design ideas and colors + Video

design ideas and colors + Video The ability to paint the wallpaper for painting correctly will allow you to create extraordinary designs and stylish interiors with your own hands without tangible financial losses ... As a rule, paintable wallpapers are more expensive than usual ones, and many people buy them. And this choice is justified, because you can change the interior in a very short time, simply by repainting the walls in one or several colors.

And you can do this up to 10 times, which means that you can forget about new wallpapers for many years.

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design ideas and colors + Video And so, let's take a closer look at what wallpaper is painted for painting. Note right away that not all wallpapers are used for painting. Cheap paper canvases will simply soften and lose their aesthetics and attractiveness. Perhaps they will begin to bubble and peel off in some places.

And no matter how much paint you put on them, they will still look ugly.

Therefore, when buying wallpaper for painting, do not save. When choosing wallpaper, look for vinyl or non-woven . This version of the wallpaper has a beautiful embossed surface that you can easily repaint.

Paintable wallpaper must be painted, even though its original beautiful white color.

Painting will protect their surface and increase their service life. Glass Wallpaper can be used as an alternative to vinyl wallpaper. They look very beautiful, and a huge assortment will allow you to choose the desired pattern.

Choice of paint for painting wallpaper

design ideas and colors + Video For DIY wallpaper painting specialists do not recommend using oil paints. It is also forbidden to use coloring compositions diluted with a solvent, since these substances will cause irreparable harm to the wallpaper.

Wallpaper made of paper and glass wallpaper is best painted with latex paints, since they are not so aggressive. Paper wallpapers can also be painted with water-based dyes.

Non-woven wallpaper is painted with acrylics. And to improve the performance of the coating, varnish is applied to their surface after painting. Although in this case it will be impossible to repaint the wallpaper.

Vinyl wallpaper can be painted in the same way as non-woven wallpaper - with acrylic paints. Moreover, you can use both glossy and matte compositions. The second option will ideally hide all the defects on the walls. Several layers of coating will smooth the textured surface.

Which roller is used for painting wallpaper?

design ideas and colors + Video For high-quality self-painting surface, you should select the correct roller.

It should absorb all the paint well, and at the same time it should not drip and splatter.

There are two main types of rollers:

  • with an extension up to 10 cm;
  • with an extension up to 25 cm.

With short nozzles, paint hard-to-reach areas.Long nozzles allow for a uniform, even layer with slight gradation.

The clutch should be fur with a small nap.

It perfectly absorbs ink and distributes it evenly with light pressure on the roller. For better wetting of the roller, it is better to pour the paint into the tray. In this case, excess paint should flow back into the bath.

How to paint wallpaper for painting with your own hands?

The basic rule is that all paint and varnish mixtures should be applied to a clean and dry surface. And be sure to wait until the wallpaper is completely dry.

And only after that start painting. Typically, the interval between pasting and painting is about 24 hours. design ideas and colors + Video

All paintable wallpapers are initially white. And for their painting, you can choose any tone that interests you. If you need to repaint dark wallpaper, first apply a neutral paint, and only then paint in the desired color.

Let's consider step by step the whole process of painting wallpaper with our own hands:

  • design ideas and colors + Video Selection and preparation of paint. If the paint is thick, dilute it to the desired consistency and mix thoroughly. The consistency of the coloring mixture should be homogeneous without additional inclusions.
  • Use masking tape to glue all joints of the walls to the ceiling and floor. Skirting boards and other details and elements also protect against paint.

  • Wallpaper painting. They paint the paper canvases in one go, because when stopping, noticeable joints may appear on the walls. First, using a brush, they carefully paint over all the junctions and corners, and after that they roll all the walls with a roller. In this case, it is necessary to move from top to bottom, that is, from the ceiling to the floor, leaving no gaps, even if the painting will be in several layers. This method will allow you to apply the paint evenly and without streaks.

  • After the first coat is completely dry, the next coat of paint can be applied. As a rule, paintable wallpaper is painted in two layers.

Painting wallpaper with water-based paint also requires certain conditions. Previously, the paint must be given a certain shade.

This can be done in two ways:

  1. design ideas and colors + Video Do it yourself.

    To do this, you buy a liquid or powder color and gradually add it to the paint. It is important not only to guess correctly with the amount of required pigment, but also to mix the paint qualitatively with a whisk or mixer. The brightness of the shade will be affected by a certain amount of color scheme. As a rule, all manufacturers apply a color palette to the packaging. And note that the tone is darker in the container.

    And for the result you want, you need more color. You also need to consider the type of roller you will be using. It is very important what kind of coloring layer it leaves: thin or dense.

  2. The second option is easier, you just buy paint with a color scheme in hardware stores.It is enough to choose the shade you like, and the computer system itself will add the required amount of pigments and mix the paint qualitatively.

Painting the wallpaper for painting in several colors

design ideas and colors + Video For creating an original interior, it is necessary to paint the wallpaper in two colors. You can combine both close shades and contrasting ones. Gradient coloring is also widespread - this is a smooth transition between shades of similar color.

Use regular construction tapes, curbs and moldings and other spacers to highlight the border between colors.

Types of wallpaper painting

To paint wallpaper, you need to decide what final effect you want to achieve.

The classic style means clear boundaries between shades, and creative interiors can be created using arbitrary painting.

Below we will consider the popular uses of paint on wallpaper:

  1. design ideas and colors + Video Painting the horizontal type in the form of alternating stripes of different or the same width, or painting the wall in two colors. With the first option, you can create bright accents on one wall. With the second, visually expand the space, but be sure to use dividers.
  2. Along all walls, you can draw vertical stripes or highlight some areas.

    This painting option significantly raises the ceilings.

  3. Painting one of the walls in a brighter and more saturated color. This technique allows you to create an accent and divide the entire space of the room into zones. An even more interesting effect can be achieved if you paint the ceiling in addition to the wall in the selected color. design ideas and colors + Video
  4. Gradient transitions on one of the walls.

    Correctly chosen shades will allow you to create an extraordinary and cozy interior.

  5. Design in the form of a frame, provides for the creation of colored frames or inserts on plain walls. This technique works well for highlighting TVs, old paintings and wall clocks.
  6. Embossed structures. Coloring ledges and niches with different colors can significantly decorate a room.

  7. With the option of dividing the space , several zones can be distinguished in the room, for example, a recreation area, a nursery or an office. It is also often used to decorate studio apartments. In this case, you can paint the walls of the kitchen in one color, and the walls of the living room in another. And the borders of the colors can be left blank.
  8. Unusual geometry of several colors.

    Various patterns of geometric shapes will look very stylish and colorful. Usually they are created on previously prepared and painted in one color wallpaper. As a rule, they draw classic circles, zigzags, rhombuses, strokes, cells or waves.

  9. Whole songs. When painting wallpaper, not only patterns are created, but real complex patterns.

    The imitation of clouds, sea waves, trees and so on looks original on the walls.

Wallpaper for painting in the interior will give you complete freedom for creativity. With the help of them, you will be able to translate your brightest design ideas into reality. In addition, you can paint the wallpaper with your own hands and make the interior of the house truly original.