Characteristics and varieties of the wardrobe + photo

Characteristics and varieties of the wardrobe + photo Sliding wardrobes - advantages, characteristics, varieties

It would seem that quite recently manufacturers began to appear furniture that make wardrobes, and they were able to win the popularity of consumers. This is a special design that has many different design options, as well as an incredibly large range of sizes, which makes it possible to choose a piece of furniture for every type of interior and room of any size.

We propose to talk about the advantages of the wardrobe and its characteristics, types, etc.

Advantages and features

The choice of pieces of furniture should be approached very carefully, because a well-chosen set will serve for many years, and at the same time not lose its functional value, pleasing to the eye. This is a very convenient and large storage of things, and usually it is chosen with the expectation of a long service life, which means that you should carefully read all the advantages and disadvantages so that afterwards you will not regret your decision.

The dignity of such a cabinet is very many, which explains the popularity of this type of furniture among buyers.


We propose to consider the positive aspects that force you to make a choice in favor of a coupe-type furniture set:

  1. Incredibly wide range of models. You can choose from many different materials (MDF, chipboard, bamboo, natural wood, rattan, glass), as well as combine them. Modern manufacturers will present to the attention of consumers a large number of different design solutions for the decoration of facade stamps - photo printing, sandblasting glass, mosaic. Thus, the facade will be a great addition, and maybe even a highlight of every interior.

  2. Capacity - the structure will be designed to make more efficient use of volume in all three dimensions (width, height and length).
  3. Excellent space saving is a well-thought-out organization of sliding doors that will not take up much space and will not require additional space in front of the cabinet, which is usually required to open the doors. Due to this advantage, furniture sets are perfect for a small room or studio apartment.

  4. Multifunctionality - you can store everything in closets (outerwear, shoes, bed linen, books, household appliances).
  5. Flexible organization of internal content.

    Manufacturers often offer to determine to the owners how many polos, bars, and hanger boxes they would like to have. There are also interesting models that are equipped with a folding workstation, a retractable ironing board and even a sleeping place.

  6. Characteristics and varieties of the wardrobe + photo Possibility to adjust the visual image of the room.Thanks to the proper installation of the headset, you can shorten a narrow and long room, and the installation of mirrored doors that slide apart can completely measure the appearance of a room in an amazing way. So you can make the room brighter, expand a small space, and you don't need to buy an additional mirror to see yourself in full growth.

  7. Saving materials. This is another advantage of a sliding wardrobe, because usually such products are usually placed close to the wall, and this takes up the entire space from floor to canvas, so there will be no need to install top and rear panels, which will make it possible to significantly save on materials spent.
  8. Simplicity of installation work. Such pieces of furniture are usually fixed by the supporting structure of the building and therefore do not need to be additionally reinforced.
  9. Security.

    Modern manufacturers are trying to use only environmentally friendly materials, and the mirrors are covered with a special film that prevents fragments from scattering when the surface is damaged. Due to this, sliding wardrobes can be installed even in a children's room, and at the same time not be afraid for the health and safety of the baby.


If we talk about the advantages of a particular item, then it is worth mentioning the disadvantages in order to make a purchase decision as carefully as possible.

The disadvantages are:

  1. There is a possibility of rapid failure of the sliding module. If the parts are of poor quality or fragile materials were used, then there is a high risk of having to frequently replace the structure.

    During installation, care should be taken to level the surface and profiles, and this will also affect the durability of furniture items.

  2. The bottom profiles (guides) need cleaning. To maintain the ease of opening and closing the doors, you will need to regularly clean the lower guides from dirt and dust particles that get there.
  3. Requires additional lighting system. This nuance will concern deep lockers, which will represent a full-fledged dressing room, because otherwise it will be very difficult to see what is located in the booths.

As you can see, the advantages of the wardrobe are 3 times more than the disadvantages.


Comparison with the dressing room

You can store things both in simple wardrobes and in a room specially adapted for this ... If the question arises about a radical change in furniture or repair, then most people begin to wonder what to make a choice in favor - a wardrobe or a dressing room.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The main difficulty in arranging a dressing room is that a separate, albeit small, room is required for this purpose. A large room is also suitable, part of which can be set aside for clothes, shelving and shelves. Most often only those people who live in country houses have such an opportunity.But in such a special room reserved for clothes, you can place all the clothes for each season, ironing equipment and even household appliances.

Please note that, in turn, the wardrobe can be placed in almost all places, even in hard-to-reach places. It looks great even in a narrow long corridor, and another advantageous feature of such a cabinet will be its relatively low cost, rather than the amount of arranging a good dressing room.

It turns out that if you have the opportunity and the living space allows, then it is worth equipping a dressing room, which will increase the comfort of living, but in small apartments it is worth giving preference to wardrobes.


There are a lot of varieties of wardrobes. The wardrobe lines include a wide variety of models.

So, if you do not want to install stationary models that are fixed relative to the walls and ceiling, you can buy a cabinet-type cabinet. It has not only sliding doors, but also its own walls, a top panel, thanks to which it can be placed even in the middle of the room, and thus make functional zoning of the space, or easily move it to different parts of the room. Sometimes such pieces of furniture can even be transported during repair work, and at the same time not disassembled. Such copies can be modular, namely, consist of several compartments that can be combined and moved with each other without any difficulties.

Built-in wardrobes have more interior space due to the fact that its bottom, side and top panels are the walls, floor and ceiling of the room in which it stands.

Such a model will harmoniously fit into almost every type of interior, and they are also highly durable and have a bearing capacity due to the support on the walls of the house.

Variety of shapes

The incredibly wide variety of shapes of this type of furniture makes it possible to choose options that are ideal for the size and layout of specific rooms.

Several types can be distinguished.

  1. Straight. In plan, they will be rectangular.

    This option is ideal for a room with a large area, because it takes up a lot of space.

  2. Characteristics and varieties of the wardrobe + photo Corner - from the very name it is clear that such cabinets are placed in the very corner of the room. The advantages of this option will be the possibility of installation in almost any room and the high efficiency of using the corner space, in which it is difficult to choose the right furniture. By the way, corner cabinets are often presented in several variations. We are talking about an L-shaped headset, which will be almost two separate shelves, which are connected by a common section in the corner.

    It is also a trapezoidal shape (its side walls have different depths, and this leads to slight asymmetry) looks great in narrow and long rooms, which makes it possible not only to save space, but also to correctly adjust the interior space of the room, making it slightly smaller. Diagonal ones are placed in the corner, and in plan they look like a triangle, in which the sliding doors will be located along the longest side, namely, they move from wall to wall.

  3. Radial. This is a relatively recent invention of furniture designers, but customers have already liked the solution. Due to the unusual shape, a note of originality and novelty appears in the interior.

    In terms of functionality, this does not differ from other furniture samples, but it has a much higher cost due to the complexity of manufacturing doors and a curved body. Often they have to be ordered individually.

By the way, radial cabinets are curved-concave, concave, curved (it looks very unusual, it will cost a lot), round, oval and combined. Oval ones are placed in the center of the room, because the curved shape will not make it possible to install such a dressing room near the wall.


Sliding wardrobes to order are universal, and the functionality of such cabinets has recently been constantly supplemented and expanded.

So, in addition to standard shelves for linen and shoes, built-in ironing boards began to be made in many models, which is very convenient, because it helps to iron things and immediately put them in a cabinet in the form in which they will be wearable.

Most people allocate a couple of sections of such furniture for books, and it turns out that the cabinet also carries the function of a home library. Dividing the space with partitions will make it possible to combine several purposes in one item, for example, a chest of drawers with pull-out drawers can be adjacent to a small table for a PC. Such a working area will not take up much space, and will be an excellent solution for small apartments.

Some chief designers of the companies were able to see the design of the wardrobe in a completely different way, who began to place a special hinged system behind the sliding doors, on which you can even attach a double bed.

This solution will appeal to everyone who lives in small rooms or simply adores minimalism, because during the day such a sleeping place can be hidden from strangers by means of sliding panels, and even free up the space of the room.

Facades and their design

In addition to the opportunity to order facade panels according to a sketch and in accordance with personal wishes, modern manufacturers will present a wide range of ready-made design solutions for decoration cabinet. Any images can be applied to the blind parts - flowers, a landscape, for example, a drawing with an orchid is perfect for a light and airy interior.

Models of elite classic collections are often decorated with stained-glass windows or leather inserts, but the selection of such items should be approached carefully, because they will require appropriate decoration of the room as a whole. For lovers of minimalism, there are many monochrome options that are made in various discreet shades.

Materials of manufacture

The most popular materials for creating such furniture, due to the simplicity of manufacture and low cost, will be fiberboard and chipboard of different fractions. The most commonly used chipboard is made from synthetic resins and pressed wood. Such raw materials are environmentally friendly and safe, and they also have a very low cost. Moreover, such material will have a large selection of different colors, and you can choose different textures and thicknesses.

Back walls, bottom of boxes, various bent parts are usually made of fiberboard, and raw materials in the form of bonded resins, sawmill waste and paraffin are used for it.

The main disadvantage will be low resistance to moisture, and such boards absorb moisture very strongly.