Cleanliness and order in the kitchen - how to spend no more than 15 minutes on daily cleaning?

Cleanliness and order in the kitchen - how to spend no more than 15 minutes on daily cleaning? Life without a mess - how to put things in order in the kitchen

Far from every housewife immediately understands how to maintain cleanliness and order in the kitchen so that it is tidy and does not interfere. We decided to collect several recommendations for you, and also revealed the unique secrets of the system that will help you deal with the mess once and always, and at the same time not spend all your free time and effort on it.

For some, such a statement may seem absurd, but if you think about it, it really works.

The best cleaning is to do everything clean

It will be easier to keep order than to constantly try to clean kitchen items. There are many different useful systems that make it possible to dress neatly and cleanly, without putting too much effort.

Let's start with how to rationally arrange all the kitchen utensils:

  1. Take care of loose products and spices - no need to leave them in store bags , because it not only looks ugly, but also significantly reduces the shelf life. There are many interesting ideas for organizing storage places, for example, pour cereals into beautiful sealed jars, and spices into special containers.
  2. Carefully take care of the kitchen items and go over everything - perhaps some of some things need to be thrown away or you can give them to someone. Think, do you really need three whisks in order to beat eggs, dishes that have been gathering dust for the third year, or a cracked glass?
  3. Replace all accessories with more modern ones. If you buy beautiful and neat dishwashing sponges, beautiful matching towels, clothespins and potholders - everything should be in harmony with each other, and you will immediately be surprised how neat everything looks!
  4. Try to accustom yourself to wash the dishes while How you cook - so you will need much less strength.

    It will be much easier to rinse the pan right away than to wait until the food remains dry on it.

  5. You should check all horizontal surfaces - you just have to leave a stupid trinket on the windowsill, and after a couple of days it will be completely filled with them. The same can be said for the dirty mugs on the table - have you ever noticed that the latter have an incredible tendency to reproduce? Where there is one glass of juice at the bottom, ten will soon appear.
  6. The standard rule, which for some reason they constantly forget to use - if you spill something, you need to wipe it up, if you open it, then close it immediately, and if you spill it, you need to sweep it. All actions will take a few seconds, but they will greatly facilitate the process of general cleaning.

    It is better to remove everything at once than to spread it all over the apartment and wash the entire living area, and not one area.

As you can see, it doesn't take much time to maintain order in the kitchen - it's enough to show just a little attention and not run the kitchen into an incredible mess.But what if everything is already running and the room looks more like a battlefield, not a kitchen? Don't give up! We will help you return to the previous cleanliness, without any extra effort.

The system will help you out

To put things in order in the kitchen, you need to work hard. The main reason why great plans to clean everything at once fail is the fear of a huge amount of work.

First you wash the stove, the floor, look at the cabinet and that's it, give up. Don't beat yourself up - this kind of burnout is a completely normal reaction. It will be much easier to put a neglected kitchen in order if you use a certain cleaning system.

We offer you an American technique, the essence of which is to put the apartment in order not in a single jerk, but in stages. So you will not get tired, and you will be able to achieve stable maintenance of order.

Let's consider the system in more detail:

  • Perhaps the first rule will greatly delight lazy people and those who are constantly busy - you need to spend no more than 15 minutes a day on cleaning, and for this you need to set a timer, which after 15 minutes will notify about the expiration of the time with a sound signal. This logic is understandable - in such a period of time you will not get tired, but you can do quite a lot if you do not get distracted.

Please note that you can break this rule and add more time to cleaning, but we still recommend using the allotted 15 minutes, because this time period is the best option - so a person will be able to concentrate as much as possible and not react to factors that can distract. Do not forget to take breaks between sets if you want to change the system for yourself.

  • Cleaning is carried out in stages, and therefore the second rule will be cleaning only one zone at a time.

Now let's move on to the most interesting.

10 steps to get rid of the mess

The following is a step-by-step description of what you need to do to clean up your kitchen space.

Surface cleaning

Cleanliness and order in the kitchen - how to spend no more than 15 minutes on daily cleaning? So, take two trash bags, and one you will have for real trash, and the other for things that definitely do not belong in your kitchen. Look at all surfaces, throw away everything that is unnecessary and put aside the objects that were in this room / apartment by mistake. Even at this initial stage, after cleaning, the room will look much neater, and at the same time, put all kitchen appliances in the cabinets if you do not use it every day.

Do you need a prominently visible electric meat grinder or food processor?

Helpful information! In this system, a rather popular technique is the so-called "littering", in which every day you are asked to get rid of 10 unnecessary things.

Do not be alarmed - these things include an old draft, a candy wrapper, and cosmetics that have already expired. ...

Give it a try, and soon you will be able to note the fact that you have a lot of unnecessary things accumulated in your kitchen!

Tidying up the cupboards

Do not try to immediately wash each cabinet and even polish it, but just see what from the stocks should be thrown away and which is better to pour into sealed jars. You don't want food moths to start in your cereals, do you? Similar steps should be repeated for dishes - remove everything that you do not use, get rid of those mugs and plates that have lost their original appearance or are cracked. After such work, maintaining order will cease to be an impossible task for you, and then you can directly start cleaning the kitchen!

The sink should always be clean

Remember to pay attention to the dirtiest area in every kitchen - the sink and all the places around it. To maintain cleanliness, two foam sponges and a couple of small rags are enough for you, and the rest can be thrown away. Replace old cleaning products as well, as they will smear more than clean.

It is also worth considering how best to organize your cleaning products - you may need to buy a hanging type of organizer for them. Shine and wash the sink and surrounding areas thoroughly. You may need a detergent from rust or heavy dirt, and after completion of work, you should regularly wipe the sink from water. Do not forget to throw food remnants that forget to drain into the trash can and make sure that dirty dishes do not accumulate.


Here the principle of operation will be similar to that with a sink - wash everything, even the handles and areas under the burners (for this, the latter will need to be removed), and then just keep it clean.

It will be easier to scrub the stove once after cooking than to spend an hour scrubbing off the frozen layer of fat.


Carefully inspect the walls - you may need to remove the cobwebs with a vacuum cleaner, wipe off the grease stains that have appeared above the surface of the stove, wipe the tiles or washable wallpaper. It will take you 1-2 fifteen minute segments.

Kitchen set

Cleanliness and order in the kitchen - how to spend no more than 15 minutes on daily cleaning? In addition, it will be equally important to pay attention to cabinets, drawers in the kitchen and shelves. Do you remember that you should already be sorting out the content? Now is the time to clean up - wipe everything from dust and wash from other contaminants, if necessary.

Do not forget to walk on the outer top panel as well - as a rule, a lot of debris accumulates there.

Refrigerating equipment

Let's not focus on the fact that the refrigerator should be removed from the inside, but it is necessary to wipe it regularly outside. In addition, this is a reason to think about whether you need all the magnets on which an unimaginable amount of dust accumulates.


Perhaps this is the most laborious process - washing windows. You will need to wipe down the windowsill and windows, wash the curtains, and remove any dirt from the curtain rods.

You will be surprised how neat and light your kitchen can be. It is not necessary to iron and dry the curtains - you can simply hang them wet on the cornice and they will straighten themselves under their own weight.


The penultimate stage is the chandelier. You need to wipe the shades, throw away all the midges that constantly fly into the light, and at the same time you can clean the ceiling above the hood and in the corners.

Final Step

Now all you have to do is wipe the dust and the floors, but before cleaning the floor, you need to vacuum it.

Naturally, such a phased approach will take more time in general, but you will get tired much less, which means that you will have the opportunity to bring everything conceived to the end.


These recommendations cannot be called universal, because someone will also need to wash the microwave oven, and someone does not like to store supplies, but the basic principle is clear - devote 15 minutes to each zone and be methodical - this will help to put the perfect order and maintain it effortlessly. There are many photos of ideas for organizing order in the kitchen - we suggest using them or even coming up with your own!

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