Decorative inserts for stretch ceilings + photo

Decorative inserts for stretch ceilings + photo Decorative inserts for stretch ceilings + photo

Frame device for ceiling soft the coating is such that in addition to the main parts, you need a lot of auxiliary accessories. For example, a decorative type insert for stretch ceilings, in fact, will remain an integral part of the frame. For this reason, the bearing profile must always be selected in tandem with an overhead strip or even a plug.

Decorative stretch ceiling inserts are extremely important, and let's see why.

Why do you need decorative wall inserts for a stretch ceiling

No matter how the design masters tried and the ceiling decor was accurately planned for a real room, it doesn't matter between the baguette and the wall will form a gap.

In general, a plug-type insert for a stretch ceiling is required for 2 reasons:

  • Hide the baguette elements that remained uncovered after installing the canvas or film. This is not a marriage, and most models of the supporting profile, for example, slotted, are made in such a way that a technological type gap remains between the mount and the wall, which is important for fixing the ceiling from the stretch fabric.
  • Hide or even smooth out wall curvature. If a stretch ceiling is mounted on a simple plastered type surface, then without an insert, such a structure will not look the best.

Please note that in addition to solving the technological issue, the insert can only perform decorative functions.

Cord edging

For example, such edging will play the role of a transition of colors from a light stretch ceiling to walls of a darker color. A small edging in the form of a cord of a mortgage type or an insert of a colored type for stretch ceilings will noticeably change the design of the canvas only in a good way. Naturally, decorative cords or even tabs between the seams can only be applied independently. If an insert is already mounted on the baguette - a plug, then the use of the cord will need to be abandoned.


What are the elements for stretch ceilings

The devices and type of masking tape must fully correspond to the baguette design and the type of coating material used.

If complex connecting two-level profiles are not used in the frame structure, then the most popular types of inserts will be obtained for arranging a stretch ceiling:

In addition, there are many other types of overlays for camouflage, not so often used in the decoration of a stretch ceiling.Certain types of inserts are used only for finishing side or dividing profiles, and therefore it is best to trust their choice to specialists who are professionally engaged in the installation or design of a stretch ceiling.

For example, the "Herringbone" insert or R-type plastic overlays are used both as plugs on the wall profile for glazing beads and for dividing baguettes.

F -shaped inserts for ceilings

Most of the decorative tapes , and also plugs for wall moldings have acquired their name in the form of an insert section. For example, the F-pad will resemble the corresponding letter in the Latin alphabet. It is used for masking on gapless baguettes, and the vertical profile stand for masking covers the bottom plane, and the side shelves of a plastic tape with a notch serve for fixing on the inner baguette wall. Since the decorative insert has an asymmetric profile, it turns out that it cannot be used anywhere, except for a gapless baguette.

T-shaped decorative wall insert for stretch ceiling

This decorative wall insert for stretch fabric is the most popular type of masking tape ... The TL insert for such a ceiling will look like the letter "T", in which the vertical element will be made of two parallel legs. Through them, the insert will be attached to the bottom plane of a classic aluminum molding.

The horizontal shelf "letter T" will have an exclusively decorative function. After mounting the insert on a baguette-type profile, it will fully cover the edge of the stretch ceiling and at the same time partially lay on the vertical wall surface. The dimensions of the decorative type shelf may differ, for example, for the TLP insert for a stretch ceiling, the width of the two parts of the shelf is much higher than the TL model, which makes it possible to cover the slots on a whole class of baguette-type profiles. The decorative type inserts from the "T" series even have special masking tape models. For example, for TLX and TLG overlays, the shape and proportions of the masking type surfaces are greatly changed, while observing the basic layout of the element.

If they are straight for the standard T-shaped insert, then for G and X they are curved in an arc in order to increase the decorative effect and improve the adhesion of the plastic edge to the wall.

L -shaped inset on the ceiling for stretch fabric

The most convenient a variant of an overlay for masking, and on sale you can find such a tape under the name G-insert, or G-profile. It is mainly used for stretch ceilings with harpoon type of fasteners. Interestingly, the simplicity of arranging the insert helps to significantly simplify the installation process, but under a huge load when cooling the stretch vinyl ceiling, the plug can be squeezed out of the grooves.For this reason, for the reliability of fixing the masking pad, the frame will need to be bypassed around the common perimeter at least 2 times.

PVC pads with S -section

This form of the plug will in many ways resemble the previous version of the T-insert, and the distinctive feature of such an overlay lies in the fact that the element through which the tape-type plug will be attached to the baguette is not made in the form of a "clothespin" , as in the TLH or TL models, but in the form of a cork with spacers or glazing beads. The side shelves are softer in the SL type insert for stretch ceilings, and this makes it possible to use it on most models of aluminum and plastic moldings. The simpler the pad design, the more difficult it will be to work with it. For example, S-series:

  • It will be easily installed on the frame.
  • Practically does not fly off even under incredibly heavy loads.

  • Easily removed from the profile.

But the L-models are the exact opposite of the previous S-stub. It will take twice as long to install it correctly, and removing it from a ceiling-type frame is sometimes even more difficult than a harpoon.

How to mount a decorative insert for a stretch ceiling

The installation process begins with the selection of a suitable option for masking plugs. If you do not have the opportunity to get advice from a stretch ceiling specialist, then you can see the lining option in the molding installation instructions.

If you have the opportunity, it will be useful to try a few small pieces of tape overlays on the purchased wall profile. In any case, it is better sometimes to make sure with your own hands that this type of plug will work, rather than after suffering and accidentally ruining the fabric and vinyl canvas.

The second question is determining the required footage. As a rule, measurements are taken with a tape measure or they are done more accurately by means of a polypropylene cord, which is laid along the general perimeter of the room. It is also important that the material is sold in bobbins, it is difficult to find sales per meter, but it is possible.

It is better to take everything with a 10% margin. The easiest way is to lay the decorative insert on the stretch ceiling frame in two pieces. In this case, it is important to choose the joint line in an inconspicuous place, for example, in a niche behind the curtains. If the room is small, then the material can be installed with only one thread.

Installing the plug is very simple, for this it is important to place the tape and insert it with your fingers into the groove of the baguette.

In certain profile models, it will not work to completely snap the adjustment manually, and sometimes you need to press lightly with metal flat objects. For this reason, the tape must first be laid out on the ceiling lining frame, but not cut off from the bobbin. The next pass will be the final upsetting of the PVC plug in the fastener.

Photos of decorative inserts for stretch ceilings will help you figure it out.In this case, it is required to try not to press very hard on the insert, since there is a possibility of damaging the tensioning web.

If it is required to work with a spatula to open the lock, then this must be done slowly and without jerks. If you succeed in snapping the initial section, then you can be sure - put the entire segment of the mortgage-type plug. After the tape has been fully crushed into the fastening of the tension cloth, it is required to make a lock. PVC has a high sensitivity to temperatures, and therefore, so that the ends do not diverge, it is important to cut them with an oblique cut. Even if there are fluctuations along the length of the material, this will not lead to the formation of a gap between the ends.

How to choose an insert shade for stretch ceilings

Decorative inserts for stretch ceilings + photo The problem of choosing a design in different colors for the lining must be decided even when planning the soft cladding. Most often, white colors are selected when it comes to light ceilings, and contrasting ones, if at least one decorative element for the ceiling is decorated in dark colors. If you made the wrong choice, then the masking tape can be replaced. This is especially true for those who, for certain reasons, needed to repaint the ceiling surface from light colors to more saturated and dark ones.

Recommendations of professionals

The price of one meter of masking tape is on average 21-35 rubles.

It's not so much to try to paint or seal the adhesive insert with PVC film together with a usual replacement. This kind of home-made is remarkably visible against the background of the ceiling decoration, and therefore nothing good will come of such experiments. If it was necessary to repaint the vinyl covering, then at the time of work, the surface can be sealed with masking tape, and it makes no sense to paint with the canvas. It is better to professionally make the ceiling decor and install a cap that is updated.


The choice and installation of a decorative insert for a stretch ceiling is considered not so difficult type of work, available for even those who are just starting to get acquainted with the arrangement of new types finishes.

If you do not rush and do not save on materials, then the plug will serve no less than the lining for the ceiling. The main thing is that you do not confuse the shape and type of the profile, since otherwise the installation process may end in a baguette breakage.


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