choosing the best tools + rating

choosing the best tools + rating Which plane is better to choose - description, features, photo

The plane is such an indispensable tool in carpentry that it is the only device in the world that has its own museum.

It is located in the city of Yeniseyk (Krasnoyarsk Territory). On the stands you can see historical rarities and works of art.

The best electric planers are faster and better, and the same cannot be said for the unsuccessful models. The result of the latter will be a lot of sawdust and damaged nerves.

Let's take a look at which electric plane is better to buy so that you don't have any problems.

How to choose an electric plane

When choosing an electric plane, do not forget that even such a device does not last forever. Sooner or later it will have to be changed, which means that you will have to buy spare parts. Some of them may be universal, but not all. Wouldn't buying them be a problem?


Let's look at the parameters for selecting the best tools in the TOP:

  • Application area.

  • Security.
  • Power.
  • Additional accessories (or rather their availability).
  • Blade width.
  • Cord length.

  • Sole size.
  • Weight.
  • Chip removal thickness.
  • Design features.
  • Drum rotation frequency.

  • Knife type.

The range of prices and capabilities of woodworking tools is quite large, and before choosing, you should answer yourself a few questions - how often do you plan to use this tool? What kinds of work are you going to do for them? What is the load and volume?

The best budget models

When choosing tools, the brand often fades into the background, because truly experienced carpenters will be meticulous and meticulous check the accuracy of the electric plane, the build quality and its ergonomics. Naturally, inexpensive models are needed not for use in industrial production, but often for home, individual purposes. Everyone wants to buy a good tool and not spend too much. We've put together a list of inexpensive but good enough quality electric planers to help you make the right choice.

Makita KR0800

choosing the best tools + rating The main characteristic of this electric plane is excellent balance. This model is equipped with a powerful motor, as well as a tungsten carbide knife blade with double-sided miniature blades. Control buttons are conveniently located on the surface of the handle, and soft rubber inserts help reduce vibration during work. If we talk about the speed of rotation of the drums, then it reaches 17,000 revolutions in 1 minute. This gives a guarantee for high-quality processing of materials and wood.

The model copes well with fiberboard, OSB, chipboard, plywood and wood.There is a V-shaped groove on the sole of the device, with the help of which the chamfer is perfectly removed.

Advantages :

  • The collector motor, which is universal.
  • Fixing the equipment with three M6 screws.
  • Graphite brushes SV-411.

  • Double insulation.
  • Large opening for ejection of wood chips.

Disadvantages :

  • None.

You can even connect a construction vacuum cleaner to the branch pipe for removing shavings from an electric planer, and as the owners of Makita KR0800 suggested, this can be done using adapters No. 451329-1 and No.

416368-8. Which plane is good? We offer you the following option.

ZUBR ZR-950-82

The power of such an electric plane is truly brutal - 0.95 kV. The working knives are made of special high-speed steel, which has two-sided sharpening, and the stepless adjustment of the planing depth + the presence of a parallel stop make it possible to perform very meticulous operations.

The BISON is capable of leveling surfaces, making groove sampling, and chamfering. Under shock loading, you can not be afraid of engine damage, and the belt drive between the drum and it ensures reliable work.

Advantages :

  • Cast aluminum is the sole material.
  • Circuit breaker lock.
  • Stop for selection.

  • Spare knives included.
  • There is a built-in sawdust removal system.
  • A quarter is sampled at a depth of 1.5 cm.

Disadvantages :

  • The device is noisy.

Like many inexpensive models, ZUBR ZR-950-82 dumps all received sawdust to the right, and with all the advantages of an electric plane, this fact is not very popular with left-handers.

Atmm e r RN R 600

The compact, lightweight Hammer electric planer will not be inferior in terms of capabilities to more massive models. Power of 0.6 kW is enough to perform reliable processing of wood, building materials, plywood, and 17,000 revolutions in 1 minute is enough to ensure compliance with the required cutting depth, as well as surface smoothness. The planing depth will be infinitely adjustable and you will be able to cut up to 0.

2 cm thick. There is a groove on the front platform for chamfering. The ergonomic design and design of the electric tool helps even those carpenters with little experience to quickly become masters of their craft.

Advantages :

  • The presence of two reversible knives on the drum.
  • Dust box included.

  • You can connect the device to a vacuum cleaner.
  • There is a key to replace the knives on the body.
  • Parallel stop included.

Disadvantages :

  • There is no sampling of the quarter.

By the way, buyers noticed another additional plus of the device, because if during woodworking Hammer's knives become dull, then you can simply turn them over, and for this a key is provided, which is located in a special compartment on case.

Metа b o NO 26-82

If we talk about which electric plane is better among budget models, then you should pay attention to the universal Mitebo model NO 26-82. This is an excellent build and work quality German tool that is capable of performing high-quality surface treatment, chamfering and selecting a quarter. The front handle of the electric planer is connected to a mechanism for adjusting the thickness of the planer. If necessary, by gentle pressing, you can bring the working depth to 0.26 cm.

In addition, manufacturers have taken care that during operation the chips do not in any way clog the outlet hole, and for this the adapter is made in a special way, at an angle. The kit also includes a dust collection bag, and it helps a lot if there is no construction vacuum cleaner nearby. It can be easily emptied and put back in its original place.

Advantages :

  • Availability of a cassette system for replacing knives.
  • The power cord is 4 meters long.

  • V-groove in sole.
  • Universal vacuum cleaner can be connected.
  • There is a special non-slip pad on the handle.
  • Air cooling system available.

Disadvantages :

  • Not found.

Users have appreciated the special spring clip on the bottom of the electric plane, which helps to gently "park" Mitebo.

Interskol R-100 or 1100 M

This is who is really a hard worker in the carpentry field. Interskol, most likely, will not pull filigree work with decorative trim, but it processes wide surfaces many times faster than other planers. With an incredible 1.1 kW power for the budget segment, it helps to make a grip of 11 cm wide, and not 8.

2 cm, as more compact in size tools. The drum of the device makes 16,000 revolutions per minute, and therefore the device, like clockwork, passes over the hard surface of the wood. Naturally, there are no problems with soft, as well as any other types of building materials. To handle bulky and complex specimens, a special stationary mount was developed for Interskol.

Advantages :

  • The presence of an adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

  • Accuracy of adjustment of the cutting depth with the front handle.
  • There is a template for exposing the blades.
  • Switch lock buttons.
  • There is a knife dressing device.

Disadvantages :

  • No warranty for components.

In reviews, users often say that when working on the bed, the branch pipe becomes clogged with sawdust very quickly, and therefore you have to stop work every time to clean it.

The best electric tools for home use

How to choose a plane for your home, and still not regret choosing after purchase? In the Instructions and annotations, you can only learn about the advantages of the models, but often the description does not coincide with the qualities of specific tools, and for this reason, a visual inspection should be made when purchasing. The task of the swordsman is to level, which means that the surfaces must be parallel and perfectly flat. Unfortunately, even branded models have errors, but these are excellent electric planers that are perfect for working with them at home.

Dе W a lt DW680

Professionals have approved the tools from an American company.

Please note that this model is definitely not suitable for industrial use, but for the home it will be the most reliable and durable assistant. All components of the device meet high quality standards. The relatively low power of the motor is sufficient for roughing and folding wood species with a medium hardness. This is possible thanks to the record number of revolutions. You can also work with solid wood, but in this case you will have to observe the intervals in order to control the load.

Advantages :

  • Ergonomics of the device.
  • Quarter sampling up to 1.2 cm.
  • Excellent dust extraction system.
  • There are 3 chamfering chutes.

  • Comfort handle with control element.
  • Easy to adjust planing depth.

Disadvantages :

  • None.

Among its price segment, this is the most affordable model.

Bosc h G NO 26-82 D Рrо f e ssi o n a l

The last word of the model name gives a clear idea of ​​what this model has possibilities.

If you have at least a little experience with an electric drill, then even at home you can make perfect building materials in quality. You can easily adjust the depth of planing, and with a gentle push will remove to 0.26 cm of the depth of the workpiece. Chip ejection on two sides, making work easier. There is also one more function - you can sharpen the canvases yourself, and it is not necessary to carry the device to the workshop.

Advantages :

  • Power 0. 71 kW.
  • The length of the power cord is 4.2 meters.
  • The drum rotation frequency is 18,000 revolutions per minute.

  • There is overload protection.
  • Knives are double-sided, carbide.
  • The planing depth regulator has a step of 0. 01 cm.

Disadvantages :

  • Not found.

The craftsmen who have used this device praise it for its almost imperceptible vibration and low noise level.

Better professional equipment

Professional, which means powerful. What electric plane is better to buy if you want to make the tool become your "breadwinner"? We offer you the best of all models.

Ma kit and KRZ12 S

The decent size and heavy weight of the device does not prevent it from being comfortable in work and at the same time high-performance. The motor power is 2.

2 kW, and the drum rotates 12,000 times per minute. A rotary sharp knife is capable of removing 15 cm of the width of the product in one pass, and plunges to 0. 35 cm. If the set width is 31.2 cm, then the thickness of the cut will be 0.

15 cm. The planing depth can be adjusted even during the process. Smart electronics help to balance all operations with high quality, and it is especially valuable that the device can work without interruption. Electronic braking stops the knife instantly, increasing safety and saving time.

Advantages :

  • choosing the best tools + rating Easy to replace consumables (knives) .


  • Mains cable length 10 meters.
  • The presence of a guide roller.
  • Rugged, unique design.

  • Ergonomic grip.

Disadvantages :

  • Weighs 19 kg.

The double insulation is made according to European standards, and such a plane can even be plugged into an ungrounded outlet.

Which plane is worth buying

Buying a tool is a responsible business, and even more so when it comes to electric models. Their performance is much higher than that of hand tools, but the safety requirements are different.

Choose those tools from the described ones that suit you best, and enjoy your purchase!

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