Choose the types of gas fireplaces on bottled gas, their characteristics and design features + Video

Choose the types of gas fireplaces on bottled gas, their characteristics and design features + Video In country houses most often you can find stoves and fireplaces with wood.

They are good in that their service life can be several decades, but they need constant cleaning and periodic maintenance. In addition, you need to think about preparing firewood for the heating season.

For those who wish to simplify their life, there are gas fireplaces with bottled gas. The volume of generated heat is enough to heat the house, and the fuss around the unit is several times less.

Such a fireplace is configured to work with liquefied gas or propane-butane.

Many owners of country houses and summer cottages have appreciated the convenience of this method of heating a room, because there are times when there is no access to natural gas or there are power outages.

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Popular designs of gas fireplaces for country houses

  • Burners. Liquefied gas burns in the burner, decomposition products, heating up to high temperatures, flow around the radiator, heating the fireplace.

    The principle of operation is similar to that of a conventional kitchen oven.

  • Fireplaces with a flameless heating system. An infrared burner is installed in the center of the fireplace, which is responsible for heating the unit.
  • Fireplaces with catalyst burners. Mixing with oxygen, the gas from the cylinder does not ignite, but lends itself to the oxidation process on the catalyst grid, releasing heat at low temperatures.

Note. The safest bottled gas fireplace is the one that runs on a catalyst burner, since the temperature in the heat exchanger does not exceed 240 ºС.

Choose the types of gas fireplaces on bottled gas, their characteristics and design features + Video In a gas infrared fireplace, the surface is heated up to 1100 ºС, in units based on nozzles - up to 800 - 850 ºС. Please note that the hot air in the room absorbs oxygen and leads to a decrease in the level of humidity, therefore it is very important to ensure the organization of supply and exhaust ventilation in the house.

The advantages of using bottled gas include the fact that no toxic substances are formed during its combustion, which cannot be said about burners other than gasoline or diesel fuel.

It has long been known that gasoline, for example, emits carbon monoxide, which can poison the body. The amount of the formed soot and fuel residues fluctuates within 0.01%, the efficiency is at the level of 95-98%. Different models have different things.

Cylinders can be refilled at gas stations, and connection to the system takes a few minutes.

Gas fireplaces of modern types are equipped with automatic control systems, which greatly simplifies their operation.

Often, the high cost of such a unit and the high cost of gas stops the purchase of a gas fireplace for giving under a cylinder.At first glance, it may seem that heating an ordinary brick stove with wood is much more profitable, but if you dig deeper and understand the intricacies of the work of gas fireplaces, your opinion can radically change.

Total expenses

To understand the approximate amount of expenses, we suggest using the calculation formula:

  • 1 m³ of firewood capable of delivering heat on average 2300-2500 kWh, with a moisture content of the fuel material of 12%. Propane - 6710 kW / h;
  • The efficiency of a bottled gas fireplace is 97%, while a wood-fired structure is capable of producing no more than 25-27%;
  • 1 m³ of firewood costs about 1500 rubles, the cost of propane-butane for the same volume is 19,000 rubles.

Thus, having these data and making an approximate comparison, it turns out that in order to get the equivalent of the amount of heat produced from firewood and bottled gas, 1.2 rubles and 1.1 rubles are needed according to each type of fuel. It turns out that for heating a house with propane, you will spend no more money than for firewood. And taking into account the tariff for the transportation of firewood, propane will really cost less.

How to choose a fireplace

Rules for the location of the fireplace

To organize heating in the house using gas fireplace with bottled gas, do the following:

  • Choose the types of gas fireplaces on bottled gas, their characteristics and design features + Video Allocate a separate room to install a cylinder in it with gas. The principle of choice is the isolation of the room from the rooms in which people live, the presence of forced ventilation. It is necessary to install a pressure reducer on the cylinder and connect it with a metal hose to the fireplace.
  • When the power of the equipment for heating housing is more than 3 kW / h, it is necessary to make a chimney of steel or cast iron. The outer part of the chimney must be covered with mineral wool and closed with a special cover.

    Built-in gas fireplaces with low power, adapted to remove combustion products by means of ventilation.

  • For safety, in the room where the fireplace is installed, there must be sensors for incomplete combustion of propane and an alarm system. For gas fireplaces for summer cottages without a chimney, the combustion chamber is of a closed type. These fireplaces work on the principle of using electricity for the correct operation of the automatic system and the fan.
  • In order to connect and put into operation a nozzle gas fireplace, it is often necessary to call the employees of the gas service or sales companies that provide such services.

  • Modern type gas fireplaces are equipped with combustion chambers imitating hot coals or wood. The front machine of the camera is made of tempered glass, which is safe, and in addition, jumping flame lights can be seen during operation of the unit.
  • To heat 10 m 2 it is necessary to consume 1 kW / s of heat. Thus, for a two-room house, each of which has an area of ​​20 m 2 , it is necessary to purchase a 4 kW gas fireplace.The consumption of bottled gas in such conditions will be 0.

    75 l / h. Thus, over the weekend, roughly speaking, you will spend 36 liters of propane, which is not so much.

Types of fireplaces

Infrared gas fireplaces with bottled gas

Gas fireplaces of this type are the most effective and economical. Their power is enough to heat a small house. The design of the heater has a steel body and a burner, which is located in the center of the unit.

The principle of their work consists in local heating of a part of the room. Most of all, these fireplaces are suitable for dachas consisting of one room, like a studio apartment.

If desired, an infrared gas fireplace can be made on your own. To do this, you need an industrial gas-fired heater. To ensure stable and productive work, it is necessary to replace a portable five-liter cylinder with a propane connection.

The structure is installed on a steel support with a foil-clad reflector.

Cylinder gas catalyst gas fireplaces

This type of heater is suitable for use in small rooms where open fire is prohibited for safety reasons. The design of the fireplace is made of a ribbed aluminum body, a catalyst capsule, a fan that blows a mixture of oxygen and propane. The disadvantages include the high cost of the catalyst block - about 21 thousand rubles, with the calculation of work for 700 - 800 hours.

Advantages of Cylinder Gas Fireplaces:

  • Safe operation.

    Modern fireplaces have a sealed gas combustion chamber, which prevents gas leakage and sparks from entering the heated room.

  • During combustion, propane does not form soot and soot. In addition, the flue gas has a low temperature, so the chimney of a gas fireplace can have a simple configuration.
  • Automated combustion process. To start the gas burner for the fireplace in operation, you need to press the button on the control panel, or turn it to ignite the firebox, just press the button on the remote control or turn the slide thermostat.

  • Installation of fuel cylinders is possible in any building.
  • Attractive appearance. Fireplaces are made with decorative elements, so there is an opportunity to make a choice corresponding to the interior of the room.
  • The economic benefits of installing propane gas fireplaces compared to conventional wood burning stoves, despite the high cost of equipment and fuel.

The device of gas fireplaces

Manufacturers produce various models of heating equipment for gas, but their design is almost identical.

Construction elements:

  • Choose the types of gas fireplaces on bottled gas, their characteristics and design features + Video Closed or open gas combustion chamber for fireplaces with various sizes;
  • Column rack with a narrowed top, which is connected to the chimney;
  • Ribbed heat exchanger;
  • Gas burner at the bottom of the furnace - supplies gas from a cylinder or main ;
  • Reflector - distributes flame and gas.
  • Imitation of coals or logs made of heat-resistant ceramics;
  • Automatic control system; automation and control unit;
  • Niche for mounting a propane cylinder.

Starting gas fireplaces in operation is carried out as follows: the regulator is turned on and the fuel supply starts with automatic ignition. Thus, propane ignites and continues to burn until it reaches the required temperature in the room. Then the power of the unit is reduced automatically or manually.

Note. In order to choose the optimal model of a gas fireplace, you need to look at the technical characteristics of the equipment, determine the parameters of the heated room or house.

Type of fuel cell:

  • Cylinder gas;
  • Main gas.

This point must be taken into account when buying, since fireplaces operating, for example, on bottled gas, are not designed to work with mains, and vice versa. Marking N denotes models of gas fireplaces powered by natural gas.

The P marking means the equipment is suitable for propane-butane.

Types of gas fireplaces by installation type

  • Built-in gas fireplaces. For installation, use a self-created or ready-made portal. It is made from refractory materials.
  • Outdoor gas fireplace - installed outdoors in gazebos, verandas.

    No chimney installation is required.

  • Floor standing gas fireplaces are installed on a prepared stand and connected to the chimney.
  • Wall mounted with brackets. A great option for those with small children or animals.

Shape of the gas fireplace:

  • Corner gas fireplace;
  • Front;
  • Island - set in the center of the room;
  • Pass-through two-sided - they are often mounted in partitions between walls for zoning a room.

Manufacturers of gas fireplaces with bottled gas

Choosing a gas fireplace is a responsible business. Your task is to choose high-quality and reliable equipment with good functionality.

  • Choose the types of gas fireplaces on bottled gas, their characteristics and design features + Video Cheminees Philippe , from a French manufacturer. These are fireplaces that have stood the test of time. The range of the company is quite wide, everyone can find a suitable model for their needs.

    Prices for fireplace models are more than affordable. In addition, they are well decorated.

  • Gutbrod Keramik , a German manufacturer.The company specializes in the production of gas stoves, for heating houses and has a fifty-year history of manufacturing fireplaces. Reliability, quality, increased heat output, attractive appearance and high efficiency - these are all about the fireplaces of this brand.

  • Waco. Co , Belgian production. The company produces gas fireplaces for country houses that run on wood and gas. In addition, the exclusive models will appeal to discerning buyers. Originality of design, expensive finish, high functionality and reliability of equipment characterize this brand.

  • Element4 , produced by a Dutch company. They have a modern, laconic design, nothing superfluous, as they say. The main feature is the spectacular view of the "live" fire. Finishing the body is quite simple, a flawless automated system that makes it possible to minimize the maintenance of the fireplace. Also, a very affordable price can attract a buyer.

  • Napoleon , USA, produce the Patioflame fireplace table, which is ideal for highlighting the relaxation area in VIP establishments. The fireplace can be installed on terraces of penthouses or in prestigious country houses.

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