characteristics and types of wood, features of creating furniture at the move for it- Review + Video

characteristics and types of wood, features of creating furniture at the move for it- Review + Video The color of beech in the furniture industry is now at its peak of popularity. Many designers use this shade in their works. As for beech wood, it is very valuable because it has density, but at the same time the fibers of the material are able to bend and take on bizarre shapes.

Natural beech wood is ideal for the production of veneer, cabinet furniture components. The material lends itself well to coloring, which is what manufacturers of luxury furniture and expensive parquet boards use.

The use of beech in the field of furniture production is so wide that you can make anything from it. For example: tubs, stools, chairs, sofa seats, barrels, stairs, headboards.

General information

Only well-dried wood is used for the manufacture of furniture.

The structure of beech does not have a visible core, therefore the color of the wood is uniform. Beech shades vary and can be reddish, yellow, or pale pink.

But the most recognizable is the deep red-brown hue.

Beech is one of the most demanded materials for the production of cabinet furniture. For this purpose, several types of wood are used:

  • characteristics and types of wood, features of creating furniture at the move for it- Review + Video White beech has a whitish-gray tint, characterized by reliability and durability. In rooms with high humidity, wood can deform, so it is advisable to treat the material with special substances.
  • Sliced ​​beech is used as a basis for the manufacture of various sets: chipboard, high quality plywood.

    In addition, this material is used in the manufacture of furniture (cabinets, shelves, etc.).

Since wood belongs to environmentally friendly materials, quite often light beech is used to make sets for a nursery. The famous Viennese chairs are crafted from beech wood thanks to the flexibility of the material. In addition, a special technology is used in the production, which allows the tree to bend even more.

Viennese cabinet furniture is made from solid wood, and it still remains relevant today. Such sets fit in the best way in the interiors created in the classic style.

Features of beech-colored furniture in the interior

  • Increased density;
  • Attractive wood pattern;
  • Material does not lend itself to cracking;
  • Quickly and easily dries;
  • Preservation of the original appearance after varnishing;
  • Ease of processing without damage (sawing, splitting, cutting).

If we talk about the shortcomings of beech, then they are few, and they are insignificant. The most common disadvantage is the darkening of the wood after a while of using the finished product.

Also, the possibility of cracking, which is associated with a high level of moisture absorption.Beech sofas, beds, dressers, wardrobes are heavy, so if you want to rearrange furniture, you will most likely need help.

Care of beech furniture

Considering the fact that wood is very sensitive to temperature changes, furniture must be protected from this in every possible way. Ultraviolet light has a detrimental effect on the color retention of beech colored furniture, so rooms should be shaded. Wet cleaning is carried out without the use of aggressive substances; clean water is sufficient.

If stubborn dirt needs to be removed, use a dishwashing detergent diluted in water. Finally, wipe the furniture with a soft dry cloth.

Interior in beech color is in perfect harmony with many shades that are used to create interior designs. Let's look at a few examples of successful combinations for different rooms. Shades of pink are often used in classic bedroom interiors.

This combination can add lightness, tenderness, naturalness, completeness to the room. The peach shade and the color of the beech furniture will perfectly fit into the interior in the classic style. Complement the design with dark, contrasting details and luxurious chandeliers.

Note. Beech colored cabinet furniture facades can be chosen for any premises, including bathroom, kitchen, toilet.

Light shades of beech can be combined with flooring of the same light color. To play with contrast, add wine, blue or green hues.

Natural beech color is considered presentable and solid, and at the same time allows you to fill rooms with warmth and comfort.

Shades of beech color

  • Light, silver, gold. Furniture manufacturers cover the material with either an intense color or transparent.

    Such furniture is suitable for interiors in baroque, techno, modern style.

  • White is a natural shade. It is used to create furniture suitable for summer cottages, country houses, country-style design, rustic.
  • White. To achieve this shade, the wood is treated with steam, after which it is painted and dried.

  • In addition, there are shades such as: Country, beech Bavaria light color, Elmau, Nevsky, Sound, Smoky, Pink.
  • You can cheat a little and use wood similar in texture and shades to beech: larch, apple, alder, baltimore oak, cherry.

Beech-colored chipboard and furniture from it

This is the most frequently used material in the furniture industry. Items from it are in every home. Its popularity is easy enough to explain.

The material has good performance and low cost. As already mentioned, the color beech is now very popular, so manufacturers paint chipboard in this shade, which gives furniture an expensive and noble look. Cabinet furniture fits into any interior, very well suited for the improvement of kitchens and bathrooms.

Tables in beech color have an attractive appearance and look expensive. The unique texture of natural beech and its various shades will adorn all types of wardrobes and wardrobe systems.

The color of beech looks beautiful on the shelves for books and various decorative items. Open shelves give lightness, airiness, the space does not seem cluttered. Chipboard cabinets in beech color are often covered with varnish or enamel of various colors. Such furniture looks luxurious.

This range is perfect for creating a classic, high-tech, loft, modern style.

In the bedroom, for example, you can put wardrobes, chests of drawers in beech color, a bed. Chests of drawers are often decorated with carvings, monograms, and various contrasting combinations.

Doors to the house are best selected taking into account the color of the flooring. Designers claim that the best solution is the harmony of the color of the floor and door leaves. Also, a good option is to select a canvas one or two shades lighter, for example, ash or alder.

If you want contrast, then the wenge color will be the best solution.

Color beech color combination

It is noteworthy that the beech is "friendly" with almost all shades.

By playing with colors, you can achieve various goals. Someone wants tenderness and harmony, someone, on the contrary, wants to add gloss and luxury.

  • Pink shade loses its sweet vanilla in combination with beech color, but on the contrary plays in a new way.

  • Gray shade itself may seem boring and uninteresting, but paired with beech color will ideally fit into a calm bedroom interior in country and classic style.
  • characteristics and types of wood, features of creating furniture at the move for it- Review + Video Purple will add zest to the interior. Can be used in children's rooms, bedrooms.
  • Coffee paired with beech color will sparkle with new colors if you add rich shades for contrast.
  • Green - the color of harmony and pacification.

    A very pleasant combination for the eyes is obtained by adding shades of beech.

  • Peach color can add austerity to the interior, and at the same time create a relaxed atmosphere in the room. The classic combination is bleached oak and peach shades.
  • Blue is the color of energy and strength. Light beech looks very nice with this shade, adding coziness to the room.

  • Orange and red are mood colors associated with the sun. They add brightness to the room, a certain solemnity. The main thing here is not to overdo it, to make only small color accents, otherwise the red color will absorb you.

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