Colors of metal roof tiles + photo

Colors of metal roof tiles + photo Colors of metal tiles for the roof + photo

Today, metal tiles are one of the best materials for roofs. A feature of this product is the simplicity of installation work, moreover, no special construction skills and tools are required. If we take into account the price and operational life of a roof made of metal tiles, then this option is considered ideal for roofing. When installing, it is important not only to take into account the technical parameters and quality of the finished product, but to choose the color of the metal roof tile that will "look" with the overall design.

What shade can metal tiles be?

Roofing materials are presented in a wide range of


.., as a result of which almost there is no limit. If necessary, you can find on sale two-color metal tiles, which makes it possible to create a non-standard pattern on the roofing surface. For convenience, the designers have developed special shade tables that can be applied at the time of purchase.

Good advice! If necessary, you can see all the available shades and colors of metal tiles for the roof of the house in the photo.

Standard colors according to RAL

At the moment the colors of metal tiles according to the RAL catalog are the standard all over the world, which is used to indicate shades. this applies not only to metal roofing tiles, but also to other building materials, which have a wide assortment range in relation to the color palette.

  1. Colors of metal roof tiles + photo RAL classic. Such a table is now the most popular, and it is used not only by consumers, but also by manufacturers.

    For maximum convenience, the marking has been greatly simplified, because of which each calf will have a number that consists of 4 digits. The first one denotes the main color of the metal tile, and the rest will characterize the shade. For example, yellow at the beginning has the number 1 and contains up to 30 shades, for green 7, and for red 3.

  2. RAL desing. The palette was developed back in 1993, and it is used exclusively by designers, a total of 1625 shades are counted.

    All shades differ among themselves in terms of saturation, brightness, and even more so, are strongly visible only to professionals. If we consider such a color table, then we should take into account the fact that all shades that exist have a number consisting of 7 digits. The first three digits will indicate the hue, and the remaining 2 indicate the degree of brightness, and the remaining 2 digits indicate the degree of saturation.

  3. RAL effect. The development of such a table was carried out back in 2007, and at the moment such a palette includes 420 shades (matte) and 70 glossy metallics.

    All existing shades can be assigned a five-digit unique number.In the case when the additional part has the letter "M", this will indicate that the shade is metallic.

Please note that this variety of RAL colors of metal tiles was invented by designers, and simple developers and manufacturers do not need them at all.


Which color to choose

Due to the fact that the color palette of metal tiles is wide enough , and each potential buyer will be able to choose exactly the color for the roofing arrangement that best suits the exterior. As practice has shown, psychologists have long been able to prove that colors can have a fairly strong effect on the subconscious and human psyche.

If we approach this matter with all responsibility, then the color of metal tiles, which is intended for roofing,

will have a beneficial effect on the emotional component:

  • Cobalt, blue and ultramarine - such colors can symbolize inner wisdom and harmony, as practice has shown, and this choice makes it possible to relax. Such options are to the liking of selfless and purposeful people. At night, with proper lighting, the roof will look quite advantageous.
  • Colors of metal roof tiles + photo Red wine and cherry - metal tiles in this design were previously preferred by the "cream of society". Such shades can convey the temperament, power and strength of the owner of a residential type of premises.

    Most psychologists say that these options can develop self-confidence.

  • Terracotta and red-brown - now metal tiles occupy the first positions, and this is due to the fact that such a design to the maximum resembles products of a natural type made from clay. An excellent option can be considered a combination of sand, beige and pale yellow tones on the roof. Such color solutions are a real symbol of prosperity, stability, and can also have a significant impact on active actions and communication.
  • Emerald or green - these are the colors of the metal roof tiles of the house.

    In this design, the roofing material gives freshness, calmness, balance. The green color palette can relax emotionally, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and also bring understanding and harmony into the home. As psychologists say, people who prefer metal tiles in green are sociable, friendly to others, quite calm and balanced.

  • Graphite, gray - colors that symbolize restraint of character and justice. Gray can also affect smart performance as well as versatile and can be paired with other tones if needed.

Before giving preference to any of the options, most experts strongly recommend paying attention to the design as a whole.This is due to the fact that the roof must fit harmoniously. At the moment, roofing materials in red-brown, chocolate and dark green shades are popular.

Color combination of siding and metal tiles

As practice has shown, at the moment, among the materials for roofing, metal tiles are most often used, while for facade siding is actively used. Due to the fact that the shades of a metal tile roof are presented in the market for services and goods in a huge range, it is extremely important in the process to ensure that it is combined with the facade of the building.

Thanks to the design developments, classic solutions were invented, due to which it is possible to quite effectively choose metal tiles and siding,

which will be perfectly combined with each other:

  • Dark roof material and facade in a light shade. This combination occurs quite often, and it is for this reason that this design can be considered universal.
  • Metal roof tiles and siding in one color scheme. Thanks to this solution, the building will be beautiful in appearance, and in addition, it will look stylish.
  • Decorating the facade in dark colors is an extravagant solution, because the walls of the room will be a bright accent.

    This design move is used by those people who are not afraid to bring new ideas to life.

Since the range of colors of metal tiles is quite large, if necessary, it is possible to choose any shade that in the future will be combined with other finishing materials.


Choosing the color of metal tiles is not so difficult as it might seem at first. In this case, it is best to use special tables and preview in advance as many completed projects as possible, which will make it possible to understand exactly how the selected shade of metal tiles will look on the roof. Each person will be able to choose the shade that suits them perfectly.


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