhesive composition as Sintex is widely used in the production of mattresses and furniture. The glue is available in cans, jars, tubes with different sizes, including even in industrial containers. It is intended for strong adhesion of foam rubber and textiles, metal, wood, and the main composition is presented as synthetic rubber and solvents.

The material has the following technical characteristics and properties:

  • High degree of elasticity, as well as thermal stability.
  • Ease of application, produces a thin seam.

  • Bonding strength.
  • The density is 1.17 grams per cm 3 .
  • Viscosity according to the device VZ-246 and a nozzle at 0.6 cm is 20 s.

  • Initial bonding will take 5 to 15 seconds.

Please note that the product also has a drawback - the composition is highly flammable, and therefore it should be used with great care at home.


If we talk about the adhesive composition of Sifox, then this is an aerosol-type glue for foam rubber and many other materials. Spray is not the only form of release, and for furniture production, the product is produced in large-volume jars. Sifox-1111 glue is made of synthetic rubbers, as a solvent you can use a solvent.

The main characteristics of the composition are as follows:

  • Application - carried out by means of a spray gun with a nozzle of 1.8 mm, and the pressure during carrying out should be from 3 to 6 bar.
  • Number of layers required - 1.
  • Time for initial drying - 3 minutes.

Sifox is perfect for pasting pieces of furniture with felt, fabric, foam rubber, and you can also glue various materials together (metal and plastic, or plastic and foam rubber, and others).

The aerosol form of the product makes it more convenient to use, but this can greatly increase the final cost of work.


This product is produced only in the form of spray cans. For application, it is worth purchasing a special glue gun, and the glue is perfect for use at home.

Properties are as follows:

  • Low degree of fire hazard, incombustibility.
  • There is no ecological type hazard.

  • Resistant to high temperature and frost.
  • High strength of seams.

Consider a few more interesting compositions.


Can BF-6 adhesive be used for foam rubber? This is a medical alcohol composition, but a product with a very similar name BF is quite suitable for the repair and production of furniture items. BF glue is used for cold and hot gluing, and you can also securely fix any type of parts in a sofa or other upholstered furniture.

It can be easily and simply applied, and the glue has a low consumption, safe during work. A feature of the composition is that the product should be moistened before pasting and the product will need to be applied not in one, but in two layers (first very thin, and then very thick).


The material is used for application to the surface of walls, pieces of furniture and other surfaces. It also helps to glue the damaged spots, to hold together plywood, fabrics, drywall, foam rubber, and therefore is universal. Even a point method of applying the product is enough to create a strong adhesion of the parts to each other.


Among the incredibly large selection of adhesives for furniture, it is worth highlighting the Rapid-100 glue, which is definitely worth buying during restoration work ... Its purpose will be indicated in the instructions in this way - for acoustic and ordinary foam rubber (soundproofing material), padding polyurethane, polyurethane foam, leather, fabrics, paper and wood.The tool can also be used as a material for gluing coconut fiber, felt, and therefore is used for the production of mattresses.

Please note that this is a non-flammable adhesive based on styrene butadiene rubbers. For spraying, a gun is required - the product is sold only in cans. The aroma of the composition is weak, and the product dries quickly, after which it gives an elastic and strong seam. The details can be finally glued in 4-9 hours.

Tarise r

The product is made on the basis of a special rubber SBS, contains modifiers and synthetic resins.

You can stick satin, felt, polyurethane, rubber, polyesters, foam rubber, carpets, and other materials. The latter will easily adhere to metal, wood and concrete. The tool is often used in production, but no less often it is bought for use in everyday life.

The technical characteristics of the tool are as follows:

  • Characteristics and consumption of Rapid-100 glue The color is red.
  • The density is 0.

    85 grams per cm 3 .

  • The initial drying time is 1 to 2 minutes.

There are still two interesting tools left.


Such an adhesive composition as AOS-TAP is suitable for various areas of use, including furniture production. Suitable for constricting car seats, and by means of an adhesive composition you can glue foam rubber and fabric, wood, but please note that it cannot be used to connect plastic and foam rubber to each other.

The basis of the product is made on rubber and artificial resins, the color is red. Everything dries out in 5 to 7 minutes, and finally the products are glued together in 1/2 day.


Is it possible to use the most popular adhesive composition in the form of PVA for foam rubber? If desired, by means of such a composition, foam rubber can be glued to fabric or wood, but the reliability of the seam will be in doubt. It will take a long time (sometimes up to a day) to wait for 100% drying and press the base. It is necessary to fix the surfaces with pieces of tape, and this is not very convenient.

It is better to buy other formulations, more reliable (for example, Rapid-100), and not yet experiment with the quality of the finished product.

Technology for gluing foam rubber

Bonding porous materials requires certain knowledge. Before starting work, do the following:

  1. Carefully cut the edges of the foam so that they are perfectly straight (using a sharp knife).
  2. Dry the surface to avoid any type of contamination.

The glue should be applied depending on the packaging using a roller, brush or pistol.

The consumption rates of the adhesive are always indicated in the manufacturer's instructions, and they should be strictly observed. After applying the adhesive, the parts should be folded, straightened and fixed.At the end of the holding time, the strength of the joints should be checked. All work should be carried out at room temperature in a well-ventilated area. It is important to perform gluing, wearing gloves and protecting the respiratory organs - this way it will be possible to paste over the product in complete safety for health.