Choosing an intercom with a security camera for your home: Tips + Photos and Videos

Choosing an intercom with a security camera for your home: Tips + Photos and Videos The reality of the modern world is such that each of us must take care of our own safety, as well as protect our property from encroachment intruders. A video surveillance intercom will help you to protect your private property.

Before purchasing a device, we advise you to understand the range of offers on the market for such goods. Study the technical characteristics of each model, this will help determine the choice of the best option for you.

You can also consult with experts, voice your wishes and requirements.

Complete set of intercom with video surveillance for home

Different manufacturers have different sets and functionality of models. Despite this, there is a basic package:

  • Choosing an intercom with a security camera for your home: Tips + Photos and Videos Intercom;
  • Call button for an intercom with a camera, which is installed with a panel on the gate or wicket;
  • Mechanical or electromechanical lock;
  • Power supply unit;
  • Closer;
  • Key reader controller;
  • Key;
  • Exit button;
  • Wiring;
  • Fasteners.

The named positions in different sets may differ. In addition, intercoms are produced both with push-button control and touch control. Monitors come in black and white or color.

New models of intercoms are produced without handsets (like a telephone with a wire), in the old configuration they can still be found.

Note. If necessary, you can place several points with call receiving tubes in the house. On the other hand, be prepared for increased costs.

Requirements for the call panel

They must be as follows:

  • Choosing an intercom with a security camera for your home: Tips + Photos and Videos Waterproof;
  • Anti-vandal function;
  • Fully sealed design.

In the process of installing a call panel for an intercom with a camera on the street, a key reader, a door closer and a lock are mounted in parallel. The type of controller directly depends on the keys that the owner of the house chooses. Often, its installation is carried out on the call panel. A mandatory point in the process of a quality installation is the presence of a moisture-proof coating.

All electrical wiring, battery for the electronic lock, should be placed in a closed box.

It is often not included in the main kit, but you can purchase it additionally. Better to buy a box with an IP65 designation.

An exit button is installed on the front door of the house. There are models of intercoms with a camera, in which the button is replaced with a magnetic card reader. The connection is made to a remote access system.

Wireless intercom with video surveillance is considered the state of the art. Manufacturers in this case have tried their best. Installing these systems is as easy as shelling pears, just fix the items of the kit in the right place, make the settings and start using.You may have some difficulties with setting up the system control using a magnetic key, in which case you can turn to specialists for help.

Types of doorphone locks for a gate with a camera

Today, doorphone manufacturers can offer two types of locks:

  • Choosing an intercom with a security camera for your home: Tips + Photos and Videos Electromechanized .

    This is a traditional overhead lock, which is made of stainless steel. Its advantages are resistance to fluctuations in air temperatures, resistance to rust formation. There are models on sale that are configured to block the entry button or with an absolute blocking system. In addition, there are rotary mortise type locks. They are characterized by an excellent ability to keep the gate closed, but at the same time they have a significant disadvantage - they are "afraid" of freezing temperatures.

  • Magnetic . The product has two parts: an electromagnet, which is mounted on the immovable part of the fence, and a bar, which is installed on the wicket. The device has excellent functionality, but is completely useless without power supply.

To the question of choosing the optimal system for your needs, you need to approach it carefully. Modern models have great potential, for example, some systems are able to take photographs of people, in addition to recording video.

The received records from the intercom cameras are stored in the system memory. In addition, if necessary, the information can be rewritten to any storage medium. Modern intercoms are equipped with various functions that can make life easier for the owner of the house.

If you are in limbo and cannot make a choice, pay attention to the cost of the kits. The higher the price of the model, the more functionality it has.

If you need a simple model, without extra fancy functions for you, look towards budget intercoms. In addition, it should be noted that such devices are considered the most reliable.

IP intercoms with video surveillance

You won't surprise anyone with such systems for a long time. The products of this direction are designed directly for the consumer who is no longer interested in the old models, and the functionality is no longer satisfied. The IP intercom with the connection of cameras expands the boundaries, or rather even erases them completely.

Indeed, in this case, there is no connection to remote control, and accordingly, you can track what is happening, being hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from home.

The main requirement for control is the presence of the Internet and a GSM-module, which is installed in the intercom.

You can take an image through any modern gadgets and devices: laptop, smartphone, tablet. You just need to install the application provided by the manufacturer of the video surveillance intercom and start using it.

The problem of choosing an intercom with video surveillance for a private house with an IP system is to determine the need for an analog data or IP signal.

As for analog models, the market offers a fairly wide selection with a different set of functions.

Intercoms with an IP system, experts in this field, I advise you to purchase those who already have configured networks that can provide the house with various functions. In addition, IP systems are now beginning to take the lead. It is clear that they cost a lot, but the multifunctionality is definitely pleasing.

Intercom monitors with video surveillance

The monitor for the intercom camera, which is used in the system for receiving and transmitting video images, is made using LCD technology, which, in in turn, it makes it possible to see the picture, with a quality that depends on the power of the camera.

Most often, intercoms have cameras with a resolution of at least 0.3 megapixels. This is enough to get a more or less clear image on the monitor. In addition, the system is equipped with the ability to adjust the contrast and brightness of the picture, to focus within the capabilities of the camera. The diagonal of the monitor can be different.

With the growing demand for the installation of intercoms with video surveillance, manufacturers and sellers, among other things, are trying to offer consumers a wide range of models.

They differ in cost - from cheap to expensive models, and in a set of functions and characteristics. The company is a manufacturer of intercoms called Falcon Eye to produce a wide range of models with product prices in the range of 6-15 thousand rubles. Commax products can have a price tag of up to 40 thousand rubles. This manufacturer is known for its premium video surveillance systems.

The design of the models allows you to increase functionality, taking into account the wishes of the owner of the house.