Custom curtains for home: options, photo

Custom curtains for home: options, photo Ideas for tailoring curtains to order - how to choose the ideal ones for home

The dacha issue is always relevant, and recently the tendency to completely move away from the bustle of the city, to the private sector, where there is clean air and complete freedom, has increased. Preference is usually given to wooden houses or other natural materials. We suggest considering how, when sewing custom-made curtains for a home, choose something worthwhile and really suitable for your home.

Construction features. The fashion for wooden houses, which only takes root over the years, is not surprising and even understandable.

The fact is that houses made of timber or logs are environmentally friendly, their walls "breathe", and the material itself is capable of creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, sometimes even without external and internal finishing.

Wood as a material of natural origin conveys the unimaginable beauty of nature, and often does not need additional methods of refinement. The naturalness of wood furnishings cannot be replaced by any synthetic material. For this reason, wooden houses are so popular, even despite the fact that the construction market is saturated with many of the latest artificial materials.

General information

Wooden parts in interiors are durable


.. and they can be easily restored and replaced. Even in modern cottage buildings made of concrete and stone, preference is given to wood finishing of the ceiling, floor and walls. wood window frames are also popular, because they are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones, and also create additional comfort, albeit visually.

In the modern construction of country houses, work is necessarily carried out on an individual project and offer the presence of spacious premises that require an exquisite design. But at the same time, wooden houses "with the history" of the old housing stock are sometimes not inferior in beauty and convenience to their newfangled brothers. Even if you have a small log house in your country house, with the right design and approach (and maybe even with a certain refurbishment), you can make a fabulous corner out of it.

If we talk about the interior decoration of wooden houses, then everything will sparkle with new colors, if we start from the "woody" style of housing when decorating the interior. The wood itself dictates the color scheme, as well as the environment with natural shades.

This does not mean at all that all interior items should be made of the same material. On the contrary, wood goes well with stones, fabrics and even metal elements. Country style, chalet, Provence or ethno style will be most appropriate for a wooden house. Styles are usually formed from wall decor, furniture items, and floor decoration. The theme of design of window openings deserves special attention.

Window opening

Curtains in interior design play an incredibly important role, and help to complete the design, as well as create an atmosphere of comfort throughout the space. When choosing curtains for a private house, one should take into account not only the material of the fabric, but also the appropriate type of such interior items.

Let's consider the most successful examples of window decoration for a country house:

  1. Custom curtains for home: options, photo Classic curtains. For a cottage or a country house, the familiar classic version of curtains, which consists of two sliding types of canvases and an organza or tulle curtain, is perfect for everyone. The classics never go out of style, which is why standard windows will always look cozy at home.

  2. Modern textiles. They look expensive and often do not require additional decorations, but if a talented designer works with them, he will be able to turn curtain compositions into something delightful. Curtains on rings, clips, drapery of light fabrics, tassels and other decorative elements are ways to give tires for every interior. But here it is important to remember that the design of a wooden house will dictate its own conditions and certain ideas that may simply not be suitable for other houses.
  3. Fabric blinds.

    Roman blinds are currently at their peak of popularity. They are lightweight and easy to install, as well as easy to operate, harmonize perfectly with all interiors, and also add luxury elements to the room. Also, there will be no costs for installation or purchase of additional products in the form of cornices. The roller that lowers and lifts the fabric can be attached to the frame itself. The shutter mechanism makes it possible to adjust and adjust the luminous flux in the required position.

  4. Roman blinds. Such curtains are made to order most often, and they will become a wonderful decoration not just for rooms in a country house, but even for a veranda. Due to the fact that this type of curtain will require dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

    It is better not to use it in a room with high humidity (bathroom or kitchen). By the way, Roman blinds are perfect for non-standard window openings, they also tightly cover the window, they can become part of the ensemble, where the curtains will be replaced, and they can also be combined with curtains.

  5. Roller blinds are a great option for those people who love the laconicism and simplicity of the interior. They are easy to use, unpretentious, can serve as a canvas for applying an individual pattern. They differ from Roman ones in the folding mechanism. The former will more resemble the classic designs of blinds, while the latter roll up in the form of a roller. But both options are comfortable, practical, and will be an excellent replacement for curtains, curtains, and at the same time they are much more functional.

And now more about how to choose curtains for the house in a particular room.

Selecting curtains for different rooms

Naturally, for individual rooms you should choose your own types of curtains, fabric material and colors.

But there are certain nuances, taking into account which it will be much easier to make a choice:

  1. Custom curtains for home: options, photo For the bedroom, living room and children's room, any curtains that will cover the entire window opening to the floor are suitable. This will be a classic for decorating window openings, everything looks luxurious, but dormers can be an exception. The classic style is emphasized by chiffon curtains, and they can be combined with curtains made of denser fabrics.

    And for all rooms and premises, you should choose blinds of the appropriate type and colors.

  2. For a kitchen in a house made of wood, light curtains just below the windowsill are perfect, which will be in harmony with the overall design. They can be complemented with tulle or even roman blinds. Sometimes lambrequins even look on the curtains for the kitchen, which can hide the non-standard forms of the window, soften the corners, give everything a more elegant and festive look. Curtains with various decorations in the form of ribbons and bows are also suitable here, which will be very useful for country and Provence style.

  3. For the veranda and attic, blinds that are unpretentious in maintenance are the best choice. They are comfortable, perfectly darken the room, and have mechanisms for adjusting the solar flow. They can also be combined with the rest of the curtains and serve as a protection adjacent to the window, and can also be an independent part, as well as a color point of the interior.

Please note that in modern houses of a log or timber, wide windows are usually designed, which give a lot of light, but sometimes the windows are different geometric shapes, and choosing curtains on them becomes a big problem.