Country toilet with your own hands - How to build easily? Step by step instructions + Video

Country toilet with your own hands - How to build easily? Step by step instructions + Video A summer cottage has long ceased to be a privileged luxury, almost everyone can afford to have a country house. Let it be small, but cozy, with all the amenities. In addition to adjacent buildings, at the stage of building a house, it is advisable to create a draft of a country toilet.

If the dacha is planned to be used as a temporary settlement for the summer or as a resting place on weekends, then you don't have to bother with the construction of a sewage system , the most common construction with a cesspool will do.

On the Internet resources, you can find freely available country toilets drawings and dimensions, in which all dimensions will be indicated.

Following the planned project plan, you can build a simple toilet without much difficulty and extra financial costs.

General information

Country toilet with your own hands - How to build easily? Step by step instructions + Video This building, despite the general functionality, has differences in form and method of construction. As for the form, you will determine it for yourself, which one you like best, but the amount of materials required will depend on the drawing.

Variants of a country toilet

Most often, the following options for a country toilet are used in a suburban area:

  • Toilet with a cesspool pit;
  • Powder closet;
  • Dry closet.

Each type of structure has its own advantages and features of construction.

Before starting construction, familiarize yourself with the nuances of building each of them, and choose the appropriate option.

The design of a country toilet with a cesspool

The project of this type of toilet provides for the presence of a pit or, in a simple way, a pit. For this purpose, an ordinary plastic barrel or brickwork, which is reinforced with reinforcement, is suitable. In addition, the project obliges to calculate the required amount of cement mortar, bricks and reinforcement.

The erected brick walls are covered with plaster.

The toilet itself can be made of any material, most often wood is used. The shape can be arbitrary, for example, the most popular designs resemble a hut, a small house or a teremok.

Such a project provides for the accumulation of waste in a cesspool for a country toilet, for which it is necessary to use a sewer to clean it. One of the main disadvantages of such structures is a rather unpleasant smell in the toilet room, which does not disappear anywhere, and, of course, it is unpleasant in it. The situation can be corrected, perhaps, by the ventilation system in the country toilet.

You will be faced with a choice between a forced and a natural system. The latter option involves creating holes at the top and bottom. Their main task is to create a circulation of air currents that will not allow unpleasant odors to linger in the toilet.

Forced exhaust in the country toilet provides for the presence of a fan that will blow out amber from the toilet room.When installing the fan, you must provide for the possibility of arranging a compensation hole, due to which the air will get inside.

The hole diameter should be at the same level as the fan itself. All these nuances should be spelled out in the draft of a country toilet.

Important! When installing a country toilet, do not miss the need for air circulation in the cesspool from the building. A ventilation pipe will do for this.

Powder closet design

This project of a toilet at a summer cottage does not provide for a cesspool, so all waste will be collected in a special tank under the toilet seat.

When designing the structure of such a toilet, consider the presence of two containers, which will be of different sizes. In a smaller container, you need to make several holes of different caliber, and then put it in a large container, in which you need to make a round outlet. It is into it that the waste drainage hose is connected.

The main function of such a hose is to remove fluid into the ground or drainage system. The filler container plays a major role in this project.

A commonly used mixture is peat, which helps to contain the unpleasant odor that is unavoidable with this design. After filling the tank with waste, it is taken out to the compost pit.

When creating a drawing of a country toilet of such a plan, consider the possibility of convenient removal of containers. To do this, you can create a structure in which the tank can be removed after raising the seat of the country toilet. The second option for solving the problem involves the creation of a small door that will allow you to easily get the waste container.

The design of the dry closet

This is the simplest and most cost-effective option for a country toilet. You don't have to build, dig, erect, or let anything down. Just buy a ready-made dry closet booth and install it in the chosen place. There are ready-made country toilets of the usual design and just booths to choose from.


The finished design of the dry closet can be easily installed in a country house, having taken care of the drainage system beforehand.

Country toilet with shower

Such projects are quite popular, because they are a universal design, and can also become a fairly profitable structure with economic point of view. Also, in this way, you can save precious space at your summer cottage. The project of a country shower and toilet under one roof provides for a common wall. In addition, the toilet can be created on the basis of a cesspool or a tank with a mixture.

The advantage of such a building is that after a hard day in the garden, you can safely take a shower on the spot.

It's clear that such designs require more capital investment than simple toilets, but the result will please you anyway.Applying ready-made drawings in practice, you get the opportunity to create a country toilet with your own hands without attracting additional labor. By experimenting, you can add zest designs and get not only a comfortable design for personal use, but also an attractive appearance.

Construction of a country toilet

Principles of creating a project

The main point that you need to follow when creating a toilet project in the country is drawing all the details.

A clear indication of the size, shape and type of building is a guarantee of the successful implementation of the project. In addition, there are some guidelines that should not be overlooked.

Country toilet with your own hands - How to build easily? Step by step instructions + Video

  • The distance from the toilet to the drainage point must be at least 30 m.
  • Residential and utility buildings should be located more than 15 m from the toilet. The exception is a septic tank with a toilet bio-cleaning system.

  • The dimensions of the country toilet: the height of the toilet cannot exceed 2.5 m, the length varies within 1.2 - 1.8 m, the width - 1 - 1.2 m.

  • The depth of the cesspool pits should be at least 1.5 - 2 m, diameter 2 - 2.5 m.

Note. The occurrence of groundwater on the surface determines the rejection of the cesspool.

Materials for the construction of a country toilet


They know about the advantages of this material many. The brick is distinguished by its strength, reliability, long service life, resistance to moisture and the sun, and the ability to retain heat. In addition, in summer, brick houses are cool, and environmental friendliness makes it, undoubtedly, the most popular material for construction. To build a brick toilet in a country house, you need to take care of the foundation. Also, it is very important to make high quality masonry.

Use slate as roofing material for the toilet, this is the simplest and most reliable option.


Wood has been used as a building material for a very long time and everywhere. To erect such a structure, you will need a minimum of time and financial costs. Often in the construction of a wooden country toilet, the form of a teremok is used. This is a small building that takes up little space, but it looks wonderful.

Since these are the most popular designs of toilets in the country, there are several variations of their forms:

  • Shalash . The design has an attractive appearance and is robust. Rest assured that such a toilet will serve you for a long time, since it is not afraid of snow, rain or gusts of wind. The disadvantages include some inconvenience of being in it. Tall people can bump their heads against the ceiling, they constantly have to bend down when entering and exiting.

  • Teremok or birdhouse . Refers to the simplest country toilet projects. For its construction, not very many materials are required.Of the minuses, it retains heat poorly and easily lets the wind through, so often such a toilet can be used in summer.
  • House .

    The building is durable and warm enough when compared with the terem. A minimum of materials will also be spent on its creation, and the uniqueness of the form allows the creation of artistic decoration.

  • Hut . Refers to complex country toilet projects. Its implementation will require a large amount of materials and labor costs.

    But, nevertheless, the result is a solid structure that can withstand any adverse conditions. Also, each member of your family will note the convenience of using this type of structure.


This version of the country toilet is suitable for those who have a limited budget and want to build it quickly. For construction, metal sheets are used, which may have remained after the construction of the house, or new ones are bought. It is important not to forget about the inner lining of the toilet, because in the cold season, you will have a hard time in such a room.

The advantage of such a structure is that even a beginner can easily cope with it. Attention should be paid to the toilet seat for the country toilet, which is best made of wood, for the convenience of sitting on it.


Summing up, we can say that there are many options for the construction of a country toilet. For construction, you can choose any material that you can afford or depending on your imagination. In addition, you yourself must decide on the shape, type and location of the structure in your summer cottage.

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