Crafts from wood for summer cottages + photo

Crafts from wood for summer cottages + photo DIY crafts for the garden and summer cottages

There are many ideas for creativity and inspiration you can found in all sorts of sources, and resourceful people successfully adapt many seemingly useless objects and make incredible works of art out of them.

Many such creations adorn garden and summer cottages, and also surprise guests. Then why not learn how to use those materials that are always at hand at every summer cottage, for example, beautiful driftwood, wooden cuts, small logs?

We will consider 3 ideas for wooden crafts for cottages and gardens, which you can create with your own hands and will try to inspire you to create something unique and new.

Figures of birds or animals

Before proceeding to consider more practical ideas for using different wood materials, we suggest showing your imagination and decorating the site with unpretentious, but very cute animals. From the simplest materials, without any expenses, you can make beautiful decorations for a flower bed and involve your own child in the process.

Let him think exactly how the hero will look from wood, what dimensions he will be, and where he will stand, and you will only have to assemble it from different fragments. We propose to create an owl family that sits on a branch. Here you will need:

  • Crafts from wood for summer cottages + photo Hacksaw for wood.
  • Mount.
  • A couple of small cuts, divided into two halves.

  • A couple of small branches or twigs.
  • Four thin small saw cuts.
  • 1 large saw cut and 1 medium size.
  • A wooden branch with an average thickness with a length of 0.5 meters.

  • And, of course, a sketch. Visualization is an extremely useful thing, and through it you can quickly navigate the number of required material and its dimensions.

Let's start with a large owl. Before you tightly connect the parts together, you need to decompose them and see how it will look. You may wish to change or add something.

A large saw cut will serve as a bird's body. On it, you need to mark a couple of small cuts, which will be eyes, and also a knot that will play the role of a beak. The craft will look more interesting and voluminous if the elements go slightly beyond the main contour. The wings are of arbitrary shape, and perhaps you can find more interesting material for their execution. Take a small saw cut, cut it in half with a hacksaw, peel the bark off the edges, and try to jag the edges that mimic feathers.

Next, you need to fix the parts on the body. You can use small nails and a hammer for this, but if you do the craft with your child, it is better to use liquid nails. Using a similar technology, the owl is made smaller. If desired, add a very small owlet, and after all the birds, you need to attach it to a branch or stump.If you want to place a flower bed from the middle, it is permissible to attach a branch on a stick so that the structure is in the shape of the letter "T" and rises above the plantings.

Do not forget that owls have legs, and they can be made in the same way as wings or from simple branches of a suitable shape. In addition to owls, there are many other figurines that are easy to make. Small bunnies with ears that stick up will also look great.

Crafts in the form of a mosaic for the soul

Most likely, in the country house you have a place that you want to decorate, but at the same time make everything unusual. There is an offer to decorate any surface with an eco-style product.

The essence of the method consists in laying a complete pattern or image from wood cuts of various sizes. We need:

  • Lacquer composition.
  • Plywood sheet.
  • Many thin cuts with different sizes.
  • Liquid nails.

  • Electric jigsaw or hacksaw.

First you need to come up with an image that will give you pleasure and enhance your mood with a visual look. Next, you need to transfer the sketch from paper to plywood sheet, adhering to the scale. When the drawing is ready, you need to attach it to the place of fastening and estimate the dimensions. The craft may seem cumbersome, or very small, which will get lost against the background of a wall with a long length.

At this stage, everything is fixable. After correcting, you can start cutting out the plywood base. Next, it remains to glue the wood mugs with an adhesive and enjoy your work.

Select the pieces so that there are minimal gaps between them. This has a positive effect on the finished woodwork for a summer residence.

To protect a wood product, after the adhesive has dried, it is required to open it with a transparent type of varnish. You can experiment and create certain details with different colors, and in addition to cuts, you can use glass decorative stones or even pebbles from the sea / river. You can also make the composition more voluminous - first, glue the main layer, and then glue further details in a checkerboard pattern, adding less and less fragments. If there is an old mirror in the country, then by a similar principle you can arrange it in a beautiful frame. The mirror needs to be glued to the plywood sheet in the middle, leaving the edges free in order to attach the cuts.

Usually, if the mirror is round, then the frame should follow its contour. You can try the opposite way - enclose a round mirror in a square frame and see how unusual it will be after reincarnation.

Useful little things

Everyone drinks tea, prepare dinners and lunches and gather with their families. The apartment has all the necessary little things that will make this process as convenient as possible - various potholders, coasters and the rest.

At the dacha, hands usually do not reach these trifles, which will damage the table surface or even the tablecloth when there are many different hot kettle or frying pan on it.

It's time to put an end to this and in just 2 hours make many coasters for hot objects with your own hands. Depending on the area of ​​use, the size and shape will be determined by your personal needs. Let's consider the method of creating the simplest coasters, and for them you need:

  • Crafts from wood for summer cottages + photo Wooden circles.
  • Hacksaw for wood.
  • Adhesive composition.

  • Base.

Using the same principle, cut a base from plywood and glue wood cuts to it. Such simple products can easily withstand high levels of temperature, and small plywood-based coasters are suitable for hot cups or a small kettle. Set the pan or saucepan much on more massive supports that are able to support more weight. As a basis, it is allowed to use a large, but not the thickest saw cut.

The bark should be removed immediately, since in the operational process it will still crumble. The saw cut can be left in its original form only by sanding it a little with fine-grained sandpaper and opening it with a varnish. You can draw something from above, if you know how - to make artistic burning and cover with varnish. And you can still paste over the entire surface with small circles, and the ends of the supports, which are slightly thicker, can be wrapped with thin twine or twine, after coating the surface with an adhesive composition. So, crafts will look neater and complete.

If you have the patience and a little skill in working with a drill, then you can make a flexible type of stand with a wide variety of configurations.

Beading skills are also required. You will need:

  • Vise.
  • Drill with fine drill bit.
  • Small wooden cuts with a thickness of at least 1 cm.

  • Thick line or nylon thread.

You can make a stand in the same way as bracelets are woven from beads. To do this, in each circle, you need to drill through holes in the end. All parts are small, and it is inconvenient and dangerous to hold them with your hands. For this reason, each circle is required to be clamped in a vice.

The drill is required to be used with a thickness of 0.2 cm. If the process of fastening parts causes you difficulties, use weaving patterns and act on their basis. It is not necessary that the entire stand will be made of a single piece, and it can be made of fragments connected to each other, because it will be much easier to do this for the first time. After the work is finished, it is required to reliably tie the edges of the thread or fishing line, and if you use the fishing line, then you can carefully burn the ends.

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