Corner wardrobe in the bedroom - which one to choose

Corner wardrobe in the bedroom - which one to choose Corner wardrobe in the bedroom - which one to choose

All interiors usually require changes. They are required to make the apartment owners and guests cozy, comfortable, and they feel the "fresh breath" that is inspired by the renovated room.

You can even do without a luxurious renovation, and only first correct it. The easiest way to start changes is with pieces of furniture, since it, like no other interior item, will become boring and boring the fastest.

A simple wardrobe can be exchanged for a corner wardrobe, which fits perfectly into the room design and does not take up much space.

Advantages and features

When arranging repairs or simply replacing pieces of furniture, everyone will wonder whether it is possible to arrange interior items so that they do not look cumbersome, and also saved space. As a rule, the corners are empty in the room, but they can be filled by means of corner cabinets, which will not "eat up" the area.

It is this type of cabinets that have many distinctive qualities and features that should be mentioned:

  1. Despite the compactness and small size, such products are very roomy. Their sizes are ways to surprise, delight and definitely will not leave any owners indifferent. Inside there are shelves and hangers on which you can put things or put other items.

  2. The wardrobe has an elegant shape, and with the help of such an object, you can use square meters in an apartment to the maximum useful and practical. It perfectly hides various irregularities and roughness of the walls. Due to its appearance, the product will be able to give a room a luxurious, sophisticated and elegant look.
  3. This type of furniture is very versatile. It is suitable for the bedroom and living room.

    The wardrobe fits perfectly into the interior of the corridor, and besides, it accommodates shoes and outerwear, thereby helping to achieve order in a small room.

  4. Such designs are made from any materials and are adjusted to any room designs, and they also harmoniously fit into it. Moreover, such pieces of furniture can be made according to a personal sketch, supplementing it with such decorative elements as mosaics, leather, panels or even photo printing.
  5. The degree of roominess of the cabinet is also noted - not just everyday clothes are placed in it, but also winter clothes, ironing boards, toys, etc.
  6. The inner filling is divided into segments, which helps to separate all kinds of things for every family member.

  7. You can supplement the wardrobe with a mirror, which will visually expand the space and add a couple of extra meters to the room.

Now let's look at the types of structures.



Corner wardrobes will take up space from ceiling to floor, and it is also ideal for those who need compact and comfortable furniture.When choosing, it is important to consider design and space, and in order to make the right choice, you need to consider certain varieties.

For the living room

Among the compartment designs that are located in the living room, modular designs are very popular.

They are roomy, multifunctional, and also save space to the maximum. They can be found in small apartments, where every square meter counts. It is he who can not only decorate the living room, but also solve the issue of storing shoes, clothes, various household items, for example, a dryer, a vacuum cleaner or an ironing board.

For the hallway

Corner wardrobe in the bedroom - which one to choose Various ideas can be implemented in a huge space, and it is much more difficult to embody them in a small hallway, which is only a few meters away. The main role in expanding the room will be played by furniture, which has such properties as ease of use, functionality, and also high quality.

A built-in corner wardrobe with sliding doors will ideally fit into this room. Such a structure is usually placed in a corner, and also takes up previously unused free space, which will greatly save space. Many corner cabinets have drawers for shoes and small household items. This is what will become an integral advantage.

For the attic

It would seem, but how can you place a wardrobe in the attic, or rather in a room that has sloped ceilings and corners .

.. A corner cabinet will come to the rescue, whose surface must be calculated to millimeters. Usually they are made to order, and they have an unusual appearance. An excellent solution would be a small bevel cabinet with straight shelves.

On such a flat surface, you can put various photo frames, books, toys or other decorative items.

For the children's room

The children's room is usually littered with things, toys and other items. An excellent solution to this problem would be a wardrobe with corner elements. It will save space, since it is located in the corner part, and opening doors will not take up much space. The most advantageous option for a nursery would be a triangular design with sides adjacent to the walls.

If the room is very large, you can choose the largest compartment from ceiling to floor. It is the most roomy, and things are placed in it.


It is impossible to dispute the merits of such a design, which can be installed even in the most difficult-to-reach places, for example, in the attic or niche. It is quite convenient in small rooms, because it can be placed in a corner, because such placement helps to save square meters in a small room. Such pieces of furniture are very spacious and are often used for dressing rooms, but they can be equipped in any room.


This form of corner cabinets has become universal and is in high demand among all varieties. Due to the versatility of the shape, it is suitable for both the bedroom and the children's / living room. It has a beautiful appearance - a couple of cabinets are combined into one. I use it to the maximum inside, as it is very roomy and large.


By means of corner structures, it is possible to avoid piling up household items and things.

It is the best option for both a huge apartment and a small family. Such an interior item looks very organic in a modern interior, as it does not look massive to the maximum and fits perfectly into any interior design. corner structures have a large number of models that are worth talking about.

  1. Trapezoidal - such models are optimal for a modern interior, and they can even fulfill the role of a dressing room, since they have a very huge system and beveled facades. Together with this feature, like spaciousness, corner structures include many compartments, which can accommodate various decorative items, toys, books or collection souvenirs.

    Individual features are given by the side walls, which differ in shape - they can be both round and angular. The presence of rods indicates the capacity of the structure.

  2. Concave - unlike the design of the convex-type corner wardrobe, the concave will take up much less space. The sliding mechanisms of the sash help in this, which significantly save square meters. Most models have rounded fronts, which reduces injuries.

    Therefore, they are ideal for children's rooms, where it is required to follow all the movements of children and protect them from sharp corners. Concavity will become a distinctive feature of the cabinet, which will give it a certain zest. Such pieces of furniture will improve the visual perception and make the room more comfortable.

  3. Modular - this type of construction will become the most popular, as it combines practicality and a very beautiful appearance. We can say with confidence that it does not become obsolete, since they have the opportunity to modernize and adapt to all interior designs.

    Modular elements usually make a room feel refreshed and fresh. Sideboards, shelves and showcases transform the room and make it renewed. The purchase of a certain number of modules will depend on the cost you are looking for.

  4. With a TV cabinet - a universal option. On the sides of such a cabinet there are shelves and recesses on which you can conveniently place all objects, and in the center there is a special place for a TV.

    This design makes it possible to save space, as it acts as a cabinet and cabinet for the TV. Another plus will be the variety of facades. It can be supplemented with mirrors, photo printing or mosaics with a selected picture. This wardrobe is suitable for both the bedroom and the living room.It is as functional as possible, since it combines various key tasks in a single design.

  5. With a table for a PC - this design not only saves space, but can also serve as an excellent assistant for a student. Due to the presence of a large number of shelves, you can put textbooks and books in it. It is this design that will be the ideal place for a student to arrange all of their objects. Sliding wardrobes with a PC table can be not just standard, but also angular, which makes it possible to save free space to the maximum. Another feature is pull-out tables, and on the one hand it is a simple cabinet, and on the other it is a workplace.

  6. With a chest of drawers - this model is very compact, and it also fits perfectly into the interior of a living room or bedroom. It can be placed in different corners, and due to the built-in chest of drawers, many things can fit on it. Its upper flat surface can also be used, and various figurines, figurines, toys or a simple vase of flowers can be placed on it.

What should be inside?

Internal filling

When when buying a corner cabinet, you need to pay attention to the internal filling, since it is such a part that is completed depending on the type of room. Much will depend on the open or closed version of such furniture.

If you buy pieces of furniture for the hallway, then it is important to remember that not just clothes but also shoes will fit in it, if in the bedroom you need compartments for bedding, and if for the kitchen, then additional shelves for dishes and other utensils. Additional accessories help save space in these cabinets - drawers, shoe baskets and trousers.

Materials for making

Every person who has such a cabinet should know what it is made of, and not just for the sake of interest, but also for health. Each material that is involved in production has certain distinctive features and characteristics. For this reason, the cost of furniture varies in the modern market.

It turns out that higher quality models have a higher cost, and vice versa. In order to buy really safe and high-quality furniture, you need to consider in detail the materials used:

  • Corner wardrobe in the bedroom - which one to choose Particleboard - material made from sawdust, which is impregnated with resins. It is very cheap and lightweight, and when purchasing a cabinet, you need to pay attention to what type of chipboard, since some of them add formaldehyde resins with E2 class. It is strictly forbidden to place furniture made of slabs in the children's room, and E1 slabs are less toxic and safe.
  • MDF - of the advantages, we single out the fact that it is environmentally friendly, and in such material toxic substances that can harm health are practically not used.

    Moreover, products made of it do not look different from wooden ones.

  • Wood - it is it that is the most environmentally friendly material that has been used for more than one century.Furniture made from this material is expensive, but if you spend once on a cabinet made of wood, you will never regret it and will remain satisfied for a long time.

Now about the design.


Design will be the main thing.

despite the fact that they are classically subdivided into elite and common, there are many different designs. It is this method of visually decorating pieces of furniture that will become less costly, but at the same time, it will add zest to the interior, which conveys a sense of style to you.

You should approach the purchase of a product seriously, with full responsibility, since a high-quality cabinet should not only be roomy, but also have an aesthetic appearance from the outside. It is the tastefully selected furniture that emphasizes the sense of style of the apartment owners.

It can be ordered from some manufacturers according to your sketch and design.


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