Country metal tile and its characteristics

Country metal tile and its characteristics Country metal tile - photo, texture, colors

For those who are not attracted by the faceless, and roofs obviously made of metal, you will need a Country metal tile, a photo of which is presented later in the article. Its peculiarity lies in the shape of the profile. The embossing of the metal sheet repeats the pattern of the tiled roofs of old Europe.

The appearance of this type of roof is associated with the desire of the owners of houses and apartments to give the buildings individuality, to bring them as close as possible in style to the planned idea.

General information

This is how the profiles with very poetic names appeared:

  • Monterrey - harmonious, smooth waves, as if falling on a perfectly calm surface.

  • Spanish Dune is a measured alternation of convex and flat areas that do not have sharp corners.
  • Pamir - imitation of tiles of the eastern type with not wide, prominent waves on a flat sheet surface.
  • Quinta - alternation of grooves and waves, imitating the movement of the conductor's hand.

Let's consider all the features in more detail.


Profile of metal tiles

Country when imitating the pattern of authentic tiles from ceramics, consists of clearly visible waves, as if overlapping one on the second row.

The length of each individual wave vertically is 0.35 meters, the difference in height between the next and the previous wave (step) is 2 cm, and the height of each wave in the highest place is 2.7 cm. The creation of such a roofing material is made from a sheet of metal with a thickness of 0. 05 cm.

The total width of the finished product is 2. 88 meters, and the useful width is 2. 2 meters.


According to external data, the country does not immediately differ from the ceramic roof in the village. These are its advantages for designers and decorators.

Natural ceramics is more difficult and takes longer to install, not every master is ready to do this. There are such technological advantages:

  • Country metal tile and its characteristics Speed ​​and ease of installation.
  • Convenience of transportation and storage of sheets.
  • Reliability and durability of modern roofing material.
  • Ideal geometry will provide butt accuracy.

  • Resistance to corrosion, atmospheric phenomena and mechanical influence of tree branches, hail and everything else.
  • The manufacturer's warranty ranges from 10 to 50 years of operation (depending on the type of protective coating).
  • Profitability when compared with a real ceramic roof.

Now a little about prices.

The cost of country metal tiles from different manufacturers

The price of any roofing material determines the name of the manufacturer, raw material quality, type of protective coating, scale of the trading company, delivery cost and the possibility of discounts .

..So how much does it cost to cover the roof with metal tiles? Prices are approximate:

  1. Profile made of metal, the production of which is Russian-Belgian, with polyester 25 microns is 340 rubles per square meter.
  2. A metal profile made in Europe with a quartzite coating of 25-30 microns - 370 rubles per square meter.
  3. Profile made of European type metal with a velor coating in 20-35 microns - the cost is 350 rubles per square meter.

  4. Metal profile (Korean material), print coating in 35 microns - 400 rubles per square meter.
  5. Profile with metal, which is made in Korea, and has a safari coating of 35 microns - 410 rubles per square meter.
  6. Belgian metal for a profile with a granite coating in 50 microns - 460 rubles per square meter.
  7. European metal for a profile with a quartzite coating in 35-55 microns - the cost is 485 rubles per square meter.
  8. Profile made of European metal with velor coating in 35-5 microns - 460 rubles per square meter.

So, you've seen the approximate prices. Now you can carry out calculations of metal tiles for the roof in order to purchase the required number of roofing materials. a professional roof requires quality cutting tools. How to cut metal tiles? Multiple tools are recommended.

Textures and colors of the profile

The type of polymer-type coating determines not only the protective qualities, but also the profile texture.

Marking of shades by RАL

Country metal tile and its characteristics To unify and determine the shades of products made from rolled metal, a color standard was adopted, which was developed in 1927 in Germany. This system is called RAL. According to such schemes, each shade and color is assigned an index in the form of numbers, and the initial one will denote a group of shades, for example, 5xxx is a group of blue shades (according to the scheme it is 25), and 8xxx is brown, 6xxx is green. Colors and shades, not just Country, but also Rukka metal tiles can be marked by RAL, the consumer will simply navigate through the catalog, knowing the group number of the desired shade.

Texture and quality of polymer-type coating

Polyester is an inexpensive glossy coating (polyester enamel is applied to galvanized steel).

It is used by Finnish, Russian and Swedish manufacturers. In order to obtain matte polyester, metal dust must be added to the enamel composition. Used by manufacturers from Korea, Sweden and Russia. Velor has a velvety and matte surface, but it is rough to the touch. The manufacturer's guarantee of durability ranges from 10 to 30 years.

Granite НDХ is a coating with granite resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet light, temperature extremes and mechanical damage.Solano is a representative of the premium polymer type coatings, and the rich bright color will not fade, and the surface will have dirt-repellent properties, the warranty is 25 years.


The high-precision drawing below clearly shows the profile characteristics of a metal tile.


The Grand Line company, which has a representative office in the city of Obninsk, is the only manufacturer of Country profile in Russia. In addition to the Metallist plant located in Obninks, the following companies offer such a profile:

  • Interprofil plant.

  • Metal Profile Group of Companies.
  • Finnish TACOTTA.
  • Finnish Vikmen.
  • Swedish "Plank".
  • "Measure of systems" from Sweden.

Country metal tile has all the advantages of modern metal roofing material and the appearance of authentic ceramics. Using it, you can decorate a building in the style of a medieval castle or a solid and high-quality timber house structure. We offer you to watch a video in which there is a brief description of metal tiles of different types of profile.