Country house made of timber: erection technology and material selection, project and stages of construction + Photo and Video

Country house made of timber: erection technology and material selection, project and stages of construction + Photo and Video Probably, every resident of a big city, or almost everyone, from time to time wants to escape from the bustle of the world, retiring in a quiet place , among the greenery, the whisper of the wind and the warm rays of the gentle sun. Where else can we escape for the weekend?

Of course, to the dacha, to a country house, where there may not be any special amenities, but you can easily catch Zen from unity with nature.

For some, the dacha is really a place of rest, but for others it is another place of work. We are talking about those who grow animals in a suburban area, for example, are engaged in rabbit breeding, or all kinds of plants, breaks up whole fruit plantations and so on.

In any case, there must be a house on the site.

What will your house be like?

What will it be like depends on your imagination, preferences, and not least on financial possibilities. We can say with confidence that country houses from a bar still do not lose their popularity. This is primarily due to the relatively affordable price of building material, as well as its environmental friendliness.


Before starting the construction of country houses from a bar, you need to decide on the choice of material. Previously, everything was simple, houses were built from a log house, since there was no particular alternative to wood.

Now the choice of materials is so wide that sometimes you even get lost from this variety. Today there are several types of technologies for the construction of houses from wood, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you are determined to build a country house from a bar of economy class, then know that for you there is the most ordinary bar on sale. It is characterized by the affordability of the price for its purchase. But, it has one significant drawback - the wood in production does not lend itself to processing, has a high humidity, a low level of strength, and as a result - a short service life of the building.

Rounded timber

Rounded timber is a completely different product segment. In production, it is processed, sized and polished. In addition, such material has locking joints and an attractive appearance. The moisture content of the rounded timber is within 15 - 25%, which is also not small, therefore the material, shrinking, shrinks, and this must be taken into account during construction.

Profiled timber

Country house made of timber: erection technology and material selection, project and stages of construction + Photo and Video Another type of timber suitable for construction of houses - profiled.

The special technology of its production allows obtaining high-quality material, which is several times superior to the rounded one. Each individual element has locking joints and a perfected shape that allows you to quickly build a country house without gaps and cracks.

Glued timber

Glued timber is a kind of profiled timber with some modifications.It is characterized by the fact that it is endowed with a strength that is 70% more than ordinary timber, has excellent indicators of durability and heat retention. Its only drawback is its high cost, so the country houses of their glued laminated timber are not affordable for everyone.

The high cost of the material is explained by the special technology of production and processing.

How to choose a bar?

So, we figured out the types of timber for building houses, now your task is to decide which of these materials you can afford. Before making a choice, consider a few factors and your preferences. After that, you can start studying the construction process, before preparing a project for a house from a bar.

Think about where you want to put a summer house from a bar with your own hands.

It should meet the principles of convenience and practicality at the same time. Also, the likelihood of a fire from nearby buildings should be foreseen and eliminated. Make sure that all kinds of communication systems can be brought down unhindered.

Note. There are a number of generally accepted rules for placing a building.

One of them says - the house should be at least 5 m away from the street, and 3 m or more from the fence.

Before building a small country house from a bar, it is necessary to conduct a soil analysis, which will help determine the point of its freezing, as well as the depth of groundwater. The information obtained will make it possible to choose the optimal type of foundation. Next, you need to start preparing the construction site, namely, remove all the garbage, remove the sod, bring communications, equip the storage area for tools and materials.

Now you can start developing your project.

This is a rather serious point, because the quality of building a house depends on how scrupulous you are to its creation.

Projects of country houses from a bar

Before starting construction, you need to collect the entire package of related documentation and submit it to the appropriate authorities to obtain permission for construction of a country house. And first of all, you must have a construction project ready.

How to draw up the correct project of a country house? It is necessary to indicate the dimensions of the building, its sketch and design. Indicate the length, height and width of the house, number of storeys, roof configuration.

After the distribution of the main walls on the plan, it is necessary to indicate the number of inter-wall partitions and their location. Thus, you are pointing to the rooms in the plan. A living room, a bedroom and a kitchen with a bathroom will be enough for a summer residence.

Also, the plan must include the view of the foundation and its structure in the drawing. In addition, you need to indicate which building materials you are going to use.

It is necessary to clearly indicate which type of timber you have chosen and make a sectional plan. This moment will facilitate the work of the company from which you will buy the material. Experts will select exactly the timber you need.Yes, and your task will be simplified, all that remains is to assemble the elements and get the finished structure.

Construction of country houses from a bar


Any construction of a residential building begins with laying the foundation.

Taking into account the fact that houses made of timber are lightweight, the base can be built of a simple type. One suitable option is a columnar foundation. It is attractive in that it has a short construction time, is affordable, and all the work on its arrangement can be done independently.

To do this, you need:

  • Country house made of timber: erection technology and material selection, project and stages of construction + Photo and Video Dig a pit, the bottom of which should be at the level of the freezing point of the soil. Experts recommend making a hole with a diameter of 50 cm, so that it is possible to immerse a post wrapped in waterproofing material into it.

    Just fill the remaining space with sand and gravel and tamp.

  • After you have dug all the pillars' indentations, fill them with a cushion of sand and gravel. The layer should be no more than 10 - 15 cm. The pillars for the foundation can be made of bricks or blocks. In addition, you can build a formwork and pour concrete mortar into it.

    The diameter of the post should be no more than 15 cm, and rise above the ground at a height of 20 - 30 cm. Check the horizontal alignment of the posts.
    Hint. The pitch of installation of pillars for the foundation is 1 - 1.5 meters.

  • It is necessary to immerse metal rods in the posts, to which the first crowns of the building will be attached. In brick pillars, the rods are laid directly in the masonry. If the pillars are concrete, then they are immersed after pouring the cement.
    Hint. Poles can be waterproofed with roofing felt.

  • After everything is ready, you need to tie the foundation with a bar. For this, holes are made in the material under the metal rods.

Erection of walls of a country house from a bar

After creating the foundation of a one-story country house from a bar, you can proceed to laying the walls. If your choice fell on a profiled beam, then the process will be quick and painless, because the elements are equipped with locks for the strength of the connection. This process resembles the assembly of a children's designer, the main thing is to monitor the correct selection of elements and put them in the right places.

If you chose the simplest ordinary timber, then the business will progress more slowly. First you need to lay the first row of material on the foundation. Then the second row is laid and fixed with nigels. The step of their installation is 1 meter. Thus, the walls are built up to the desired height.

Door and window openings are left empty until the log house shrinks. This must be done in order to avoid distortions and irregularities.

Home insulation is also an important point. Watch the video about this.

The roof of the country house made of timber

Country house made of timber: erection technology and material selection, project and stages of construction + Photo and Video After the walls of the house are cocked, you can proceed to installing the roof.

The complexity of this work is that all actions are performed at a height. To begin with, install the logs horizontally, acting as an overlap of the roof ceiling. Further, in the center, the supports are mounted in an upright position with the height indicated in the plan of the house.

Then comes the turn of installing the rafters using different methods. One of the most popular is fastening with self-tapping screws and metal corners.

The pitch of the rafters is 60 cm. They are mounted using horizontal boards and jibs. Next comes the process of installing the lathing and roof sheathing with the selected material, according to the project.

That's all, the process of building a country house from a bar is completed. Now you can do insulation and decoration.

In the case of building a house from a simple bar, it is necessary to wait from six months to a year until the house shrinks. For country houses made of profiled and glued beams, including, such restrictions do not exist.

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