Choosing a cast-iron bathroom, taking into account the size of the bathroom- Review + Video

Choosing a cast-iron bathroom, taking into account the size of the bathroom- Review + Video The modern market offers such a wide selection of bathroom bowls that you can choose any in shape, size and color. Previously, cast iron products were popular, now buyers prefer acrylic and steel options.

But, nevertheless, cast iron does not lose its relevance due to the unique properties of the metal, for which it is highly valued. The size of the cast iron bath can be standard and reduced or increased.

Choosing a cast iron bathroom bowl, consumers choose standard shapes and sizes.

Depending on the area of ​​the bathroom, the bathroom can be either narrow or wide. Of course, it is most comfortable to be in a wide bathroom, especially for people with great height.

Types of cast iron baths, depending on the size

  • Choosing a cast-iron bathroom, taking into account the size of the bathroom- Review + Video Standard . Tanks with dimensions of 70 x 140 cm and 70 x 150 cm. These are typical types that are installed in almost all multi-storey buildings.

    They are easy to use. The weight of such models is 130 - 140 kg.

  • Small . Bowls with dimensions of 70 x 120 cm and 70 x 130 cm are suitable for installation in small bathrooms and can significantly save space. The weight of the models is about 100 kg, you can take water procedures only in a sitting position.

    This seems uncomfortable to many people, but this is the only way out.

  • Large . Bathrooms with a length of 170, 180, 185 cm, and a width of 70, 85 cm. These are expensive, exclusive models that are not easy to find in plumbing stores. The weight of the bowl is more than 150 kg, which allows for installation on floors made of durable concrete.

    You can't put such a bathroom in a standard multi-storey building.

Properties of materials

Considering that cast iron is a metal of heavy alloys, the weight of a cast iron bath from it is 4 times greater than that of steel and acrylic ... In addition, the weight of the product depends on the wall thickness, which can be up to 8 mm.

Accordingly, the larger the size of the product, the more it weighs.

Due to the thick walls, the cast iron bathroom is strong and durable. The original temperature of the water remains in the bowl for a long time, that is, you can bask in hot water for more than an hour.

Large dimensions of cast-iron containers make it difficult to transport and climb to high floors of the house. To lift a bathroom weighing 100 kg or more, at least 2-3 strong loaders will have to sweat.

Before installing the side pan, the permissible floor load must be calculated. The weight of a bathtub filled with water, together with a person of average weight, can exceed the 500 kg mark.

The shape of the cast iron bath

The process of making baths from cast iron is casting, which distinguishes them from other products. On the one hand, this provides increased strength, and on the other hand, it limits the choice of shapes. In addition, it should be noted that metal is difficult to work with.

This is due to the fact that cast iron is very fragile, it is difficult to machine it and give it rounded lines.

Taking this into account, there are 3 types of forms of cast-iron baths:

  • Rectangular bowl with rounded edges . This is the most popular model, which is distinguished by its attractive appearance and ease of use in everyday life.
  • Oval bowl . In pre-revolutionary times, at the end of the 19th century, oval baths were the most popular.

    Now they are very difficult to find, they are not allowed into mass production, they are made only by hand, and this affects the cost. The price of an oval cast-iron bath reaches 250 thousand rubles, so only wealthy people can afford them.

  • Corner bowl . This model is ergonomic and easily fits into the free space of even a small bathroom. The cost of corner cast iron baths is higher than rectangular ones.

    The weight of the product is 160 - 170 kg, therefore they are suitable for installation mainly in private houses with a solid concrete foundation.

The optimal choice would be an ordinary cast-iron bathtub of rectangular shape, with a width of 70 cm. This is due to the fact that there are few defects in the production of products and there are practically no defects. If you want to buy an oval or angular bowl, pay attention to the products of well-known brands, only in this case you will be sure of the quality of the product.

Advantages of cast iron bathtubs

  • durability.

    Service life is more than 50 years, subject to periodic renewal of the enamel every 15 years;

  • durability. A cast iron bath can be considered a reliable investment.
  • the possibility of carrying out repairs. The restoration of cast iron bathtubs is done without problems, which cannot be said about acrylic steel bowls. Re-coating with enamel transforms the cast iron bath.

  • reliability. The metal is very durable and is not afraid of impacts and heavy loads.
  • ease of installation. The cast iron bowl stands firmly on the legs that are provided in the kit.
  • preservation of water temperature.

    Low level of heat conductivity, prevents rapid cooling of water.

Note. The thickness of the walls of cast-iron baths, regardless of length and width, is 7 - 8 cm.

The best cast-iron baths of Italian and Swedish production are created with a wall thickness of no more than 55 mm, but they are expensive. High-quality metal is used in the manufacture.

Cast iron universal bathtubs of standard shapes and sizes were produced for small bathrooms in apartments built in the times of the Soviet Union. Now consumer demands have grown, and manufacturers are trying to please the buyer, and are releasing improved models.


As for the cost of the bowls, it depends on the dimensions of the products. Cast iron baths 150 x 70, 170 x 70 cm cost about 10 - 20 thousand rubles.

The smaller the size, the more affordable the cost of the product.

For a bathroom 120 cm long and 70 cm wide cost 200,000 rubles, 160 x 70 cm - 25,000 rubles. Compact bowls 100 x 70 cm are more affordable - 16 - 18 thousand rubles. About the rationality of installing a cast-iron bathroom in an apartment, the decision is made by the homeowners.