Construction of a Russian bath - project options

Construction of a Russian bath - project options Russian bath with your own hands (projects and drawings)

Russian bath has become a historical name, and the heating is based on direct steam that comes from a wood-fired stove. The average air temperature in the steam room is from +60 to +80 degrees.

But for each person, you can choose the most comfortable temperature. A Russian bath, made with your own hands, is considered very useful for various diseases, and is also designed to bring joy and pleasure to a person.

General information

The main differences from the rest of the bath rooms:

  • Temperature mode - for a Turkish bath it is + 40 .

    .. + 60 degrees, Finnish more than +80 degrees, and for Russian from + 60 ...

    + 80 degrees.

  • Type of steam (wet or dry).
  • The culture of steaming - with a massage scrub, brooms or just sweat and shower.
  • Construction - with a warm floor, with a stove made of metal, wood or bricks.

When building a Russian bath, not only the stove itself will be important, but also the structure as a whole.

The ideal option is to build a room from solid logs, ideally wild ones. There are other types of bath projects, which are classified based on the materials from which they will be built.


Bath types

Frame type baths

Construction of a Russian bath - project options It is generally accepted that frame buildings are much easier to erect, and even with your own hands you can build a bathhouse according to the project plan. The technology is based on frame connected shields, which, when installed on a prepared base, form load-bearing type walls. After that, a ball of insulation is laid, and boards are stuffed over it.

If you do everything strictly according to the drawings, then this method of construction will not take much labor and time.

Brick buildings

Baths made of bricks have certain advantages and disadvantages. Their main advantages include durability, and buildings made of this material can last up to 160 years. Even projects of brick baths delight the eye with a variety of architectural solutions. Various domes, towers and other original types of figures can be made.

The disadvantages of brick bath projects include the terrible steam conductivity and heating duration.

Aerated concrete buildings

Foam concrete or aerated concrete baths make it possible to save firewood in order to warm up the room, and they also have thermal insulation qualities. Walls made of such building materials can be conveniently covered with self-adhesive foils. Due to this, the room will quickly warm up, and also keep the required temperature level for a long time. But most often the baths are built from wood - these can be log and block structures.

We suggest taking a closer look at the process of building a steam room from such material.Before you start the construction process of a bath from a bar or logs, you need to decide how thoroughly and on what project you will build everything.

Bathing project

In terms of area, the premises for the park can be conditionally divided into medium, small and large. Bath layouts, depending on its dimensions, will differ.

Types of area


Projects for small baths are usually calculated for personal use and small families.

These baths are usually 16 square meters in size. Their drawing provides for the combination of a dressing room and a rest room, and you can build such small buildings with your own hands.


The project of Russian baths on wood on average is 20 square meters. The drawing provides for a shower room, a steam room, a relaxation room, which at the same time is a dressing room, and possibly a small veranda. In a typical project, such rooms will run sequentially one after the other.


The area of ​​large baths can be from 30 to 40 square meters. There is already a changing room and a rest room will be located separately from each other. There is also a spacious veranda. The listed and presented projects are usually ordered by people with average incomes. For people who are more affluent, and also for commercial purposes, there are projects of more varied and spacious buildings.

For example, with a small or large pool, with several lounges and steam rooms. Such bath complexes can accommodate many vacationers at a time.

Where to build a bathhouse on the site

When choosing a bath project, you should also take into account the construction site. This is a great option if there is a natural type of reservoir nearby. You can also make a pool or an artificial lake.

Naturally, there is such a way as to install a bucket or a hot tub with cool water, but this cannot replace a complete immersion with your head after the heat in the steam room. Land and surface of the site are of great importance for construction. Based on such factors, it is determined which base and design of a Russian wood-fired bath is best used.

Production process

Selection of materials

The construction process of a Russian bath from a bar or log requires the selection of high quality materials. So, the most suitable will be spruce, larch and pine.

All wood will be characterized by ease of processing and longevity.

  1. Construction of a Russian bath - project options Larch is one of the hardest species of wood and can last up to 350 years. When building a personal bath complex, it is often used only in the lower balls due to the fact that it is very difficult to give in to processing. Baths made of larch logs do not require separate treatment with antiseptics. Since this breed is extremely expensive, it has not been used very often lately.

  2. Pine - Russian bath complexes are very often built from this kind of wood, and pine logs are mostly solid, straight and easy to process (planing, pruning, as well as making the required notches). The resinous species of this wood have natural protection from water or moisture.
  3. Spruce - in the construction of wooden structures they use less often than pine, but also often. Such wood has a slightly loose structure, which will have a beneficial effect on thermal insulation, but it is slightly more difficult to process than pine.
  4. Other types of wood - when building a log bath or a building from a bar, less popular materials in the form of wood, for example, aspen, can be used.

    The main thing is that the tree is healthy and alive.

It's worth talking about the foundation.

The base for the bath

The main task of the foundation is to accept wall loads and protect them from excess moisture. Projects of a Russian log bath are quite often placed near a reservoir, and therefore, when creating them, it is required to calculate such a foundation that will be protected from subsidence and landslides.

  1. Tape base - is considered a universal type of bath base, and can be erected on a large number of soils.

    When drawing up drawings of this type of foundation, it is required to take into account the dimensions of the building, slopes, the likelihood of subsidence and the depth of water.

  2. Columnar foundations - since you are planning to build a Russian bath with your own hands, this will be ideal options for us. It will provide an opportunity to save money when buying materials. the columnar base is ideal for timber and log structures. The material is rarely used when using heavy material for construction.

    Metal pillars, concrete are installed at the corners of the building and at sections of wall intersections. For small bath rooms, you can also use wood posts - the so-called chairs. The pile foundation, as a rule, is used on flooded and loose lands.

  3. Monolithic types of bases - a continuous cement layer with gravel is laid under the area of ​​the building as a whole. It perfectly protects against excess moisture, subsidence, and also has a high degree of reliability.

  4. Base for the stove - do not forget about the base for our stove, and since it is an excellent main bath, then all elements in general must be well thought out and reliable. Usually, sheet steel and bricks are used for the construction of the furnace. Depending on this, the foundation will be selected for it. Under a brick stove, the pit should be filled with sand, fine gravel, a metal frame and filled with concrete. From above, the edges are treated with several tar layers.

    If the stove is made of metal, then the pit is covered with crushed stone, then there is cement and a roofing felt ball or other waterproofing material and a concrete pillow on top.

Next, we will talk about the walls, as well as how to build them.


To build a Russian bath from a bar or logs, as mentioned in the article above, coniferous tree varieties are best suited. As a rule, logs are from 20 to 22 cm. The dimensions of a bar are usually 15 * 15 cm.

It can be edged, profiled or glued. Wood-fired Russian baths were initially built from chopped logs, and now such material is used either by villagers or by those who try to use everything natural. If the bathhouse is built with your own hands, then you need to chop trees sparingly. But you can simply order a log house project with installation, and complete the rest of the elements yourself. The process of building a log bath is slightly different from a log structure.

From the last material mentioned, it will be easiest to build a bath yourself. Constructing a building from logs requires a large number of buildings as well as skills.

Log sauna

First, you need to select the desired material, and the upper and lower diameters should not differ by more than 3 cm. There should be no cracks in the tree , large knots and formations of blue. The construction process itself includes laying one log on the second, at the ends of which notches are made so that they fit tightly.

This design is called the crown.

So, where you plan to make a window, you need to make 5 crowns on the bottom and 2 on the top. In place of the door there are 2 crowns at the bottom and 5 at the top. Between themselves they are fastened with wooden staples approximately every 1.5 meters, and the lower log ball is called a salary.

The best and hardest types of wood are chosen for him. Often, to protect against getting wet, gaskets are made from a board, which will be treated with different antiseptics or wrapped in several roofing layers. A cap is placed on the gasket, which will be hewn from the bottom to get a snug fit. Bricks or rubble are applied under the second log, which will stand slightly higher, thereby removing the gap above the ground. After the installation of the crowns, on the upper logs the joints should be oblique.

After the walls are built, they need to be caulked. This can be done in 2 steps. The first time when laying the log house, and the second time after drying and shrinking logs - after about 1-1. 5 years. Caulking at home is laying between the rounds of insulation material made of fibrous materials, for example, moss and tow.

The insulation material is hammered in with special tools so that the edges protrude at least 5 cm from both wall sides.

Bath building made of beams

To build a Russian bath, you must first choose a good material. There should be no wormholes or beetle marks on the timber, it should look perfectly smooth and even. The simplest construction method would be to order a finished project with detailed sketches and numbered bars. It will be more difficult to do it with your own hands, but the joy of alignment will be greater.

The base, as in the case with logs, must be finished with different materials for waterproofing. Slats are laid on it, the purpose of which is to protect the foundation from subsidence, and the bar itself from decay. The space between the tree and the base is filled with polyurethane foam. This is followed by the laying of the first crown. To do this, choose the most reliable and thickest materials.

So, if the main bar has a size of 15 * 15 cm, then it is better to take material with a cross section of 20 * 20 cm for the lining. The rest of the crowns are stacked on top of each other, with a strict level of horizontal type. You can attach the bars to each other using 3 different methods:

  • With a spring knot, which has the name "Strength".
  • Quarters made of wood.
  • Headless carnations.

Do not attach the upper crown balls because they will need to be removed for laying the floor. If desired, all levels can be capped for perfect heat retention.


The same types of roofs are suitable for a Russian bathhouse, and they can be of different materials:

  • Tiles.
  • Sod.
  • Slate sheets.

  • Sheet steel.
  • Roll.
  • Others.

It doesn't matter what materials the bathhouse will be built from, what project is chosen, they did everything with their own hands according to the drawings or ordered the construction team. The main thing is that the Russian wood-burning bath brings joy in its use and strengthens health.