Comparison of satin and matte stretch ceiling: Review + Video

Comparison of satin and matte stretch ceiling: Review + Video Comparison of satin and matt stretch ceiling. When planning renovation work in an apartment or a private house, most people are faced with a choice, which is better - a satin or matte stretch ceiling. Both options have similar characteristics, since they are both durable, can last for several decades and make it possible to hide even large defects in the slab on the ceiling. But there are still differences, and knowing them, you can make the right choice for decorating your home.

Let's look at each option in more detail, and also compare the disadvantages and advantages of the materials.

Differences between glossy, satin and matte ceilings

Each group of canvases for stretch ceilings is divided into the following groups:

  1. PVC - thin film that is made of polyvinyl chloride.
  2. Fabric - synthetic material that is made of polyester.

Each of the materials has its own characteristics. PVC film differs in that it has a huge number of textures and colors, and it can also be satin, matte, glossy, embossed, smooth and sometimes with a texture that can imitate other materials (marble, wood, velvet, etc.).

In production, you will find more than two hundred shades. Due to the peculiarities of manufacturing, fabric canvases have a wicker texture and are only matte. The number of shades is also several times less.

Interestingly, both types of material can be printed with images.


Comparison of satin and matte stretch ceiling: Review + Video The texture of the glossy type PVC film is completely smooth .

.. The lacquered surface is capable of reflecting every element of the decor like a mirror, which visually helps to increase the space and creates the effect of luxury. Such ceilings are versatile, as they will look great in both classic and avant-garde interiors. But such a surface sometimes negatively affects the psyche of people.


Cloths of matte type have a rough texture. PVC film will not reflect light, and therefore the ceiling will not draw much attention to itself. White surfaces will visually strongly resemble plaster. Although there is an opinion that such ceilings look a little too mundane, if you use decorative elements such as a ceiling plinth, built-in lamp, stucco and other things, you can quickly eliminate such a drawback.


Stretch ceilings - matte, glossy, satin - have one thing in common, namely that they are all made of PVC film.

The surface of satin fabrics resembles matte canvases, but they still have special qualities. First of all, they include the appearance, namely the fact that satin is something in between a glossy and matte canvas. The surface of the film has a practically smooth, fine-grained texture.They are produced in different shades, but the palette is still more modest compared to analogs of the glossy type, but at the same time brighter than matte films.

Please note that only satin ceilings have a pearlescent hue and soft light reflection.

The artificial light will diffuse around the room and the color will change depending on the viewing angle.


These ceilings are synthetic-type fabric made of polyester yarns impregnated with polyurethane. The texture is only matte. The texture looks like a fabric, and the material is produced in about 20 shades, most often of a pastel type. The main difference from PVC films is that after installation, the canvas can be painted.

In addition to the appearance, there are many other differences.

Feature Glossy Matte Satin Cloth
Light reflection Mirror effect __ Pearlescent sheen, soft diffused light __
Moisture resistance Resistant Resistant Stable Not stable
Palette Large number of saturated and bright colors, photo printing possible Large gamut colors, photo printing available Large selection of pastel shades, available with pearlescent and metallic Small selection of shades, can be imaged and colored
Care details The surface is smooth, easy to wash and clean The surface is rough, resistant to frequent washing, no streaks remain on it The surface is smooth, does not accumulate dirt and dust, you can easy to remove dirt The texture is rough, it accumulates dirt and dust that Can be removed, requires special cleaning
Maximum width 320 cm 320 cm 270 cm 510 cm
Allowable room temperature range +5 degrees to +50 (if the temperature is higher, the material will crack and deform) Can be used at any ambient temperature, even in unheated cold rooms
Minimum service life 10 years 10 years 10 years old 15 years old

Important! Based on all the differences listed above, it is impossible to say with complete confidence which stretch ceilings (matte or satin) are better. The choice between glossy, matt and matt canvas should be made only in relation to a specific situation, so that the conditions of use of the room can be taken into account.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of materials

Stretch ceilings can be installed in the living room, bedroom, hallway, playroom for children, attic and other entertainment premises. To understand what are the differences between the coating, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages.


Comparison of satin and matte stretch ceiling: Review + Video Among the advantages of any ceilings, first of all, speed should be noted installation and relatively low cost. Installing a conventional two-level ceiling will take about 4 hours, while a complex structure with two levels can be installed in 1 day. No preliminary preparation is required, and this will save time and effort. The surface will be perfectly flat, and this is difficult to achieve if you use other materials for decoration. An additional advantage is that there is no large amount of dust and debris upon completion of the work.

In addition, film coatings do not allow water to pass through, and therefore, when flooded, the ceiling will retain water and help protect the rest of the room from flooding. Furniture and the rest of the property will not be damaged, and the master will be able to carefully drain the water and pull the canvases onto the slats without any damage to the coating. The materials used to make a stretch ceiling come in any color, and the use of technology such as photo printing will make it possible to make incredible drawings. This applies to any type of ceiling, but keep in mind that the texture of the material will help in its own way to complement the best qualities in each option.

Glossy PVC films also have a reflectance of 90%.

This gives a mirror effect, which helps to visually enlarge a low room. For decoration, lights and moldings are most often used, which help to enhance reflections and give originality to the interior. Another advantage is the ease of maintenance due to the smooth surface. The only problem is that stains can appear due to wet cleaning, so it will be better to use special detergents.

Matte canvases do not have a gloss, therefore they are suitable for any interior.

Such ceilings help create a special atmosphere in the room, do not require complex maintenance, and after wet cleaning they do not appear stains. Due to their high density and low cost, they make it possible to equip a beautiful interior for little money, which will remain unchanged for up to two decades.

Satin material is distinguished by the fact that it creates a slight reflective effect, as well as an texture similar to natural materials. This helps to complement the design without focusing on the ceiling. Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting the undemanding methods of cleaning and the most beautiful chameleon effect, when the canvas changes shade at different viewing angles.


Of the pros and cons of the matt stretch ceiling and satin one should also consider the disadvantages. Regardless of the selected material texture, the ceiling height will be reduced from 3 to 10 cm. This is the condition that prevents the use of the material in rooms with low ceilings. Despite its strength, the blade can be easily damaged with sharp objects.Each of the types of material has these negative points, but still they differ from each other.

  1. The mirror-type surface helps reflect objects in the room and creates a clutter effect. Photo prints with beautiful nature will look incredible because of the sheen. Glossy cold shades will make the room uncomfortable, so it is better not to use them for bedrooms and children's rooms. This is also not the best option for a bathroom and a sanitary unit, as there will be constant contact with water and stains will remain. Another disadvantage is the noticeable weld line when installed in a large room.

  2. Among the disadvantages of the matte ceiling is the need to use special agents for cleaning. The texture is rough, which does not quickly remove dirt.
  3. The satin ceiling has its drawbacks, namely that under different lighting conditions, the shade of the material becomes darker or lighter, and this must be taken into account during repair work.

Nuances in care

Methods of care for stretch ceilings differ depending on what texture and material is used. We propose to figure out what is important to pay attention to.

  • Cleaning the matte cloth is quite simple, and for this you should use semi-dry sponges or soft damp cloths. Also, in order to remove dust, use a vacuum cleaner, and the stubborn stain will be removed with the help of special detergents.
  • For glossy ceilings, wet cleaning can be carried out, but after that you will need to wipe the surface with a wet cloth so that no streaks remain.
  • Satin ceilings should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or special cleaning products.

Now the cost is to find out how much these or those types of stretch ceiling cost.


In many ways, the final cost will depend on which country of manufacture and the type of material that is used for the ceiling. Germany, France, Switzerland and Belgium are much more expensive, but Russia and China are much cheaper. Glossy canvases cost from 230 to 780 rubles per 1 m 2 , and the price for matte ceilings will be from 210 to 500 rubles, for satin ceilings from 245 to 600 rubles. At the same time, do not forget that colored canvases are 15% more expensive than white ones, and if you use photo printing, the price will be even higher. It turns out that the most expensive PVC ceilings have a satin and glossy surface.

When choosing a manufacturer, you should discard attempts to save money and in no case buy the cheapest Chinese options. Many companies that work in this area often hold promotions, due to which it is possible to establish a good German or French ceiling at minimal cost.

User reviews

When comparing matte and satin stretch ceilings, it was possible to find out that the demand for materials is approximately the same, since each person has their own preferences when buying and beliefs.

The characteristics of the room and the interior can also influence the choice:

  1. Buyers who chose glossy ceilings noted that the atmosphere has become festive, and if you correctly perform the installation work, the weld is almost invisible. Each person, without exception, notices that the space visually becomes larger.

    Sometimes people get disappointed after a while, since the lacquer surface is able to reflect all objects, even those outside the window, and this effect of a mirror gets boring very quickly.

  2. According to the reviews of those who purchased matte ceilings, this material is more practical, since it requires a damp soft cloth to care for it, and you can not be afraid of the appearance of stains. When using photo printing, images look extremely realistic, and white matte ceilings look rich, aesthetically pleasing, especially when used for a classic interior.
  3. People who have chosen satin canvases noted that the snow-white ceiling looks stylish and beautiful. Many buyers install them in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

It is interesting that some of the buyers, when striving to be original, choose the combined materials of matte and glossy texture in two levels. When combined with LED backlighting, it helps to add flavor and personality to the home.

Which ceiling is better?

Based on what opinion was formed among ordinary consumers and designers, we can conclude that for different materials are suitable for different rooms, and what will look perfect in the hallway is not a fact that will be appropriate in the living room or playroom. Let's figure out how to choose a suitable ceiling option and take into account the functionality of the room, as well as what should be taken into account when installing such structures.

The specialist recommends adhering to some rules:

  • Comparison of satin and matte stretch ceiling: Review + Video For low premises, it is better to choose a glossy ceiling, which can visually increase the space and height.

  • White and light shades will also help expand the space.
  • Photo prints look much more realistic on matte fabric, and better quality is guaranteed when using satin fabrics.
  • In a combination design, gloss will look great in the middle of the composition.
  • Satin ceilings do not need to be installed if there are many lacquered surfaces in the room.
  • If only a chandelier will be used as lighting, then it is better to choose a matte material, and hidden lighting and spotlights look better with a glossy ceiling.

  • For ordinary rooms, it is better to choose light and soft colors, since mirrored dark shades will make the room heavier and are suitable for a large hall with a high ceiling.
  • Glossy and striped wallpaper will look great for small spaces (toilets), allowing for more space.
  • In the kitchen, matte ceilings look perfect in beige or other light shades, since they do not need to be taken care of often. If you choose a glossy dark canvas, you will see drops of fat from food on it.
  • For the hallway, it is better to choose white and beige mirror canvases, which will expand the surface and make the corridor visually more spacious.

    Eliminate cold shades.

  • In the bedroom, bathroom and private office, it is worth installing satin or matte canvases, as they make the atmosphere around you calm and cozy.

As you can see, there is no single solution for all occasions, and everything will depend on the room in which you plan the renovation work, the designer's ideas and preferences. When you compare all the pros and cons, you will be able to choose the best option.

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