Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video

Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video The toughest and most reliable front doors cannot provide the expected level of security and protection without a good quality lock. Any door will become vulnerable to intruders if a weak lock is installed on it. Let's consider in more detail which lock to choose for the front door so that it is reliably protected, and which mechanism to give preference to. [contents ]

Cylindrical locks

Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video
Cylinder lock

Cylinder lock is the most widespread and popular type of lock, but it is not the best solution for a door, since it can be broken or broken. it will not be difficult for an experienced thief.

The principle of operation of this lock is as follows: small cylinders inside the castle are lined up at a certain level and height. Therefore, it is generally accepted that it is quite difficult to open these locks with the help of master keys, since if at least one of the elements does not match, then the whole mechanism will completely jam. But there is another way to open such a lock, and burglars know it quite well: a few strong and powerful blows to the "middle" of the lock will make it possible to simply knock it inside the house.

In order to prevent this course of events, it is necessary to choose a cylinder lock with a certain protection. For example, armored plates or special balls inside the castle.

These pads will not allow knocking out the mechanism, and the balls will be a reliable barrier if attackers decide to drill it.

Cylinder type iron door locks are easy to use and can be easily replaced. If you lose your keys, you don't have to change the whole lock. To do this, you can simply replace the lock core and the mechanism will work perfectly again.

According to its properties, this type of locks is a good option for the entrance doors of a house, although it will be necessary to pay special attention to mechanisms with an additional protection function.

Bolt locks

Bolt locks are the simplest locks with a minimum level of protection, and this makes them not very suitable for entrance doors.

Keys to these locks are familiar to many. They look flat, and have grooves on both sides that coincide with the grooves on the bolt of the mechanism. In order to open or close this lock, the key simply moves the bolt.

Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video
Bolt lock

Such mechanisms are very often equipped with a handle, which is necessary to unlock the lock from the inside, but this additional device may end up negatively for the owner of the frame house.

By means of handles, burglars, using only fishing line and a hollow tube, easily open the lock.

The key to these locks is not very convenient: it is heavy, and it is easy to copy it .

A crossbar lock is a very unreliable protection for your door, and it will not be able to provide reliable protection and security to all home owners. This lock cannot be used as an independent element or part, but in conjunction with other types of locks it can still be perfectly used.

Lever locks

Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video
Lever locks and its structure

Lever locks were invented at the beginning of the 19th century, and they are still widely used, and for entrance doors these are the best locks from the options presented.

Keys are in the form of a round long rod, at the end of which on both sides or one there are plates with a characteristic configuration and size of grooves. When the key enters the lock, special recesses activate the levers of the lock mechanism. There may be a different number of levers, but reliable and high-quality protection is provided if there are at least six of them. If one of the plates is in the wrong position, it will no longer be possible to open the lock, therefore it is quite difficult to pick up the master key.

A lock of this type is difficult to damage with the help of physical force, because among all other mechanisms they have the best anti-vandal qualities and properties.

In addition, lever locks are equipped with armor plates, which greatly increase the overall level of security, providing high-quality protection of the front door of the house.

If you forgot your keys in a house or apartment, and then accidentally lost them, then opening doors with this type of lock will not be an easy process, but this is not a minus of this lock, because this fact only says about the reliability of the lock. Another drawback of this mechanism is the need to close the front door on both sides with only a key, which is not always convenient.

Electronic locks

Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video
Electronic lock invisibility

Electronic locks are not the worst choice of mechanism for the entrance door to the house, and in some situations even very positive and reliable. These mechanisms have appeared on the modern market recently and their cost is quite high, so not everyone can afford such protection.

Currently, they are not very popular and are not often found, and therefore most crackers simply do not know how to open this lock . Having seen such a complex mechanism, many intruders will simply abandon all attempts to enter the house.

The electronic door lock has no keys in the common sense of the word. It opens with a code, a special remote control or a card, and sometimes even with a fingerprint.

It should be noted that the latter option is less common, because the lock will be very easy to open by attaching a photograph of the owner's finger to the photocell.

Many electronic locks can be easily controlled using applications on a smartphone or laptop, and this is a rare feature that is not available with other types of locks. Having listed all the advantages of an electronic lock, it is safe to say that this mechanism is not bad protection for your front door.

Combination locks

Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video
Combination lock

Combined locks are perhaps the best option for the front door of the house, because it will be quite difficult to open it.

Combined locks have two mechanisms. For example, double-lever, double-cylinder and lever-cylinder locks.

And it is worth noting that both locks will work independently of each other, and will be supplemented, which will greatly increase protection and reliability. In this case, when you try to open the first lock mechanism, the second will be automatically blocked, and the burglar will not be able to get inside the house. Breaking this lock is very problematic, since each lock will need its own individual "approach".

An excellent replacement for combined locks will be the use of two different locks on the front door, for example cylinder and lever locks, and always with special protective overlays. In this case, the house will receive an excellent degree of reliability and protection.

Types of locks by installation method

By installation method, all locks can be divided into three main types:

  • mortise type locks;
  • overhead type locks;
  • padlocks.
Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video
Mortise lock type

Mortise locks for entrance doors is the best option. From the name itself, it becomes clear that the mechanism is mounted inside the door. When used, these locks are simple, but their repair is not easy, and will require the help of specialists.

Too large mortise locks weaken the strength of the door, which cannot be said about inset .

This is a type of mortise mechanisms, and in this case, the lock is mounted in a prepared special door pocket. Thanks to such introductions, the strength characteristics do not decrease, the lock will become even more difficult for burglars, and if we consider the repair of the lock, then the insert mechanisms are much simpler.

Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video

Padlocks very easy to install and assemble.

They are installed on the inside of the door, and a special hole is made in the door leaf for the location of the secrecy mechanism and key entry.

These locks are easy to dismantle and change, the door leaf does not weaken, but in terms of strength they are inferior to mortise locks, therefore they are used only in combination with them.

Padlocks for apartment doors will not work, they are used as an additional element when other types of locks are installed.For their work, you need to install special hinges on the door and box, into which the shackle of the padlock will be inserted. Mechanisms of this type are automatic, that is, they can be closed without a key, or non-automatic. This type of locks is often found on cellar doors, various basements and sheds, gates or gates.

Common security classes of different types of locks

All existing locks can be divided into security classes, depending on how easy it is to open them.

Of course, it is better to choose the right front door lock and higher class.


  • 1st grade. Standard serial locks with latch mechanism. They will not be a reliable barrier for intruders, it is better not to install them on the door;
  • 2nd class. This lock is more reliable and strong, but it is still not a reliable mechanism, since a specialist will spend about 10-15 minutes to open it, but a beginner will not open such a lock;
  • Grade 3.

    Locks of this class will be a good protection for the door and the house, and it will take a specialist at least 25 minutes to break them, and this is already a characteristic period during which it is impossible to remain unnoticed.

  • Grade 4. More reliable and high quality locks, which are quite problematic to open. Even professionals in this business will need about 35 minutes.

    Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video
    Security class of entrance locks

The security class must be indicated in the lock passport.

Locks of the first type of class are not subject to mandatory certification, but the rest of the locks must have certificates of conformity, which indicate the characteristics of the mechanism, its reliability, resistance to burglary and its strength.

In addition to all the necessary documents, pay attention to the lock itself, various defects on it or the presence of rust will indicate its poor quality.

Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door to a house? Which one is better to put - Tips + Video When choosing a door lock, you need to start from the design of the door leaf. If the thickness of the steel sheets of the door is less than 5 mm, then a large lock will not be a good option, since it can deform the door. If the door is thin, then massive large locks will also not work, because with constant use, the door leaf will be strongly deformed.

Choosing a lock for an entrance metal door is a very responsible and important matter, and savings are not appropriate here, because even a reliable steel door cannot protect against burglary if a cross-type lock is installed.

Before buying, decide which mechanism is best for you, read the pricing policy, and in the store, be sure to ask the seller for all the necessary documentation, and then your home will be under reliable protection and safety.