Choosing and installing a wide plastic floor skirting board? Selection & Styling Tips- Overview + Video

Choosing and installing a wide plastic floor skirting board? Selection & Styling Tips- Overview + Video Upon completion of the process of laying the floor covering, you are faced with the task of choosing a wide plastic or narrow floor plinth.

Your best bet is, of course, to purchase floor coverings and skirting boards at the same time, matching color and texture on site. Plastic skirting board is a profile with decorative function.

It is made from a wide variety of materials: cork, wood, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, aluminum, MDF. Also, the modern market of facing materials can offer buyers the so-called liquid skirting board.

In order to install it, you need to open the package, take out all the components and put them together, then leave to freeze in the open air. As you can see, everything is simple without much worries.

Skirting board. General information

Functions of a plastic floor plinth

  • Decorative. A good choice can give your home a finished look and visual appeal.

    The variety of species will only delight you.

  • Hides cables and wiring from prying eyes.
  • Hides unevenness and gaps in floors.

The style of your home depends on what type, texture, color and material your skirting board will be. Also, the size of the plinth is also important, which is able to make the room higher or vice versa lower.

Note. When choosing the size of a wide floor plinth, it is necessary to adhere to the unspoken rule that in houses with ceilings no higher than 2.5 m, products with a width of no more than 7 cm should be installed.High ceilings - from 3 m allow installing plinths with a width of about 7 - 10 cm. Also, a balance should be observed, taking into account the width of the ceiling plinth.

If it is wide, a narrow floor one will look ridiculous.

Wide floor plinth has its own specific characteristics. A universal sixty-centimeter plinth can cover the space from wall to floor covering 2.2 cm, then a wide one is not able to do this. But, there is another advantage in this, any furniture can be placed as close as possible to the wall.

A wide skirting board is one with a width of 8 to 10 cm and a length of 2.5 m. Polyurethane types are produced up to 15 cm wide.

Features of a wide floor skirting board in the interior


Plastic skirting boards are made of foamed PVC, ordinary PVC.

Distinctive features of such products are:

  • Ease of installation.

  • Choosing and installing a wide plastic floor skirting board? Selection & Styling Tips- Overview + Video Light weight.
  • Strength and reliability. Are not exposed to mechanical stress.
  • High level of moisture resistance.
  • Does not fade in the sun or deform.

  • Withstands both low and high temperatures (except for its drops).
  • The versatility of the product allows it to be installed in any premises.
  • Do not require additional processing after installation.
  • Attractive appearance (imitation of wood of various species, various colors).
  • Easy to clean.

The popularity of PVC floor skirting boards

It is explained by the wonderful performance characteristics, relative cheapness and a variety of colors and textures.

Despite all the versatility of a wide plastic floor skirting board, unfortunately, it cannot be installed in absolutely any premises. If your home is decorated in a classic style with expensive parquet or stucco molding, a plastic skirting board will look like absolute bad taste. For such interiors, it is necessary to select wooden products or wide plastic skirting boards as close as possible to natural types.

This option harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality.

Profile stores are able to offer the widest selection of this product, which will allow you to lose some extent when buying.

Foamed polyvinyl chloride

As already mentioned, foamed polyvinyl chloride is used to make a wide plastic skirting board. Skirting boards with a cable channel are in great demand, and this is understandable, because in this way you can hide the cords, cables and wiring sticking out everywhere from prying eyes. They are passed in special grooves inside the skirting board or in the cable channel itself, which is located in the main part of the product and is covered with an insert that has a decorative function. This will help to facilitate access to the wires if necessary, and you will not have to dismantle the skirting board completely.


The wide plastic skirting board harmoniously blends into classic English interiors, thanks to the combination of noble lines and restrained forms.


The most traditional and frequently bought color was and remains white. Now you can buy a wide floor plinth for painting for further painting it in the desired color, exactly the one that is best suited for the stylistic direction or color scheme in the interior.

Acrylic-based paints in special cans are used to paint the skirting board.

This should be done after installing the skirting board after 24 hours. In this way, you will achieve the best staining quality, the paint will adhere evenly. You can protect the floor and walls with masking tape. Walls and flooring are covered with masking tape.

How to lay a wide plinth

There are no particular difficulties in installing a wide floor plinth.

Installation work is carried out on fastening clips or the simplest self-tapping screws that need to be screwed into the dowels.

If the installation is carried out using clips, the first step is to install a secret fastener, on which the plinth strip is subsequently pushed until a characteristic click sound. Thus, the elements of the product are connected.This method is best for use on perfectly flat walls, because curved surfaces can be very difficult to do.

In order to install the plastic floor skirting board on self-tapping screws, stock up on the necessary tools and materials:

  • Choosing and installing a wide plastic floor skirting board? Selection & Styling Tips- Overview + Video with a drill ;
  • a screwdriver ;
  • a corner ;
  • a tape measure ;
  • with a pencil or marker;
  • a clerical knife.

First of all, decide on the exact number of required strips and fasteners: side caps, internal and external corners, connecting strips, which are needed to connect two plinth strips. Such elements can be purchased at any hardware store, as well as at specialized skirting board sales points.

Important !

When buying a wide floor plinth, we recommend checking the products for color matching, because sometimes differences can occur. If, however, there is no significant difference for you or it is not visible, mount the strips of a darker color opposite the window, thus, you will achieve smoothing out the difference between the colors.

Laying skirting boards should start from the corners of the room.

Joint planks are best defined at those points where furniture should stand in the future. Markings are made on the plinth and cut into the necessary pieces. The wide plastic skirting board at the corners is cut exactly without gaps and inserted into the outer and inner corners. The dowels are installed at a distance that depends on how flat the wall is, and most often it is equal to 30-50 cm. For this, choose a thin drill and make a hole in the baseboard, then drill holes for the dowels with a six-millimeter drill.

The next step is to screw in self-tapping screws, which need to be closed with special plugs, matched to the color of the plinth.

The simplest installation is the wide floor plastic skirting board with a cable channel and a strip for decoration. To do this, you need to remove the bar, hammer in the dowels, tighten the self-tapping screws, lay the wiring and cable, and then install the decor bar in place.


If there are uneven walls in the rooms, you can use special glue in order to securely fix the elements for the connection. Smooth walls, such manipulations do not require.

Refining and styling the interior of a house or apartment directly depends on such seemingly trifles as a plinth. Correct selection and installation helps to complete the laying of the floor, to make the room harmonious. A wide skirting board looks much better than a narrow one, adding a certain chic and nobility to the interior.

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