Construction Stages and Step by Step - Overview + Video

Construction Stages and Step by Step - Overview + Video The porch is a structural element that houses cannot do without. Structures erected on foundations are located at a certain distance from the ground, therefore, steps are required to enter the house.

In addition to its practical function, the porch solves the problem of the aesthetic design of the building, and helps to distinguish it from neighboring houses. The structure is often erected directly on the approach to the door, and also forms a porch to the veranda.

You can build it yourself or hire specialists.

It is worth noting that if you want to do everything with your own hands, difficulties should not arise, the main thing is to adhere to the construction rules and create a preliminary project.

Features of the construction of a porch to the veranda

  • on the site near the entrance to the house at least three people must fit;
  • the width of the porch is formed in this way so that it is 30 cm larger than the door opening;
  • the structure is created at a slight slope, to ensure the drain of rain and melt water;
  • the principle of calculating the steps is that a person, stepping on the first step with the left foot, should step on the extreme one with the same foot;
  • the height of the railing is calculated, taking as a basis the average person's height, and it is 80 - 100 m.

Construction the porch process begins with the design. In order to determine the form and material, you can consider options on various Internet resources, and choose the option you like. This way you make it easier for yourself to work on your project.

Porch structure and its types

Simple structure

Consists of open or closed steps with railings or without them. The main difference from other types is the lack of flooring. Made from various materials. The patio is equipped with additional space for flower pots or equips a seating area. The veranda is connected to the house.

The building can be open or closed.

A porch to the veranda is erected with their own hands at the beginning of the construction of a house or after its completion. Its design allows you to equip a place for relaxation and pleasant gatherings with friends and relatives in the fresh air. The porch with carved wooden elements has an interesting look. In addition to the decorative function, this design also has a protective one, preventing the penetration of moisture.

As for the location of the veranda with a porch, it is most rational to build it on the south side of the house to provide natural heating by the sun's rays in winter.

Materials for building a porch to the veranda

The most popular building materials for building a porch:

  • Construction Stages and Step by Step - Overview + Video concrete;
  • metal;
  • brick;
  • wood.

Most often, wood is used for the construction of the porch. The material has a number of advantages that make it in demand. Hardwood varieties are suitable for creation: pine, oak and beech.

When choosing wood, pay attention to the moisture content of the material, it should not exceed 15%.

The stone porch looks massive and is characterized by a high level of strength. Concrete structures are considered the most affordable and practical, but in order for the porch to retain its original appearance, it is necessary to take care of waterproofing protection. Concrete quickly absorbs moisture and in winter, freezing, moisture expands the pores of the material, provoking cracking. Clinker tiles and porcelain stoneware are used as additional finishing.

In order to make a concrete porch yourself, you will have to work hard, because this business requires careful preparation and calculations.

When choosing a material for building a porch of a veranda for a private house, take into account what the house is built from. Wood is suitable for wooden buildings, brick or block - concrete and natural stone.

Design of the porch to the veranda

At the initial stage of the formation of the project of the future structure, the shape of the veranda, its design, material, number of windows and the type of porch are determined. A harmonious appearance is what you need to strive for.

Decorative elements will help you with this: flowerpots, wooden benches, lamps of an interesting shape, rattan furniture, textiles. To protect from sunlight, blinds and roller blinds are used.

Stages of the porch construction

Rules for attaching a porch to the veranda:

  • observance of proportions;
  • accuracy of measurements;
  • preliminary calculation of the amount of materials;
  • selection of high quality material;
  • mandatory finishing of the porch and processing.

Note. The base and the structure of the porch itself are processed.

Drawing of the porch to the veranda

In order to draw up the correct construction plan, and attach the porch to the veranda with your own hands, you must indicate in it:

  • the width of the porch, which is 1.5 times the door opening. The calculation is carried out by multiplying the width of the doorway by 1.5.
  • the depth of the foundation, after identifying the type of soil;
  • the width of the staircase is 70 cm.

    With lower parameters, discomfort may occur when several people are on the porch at the same time;

  • the porch site is located at a level below the door opening by 50 cm. This will avoid problems with blocking the door in case of snow drifts;
  • the angle of inclination should be mandatory. It will provide unhindered drainage of rain and melt water;
  • the number of steps and their sizes. The standard step height is 18 cm, and the treads are 30 - 35 cm. To ensure a comfortable ascent, an odd number of steps are built.

  • handrails and their heights;
  • well thought out drainage and waterproofing system.

Tools and materials for the porch

Before starting the construction of the porch to the veranda of a wooden house, prepare all the necessary inventory and materials:

  • Construction Stages and Step by Step - Overview + Video gravel, sand for the base;
  • concrete mortar;
  • floor beams;
  • material for steps and flooring;
  • drill, screwdriver;
  • building level, tape measure;
  • hammer, saw, nails.

Foundation for the porch

Without foundation, no structure or building can be built. This is the key to strength and durability. Of all types of foundations, the best option is considered a columnar one with a concrete cushion, which is able to withstand the weight of the veranda along with the porch.

In order to make the foundation yourself, dig a pit 80 cm deep around the perimeter of the structure and install the piles. Then the pit is poured with concrete and left to solidify. Next comes the process of adjusting the height and drank in the logs of the recesses for the base strapping. The structure is further attached to the walls of the house.

Flooring and staircase of the porch

A floorboard is laid on the prepared logs using two methods:

  • adjusting materials without gaps and creating an angle of inclination;
  • laying the flooring at intervals of 2 - 3 mm.

    The accumulated moisture will go through the gaps into the ground.

Steps for the porch to the veranda can be bought ready-made or made with your own hands. The easiest way to make the elements of the ladder of the tree.

To begin with, form a bowstring with plug-in, cut-out or cut-in steps. To make even markings, make a piece with sides that match the tread parameters.

The finished parts are combined with the foundation lags using metal brackets.

The formation of the stairs begins at the bottom of the bowstring, securing the riser, and then the step itself. The details are fixed with self-tapping screws, embedding the caps in the wood.

It is advisable to install the railing for the porch if the flight of stairs consists of three or more steps. Metal, concrete and wood are suitable for their manufacture.

Design of the porch to the veranda

Rules for painting the structure:

  • pre-treatment of wood a primer is required. The procedure is repeated every 3 to 6 years.
  • water-based, oil, alkyd, polyurethane paints are suitable for painting;
  • a pine porch is treated with paint in 2 layers, using a material with good hiding power;
  • oil impregnations ensure the preservation of the original kind of hardwood parts.

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