Creation of a project and design of a dressing room from a closet: + Photo and Video

Creation of a project and design of a dressing room from a closet: + Photo and Video Creation of a project and design of a dressing room from the closet and a photo. Every housewife wants to have a corner in the house where they can store any things, both everyday and seasonal. As a rule, it is almost impossible to find such a place in Khrushchevs. In this case, a small dressing room from the pantry will be an excellent solution to the problem. It doesn't take a lot of time to make the dream come true, but it's still worth observing the main points, namely, choosing a configuration, creating a storage scheme, zoning and installing modules.

There is information about all this below.

Basic requirements

In Khrushchev, a dressing room can be made from a pantry, which is always provided in houses of this type. To understand if the possibility of arranging a room for storing such things, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements in this direction :

  • Creation of a project and design of a dressing room from a closet: + Photo and Video To create a dressing room, a certain area is required, and the minimum is 1 * 1. 5 meters, which is enough to make shelves and install a hanger bar.
  • Dressing rooms can be both two-sided and one-sided.

    In the second case, the required width should be at least 1.2 measures, and in the first at least 1.5 meters.

  • Dressing rooms, made in place of an old pantry, are a closed space that is completely filled with things, and ventilation is required for ideal storage. The creation of a ventilation system is a basic requirement.

  • If the dressing room is located near the bedrooms, then the fan should not make much noise.
  • For a good overview of how full the vault is, lighting should be done.
  • As a rule, built-in wardrobes are provided in wardrobes, but this cannot be done in miniature pantries, therefore, wardrobes are replaced with standard shelves and racks.
  • The main task of such a room is the correct and competent distribution of space. Yes, every cm 2 should be used rationally, to the maximum.

Now it is worth considering the aspects of the dressing room arrangement in more detail.

Nuances of dressing room arrangement

When you start creating a dressing room in the pantry, you should think about all the main aspects. First you need to estimate the number of things that will be stored there, and also distribute them by category. Next, you need to figure out how to store them, for example, upper shelves are needed for large things, and hoses and trembles for outerwear, pull-out drawers for underwear.

Variety of configurations

How to distribute space in a small dressing room from a closet in Khrushchev? Everything will depend on what shape you choose for the pantry.

There are several options for the storage system, here are just a few examples:

  1. Creation of a project and design of a dressing room from a closet: + Photo and Video Linear system. You can create racks against one wall of the dressing room, and then it will not differ much from the closet. With such a layout model, you should think carefully about how many shelves, rods, and also sliding drawers you will have.
  2. L-shaped storage. This is perhaps the best option for a Khrushchev, and is especially ideal for rooms that have a rectangular long shape.

    In addition to things, in such a room you can store an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner, and more.

  3. U-shaped configuration . The most spacious and practical. In this case, it turns out to achieve 100% filling of the space.
  4. Angle configuration .

    Quite non-standard, but it helps to fix problem parts of the room, and you get a spacious dressing room for storing things.

Once you know all the configurations, it is appropriate to consider what modern storage systems are.

Modern storage options

The functionality of a room such as a dressing room will be determined by the right storage system. It should be chosen and based on what is the area of ​​the room allocated for things. There are three types of wardrobe systems, and therefore we propose to consider all their advantages and design features.

  1. Hull. To create a cabinet type of furniture, you need exact dimensions, a pre-prepared project and a master who can do everything to order. The advantages include the functional placement of the stored items, the large volume and the fact that the design is very reliable. But nevertheless, despite such a number of advantages, there are some disadvantages, namely the drawers and shelves are bulky and take up a lot of usable space, as well as the fact that after installation it will be impossible to change the layout of the furniture.
  2. Mesh.

    The design, which looks like a grid (honeycomb), carries a certain compactness and versatility. It consists of small shelving, the shelves have a mesh base, and baskets of the same type are attached to brackets and hooks. This system differs in that it is quite simple to install it in the pantry, and this can be done even with your own hands. In addition, you can always change the configuration of your dressing room.

Please note, that if the mesh structure is chosen for the closet in the pantry, then you should definitely take into account the fact that the storage system cannot withstand heavy things.

  1. Wireframe. This design assumes that metal struts will be installed and attached to the ceiling and floor. Shelves and racks can be installed on the crossbars. It is also not difficult to attach rods for outerwear, and the drawers are easy enough to mount into the overall structure. The advantages include the fact that installation will not be difficult even for beginners in this business, as well as the fact that you can change the project at any time.

    Visually, such a system looks like a very light structure, and this is possible due to the fact that there are no side elements.


The disadvantage of the functioning of the room for storing things in apartments where the old layout is that the storage area is very small. In order to optimize this, you should carefully consider the planning of zones in order to store things.

To design a small wardrobe room from the pantry, you will first need to divide it into three main zones:

  • Bottom - as a rule, there are boxes with shoes, various accessories, umbrellas on it. The lower space will occupy about 80 cm from the floor.

    The height of the canvas in order to store summer shoes on them is 25 cm, and for winter 45 cm.

  • Creation of a project and design of a dressing room from a closet: + Photo and Video Medium - they usually place things that are used most often. Here you can also equip space for outerwear, and the height of the zone must necessarily occupy about 150-170 cm. In one place, you will need to divide the space in order to place skirts, trousers, and shirts separately.
  • Upper - most often it has racks for storing off-season things.

    You can also put blankets, bedding sets, suitcases, pillows and everything else there. The optimal height for the upper shelves will be about 20 cm, and the depth is not less than 30 cm.

As you can see, proper zoning will help you use this room with maximum convenience.

Convenient storage devices

There are many different devices in the modern furniture market in order to compactly place and store things:

  • Devices for hanging skirts and trousers, they have special rubberized clips. This makes it possible not to leave a trace of kink, as on a standard hanger.

  • Hangers not with one crossbar, as according to the standard, but with several at once, so that it turns out to place several things that are as similar to each other as possible, and this will make the most of the space.
  • It will not be superfluous to purchase a system for convenient storage of chiffon scarves, ties, belts, belts and more.
  • Instead of the standard crossbars, it will be convenient to use one of the new ideas, namely the pantograph lift. Using the adjustment lever, you can lower it down.
  • Shoe modules are no less convenient for storage.

    They are presented in the form of platforms with special protrusions on which you can fit shoes.

When the storage has been sorted out, it is worth thinking about what kind of lighting will be in the dressing room.

Decoration and arrangement of lighting

The closet in the pantry is a completely enclosed space, and for this reason it is necessary to focus on such an important aspect as lighting.In this direction, use small spotlights, or a wall lamp that can be freely rotated in any direction. An interesting idea is lighting for clothes.

In this case, the easiest way is to purchase miniature LED lamps that will be attached to the crossbars or any other element. They should not be too close to the shelves and cling to clothing. It will be great if you have installed interior lighting for the drawers, and this can be done with LED strips.

A separate topic for conversation is finishing work inside a small dressing room from the closet. There are several unspoken rules here - the surface must be smooth, pasted over or painted in light colors.

In some areas (if the dressing room allows), you can make a mirror surface or a soft fabric drapery.

Good advice! Mirror surfaces and light colors help to visually expand the space. Try to follow this simple rule.

Decorating the door

When the zoning is over, you can move on to such an interesting matter as arranging a doorway. This aspect cannot be considered unimportant, since it also has design significance.

We present to your attention several popular options for closing the doorway of the dressing room, made on the site of the pantry:

  • The most affordable and simple way is to leave the opening open, and then you can take out some shelves outside the pantry. This option is only suitable if the dressing room is in the hallway.
  • Often people do not bother and use screens or sliding doors for separation. If you are inclined to choose the second option, you can order the design from the workshop, as well as pre-select the design.
  • When creating an ordinary screen, try to make it creative and stylish.

    Selected cornice and textiles that will blend in with the interior is very important.

So now let's move on to the practical part of changing a simple pantry into a stylish dressing room.

Do-it-yourself pantry remodeling

Before you start repairing and creating a place to store clothes, consider the fact that the space is very small, n Therefore, pay special attention to the production of the project.

Drawing up a scheme and plan for a dressing room

Creation of a project and design of a dressing room from a closet: + Photo and Video it will be superfluous to estimate the area of ​​the pantry. As a rule, in Khrushchev it is about 3 m 2 , and if consumers do not have enough space, then they can start expanding it.

To do this, you need to demolish one of the walls, and then make a plasterboard partition. But it is worth remembering that in this case the space of the room will be reduced.

Before starting, you should think over the storage system, and also do not forget to mark it in the project plan.Also, it should indicate all the real dimensions, make sketches from all angles in order to make the work as easy as possible. At the end of the layout, calculate the consumption of materials that will be required for the rework.

We suggest considering a couple more configurations.


This type of dressing room is created according to the shape of the pantry, but even in this case it is possible to adjust the space. The standard scheme for storing things means that the area around the entire perimeter will be involved. We suggest looking at the photo of several options.


Recently, dressing rooms with a triangular shape have become much more popular.

They make it possible to provide storage space even in very small apartments. Various sketches and ideas are presented below.

How to vacate and decorate the room

To start arranging a small dressing room from the pantry, the photos of which are above, should be done with preparatory work. To begin with, the room should be freed from old coatings, the walls and floor should be cleaned from a layer of dust (vacuum cleaner and wet cleaning). Next, assess the condition of the walls in the room, and if there are large defects, you should plaster or putty the walls.

Then align and paint the ceiling. With a screed, you can level the floor and cover with linoleum. Experts advise not to waste a large amount of materials for finishing, since this will not be visible behind things, and the main thing is to focus on flat surfaces. If this is not done, the furniture structure may be skewed.

Creation of ventilation

In the project of Khrushchev houses, ventilation is not built-in, and therefore you will have to take care of it yourself.

To resolve the issues, large costs will not be required, and the best option would be to create a forced type of ventilation.

To do this, you will need:

  • Select a place in the wall under the ceiling that will be further than the doorway and make a hole. To do this, use a hammer drill and "crowns" that will have the required diametrical section.
  • Insert the fan into the hole obtained.
  • Make an inlet on the back side and mask it with a ventilation grill.

In order for the device to work efficiently, use the following calculations. The fan power should be selected depending on the volume of the room. To do this, multiply the volume of the dressing room by 1.5, and if the dimensions of the pantry are 1.5 * 2 * 2.

5 meters, then a fan with a capacity of 11.5 m 3 / hour is required.

Manufacturing and installation of a storage system

A DIY storage system can be made from a metal structure, chipboard with decorative trim, ribbons for decoration, accessories. Sometimes you can choose wooden structures along with those made of metal.

The assembly process is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Cut the metal according to the sketch.

  2. Make a cut from chipboard and finish off the edges with an edging tape.
  3. Install the metal frame, and the vertical elements should rest against the ceiling and floor, and then fix everything on the screws.
  4. Attach horizontal elements, assemble the structure to the end.
  5. Install shelves, built-in drawers, etc., check the level.

You can complete the design with hooks, baskets, hangers and more.

Ready-made designs of miniature wardrobes

When the sliding door from the workshop is ready, you can install it yourself. First you need to attach the guides, and then install the door leaves. After fixing on the bottom rail, you need to attach the stopper. The installation of the canvases begins with a guide from above, and after that they are lifted up to failure and inserted into those guides that are below.

You should stop at decorating doors, and there is a great choice here:

  • The entire plane can be decorated with mirrors, it is possible with drawings on them.
  • Canvases should be made of chipboard, and then their design will differ in color and structure.
  • Patterned glass doors or frosted glass.
  • Combi options, namely the combination of chipboard material and mirror or chipboard and glass.
  • Bamboo and rattan halftone.

There are so many options that you can choose what you like. Some of the finished design ideas and design can be seen below in the photo. By re-equipping the pantry into a stylish and modern dressing room with your own hands, it is possible to ensure personal participation in an interesting process, as well as save budget and improve skills. But keep in mind that when creating a project, it is best to consult with the pros, and otherwise use your imagination.

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