Common and stupid house building mistakes

Common and stupid house building mistakes The most stupid and stupid mistakes in construction

Haste and unpreparedness when building a house can lead to the appearance of many typical mistakes during construction. What is the common rake for future home owners?

Most would-be home owners believe that building a home starts with a typical first project. Practice has shown that this is a big misconception - for each site and type of soil for different types of materials / floors, an adjustment to a typical project from the catalog or an individual house project is required. Another very important point will be the layout of the house.

To select the optimal layout that you need, you need the look of an experienced designer-architect who will immediately see all the errors and future inconveniences in the layout of the house, as well as problems with the arrangement of furniture items and the future the convenience of home! You can also get rid of a large number of problems associated with the functionality of the house.

Error overview

Error # 1 - house project

Common and stupid house building mistakes Image error - it appears if the final decision is not made about what kind of house you are planning to build (wooden or capital, with or without a terrace). As a result, there is uncertainty, completion of constantly "walking" parts of the foundation and its destruction from excessive load.

There is also a saving error - every future home owner wants the house to be as cheap as possible during construction, but such savings on the project translate into irreparable things, house destruction or even rise in price due to not optimal typical structures.

There is a mistake of responsibility - when ordering projects from unknown companies and if errors appear in the project during construction, you risk being left without a person responsible for the work.

For this reason, you should order a project only from companies with self-regulatory organizations (those that are included in the register of self-regulatory organizations, and are also responsible for the design in the amount of the insurance amount, which is prescribed in the license).

Mistake # 2 - choosing the wrong size of the house

One of the main questions is what should be the size of the house. Everyone wants to build big houses, but it is not always possible. You can choose one, two or three-storey house.

We suggest giving examples and completeness of the minimum area for a country house:

  • Common and stupid house building mistakes Living room - from 25 square meters.
  • Kitchen from 15 square meters.

  • Bedroom from 15 square meters.
  • Boiler room from 6 to 16 square meters.
  • Tambour from 3 square meters.
  • Pantry from 3 square meters.
  • Hall on the second floor from 6 square meters.

  • Sanitary facilities - one for each stage from 6 square meters.

A compromise mistake is the case when the family fails to agree on what size house it needs.For example, a husband wants a big house, and a wife wants a small and cozy house.

The result will be to follow the path of least resistance, as well as take into account the opinions of all family members, not consider all wishes with a professional architect, and you will get a house that will not suit everyone. A financial mistake will be construction without a project or even without an estimate, there is a danger of unplanned expenses, and this ultimately leads to long-term construction, and abandoned for an indefinite period.

When building a house, you need a clear understanding of the cost of building a house and calculating the budget for construction, and this depends directly on the choice of size and configuration. Before choosing a house project, you should contact to calculate the cost of construction and understand the budget at all stages of construction.

Mistake number 3 - incorrect placement of the house on the site

This is another third mistake when building a house - incorrect location of the house on the site ...

How to place the house correctly?

The ideal ratio of the house and the area will be 1 to 10. The maximum allowed ratio of the house to the land will be 45%. The distance from the boundaries of the site should be at least three meters.

The distance from the road should be from five meters, and optimal from six meters, so that, for example, a platform for a car would fit. The orientation of the house should be strictly along the line of the front side of the plot.

The main house facade should face the front side of the site. Living room with terrace and garden should open onto a scenic spot or patio. On the south side, a large number of windows are welcome.

The distance from the house to the bathhouse should be at least 6 meters, and there should be a distance of 6 meters between wooden houses.

The outbuildings should be erected in advance.

It is important to determine the location of the septic tank and well communications. It is also imperative to order the planting of the future house on the site, because it can be with a decline in height, which in the future will affect the change in the height of the foundation and lead to a rise in price, and sometimes even to the replacement of the type of foundation.

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