design ideas + Rustic style video

design ideas + Rustic style video Despite the fact that in our time progress does not stand still and new technologies appear every day, modern designs, corresponding to new fashion trends, always and everywhere will be appropriate rustic style of decoration.

It is he who creates warmth and comfort, thanks to which that feeling of family, the feeling of home, appears. Rustic style in the interior of a country house is associated with an abundance of wooden surfaces that always give off a fresh smell. But still, there are several varieties of this interior.

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Interior of a Provence-style village house

Provence is characterized by its vivid presentation of decor and interior decoration of southern houses and originates from France.

Looking at the color scheme of this style, you might think that the surfaces have burned out in the sun. These are mainly very warm tones, such as cream and light beige, pale orange and pale blue, lavender and light terracotta .

design ideas + Rustic style video Also, a distinctive feature of the interior of a country house in the Provence style is the rough execution of the flooring, it is usually a plank surface, treated with white oil paint, or stone tiles.

The walls of the premises are usually plastered. And, as a rule, the plaster is applied roughly and clumsily.

The kitchen also does not require large labor costs - it is enough to sheathe the walls with boards and simply paint. The second version of the kitchen is an imitation of brickwork.

Furniture is made by hand, and perhaps the initial color of the wood cannot be adjusted, but most often it is painted in warm colors. The main highlight of the Provence style is the artificial aging of furniture. All possible accessories and upholstered furniture are decorated with a checkered or striped design, most of the products are handmade from lace or weaving.

design ideas + Rustic style video

As a result, we can say that the interior of a country house in the Provence style is designed for connoisseurs of minimalism.

Country style in a country house

design ideas + Rustic style video This kind of rustic style is distinguished by its simplicity and roughness. All finishing is made of natural components - wood, stone, fabric . Synthetic materials, such as plastic or chrome-plated metallic, categorically do not fit into this interior. Country-style furniture, as a rule, is massive, forged or wooden, oak.

No frills, bright decorations. All accessories are homemade, a lot of heat - rugs, blankets, curtains, tablecloths.

The color gamut is saturated with dark, with shades of red and brown. The kitchen is fully equipped with textiles. There are lamps, lanterns, brass dishes.

All things are artificially aged. Pictures with hunting episodes are appropriate.

If we highlight the main thing, then we can say that the country style in a country house is a beautiful light mess, expressed in slightly worn upholstery, asymmetrical arrangement of accessories and an atmosphere corresponding to the chivalrous era. This style is perfect for hunting lovers.

House in Russian rustic style

design ideas + Rustic style video Absolutely no pretentiousness in the interior.

Simplicity is seen everywhere and in everything. Everything around is wooden and cozy, it is impossible to find excesses. It is about this style that they say "stove with a bench". This is how our ancestors lived from time immemorial, and it was from them that this style inherited the features of asceticism. A must-have accessory is a chest that performs several functions at the same time.

Well, where can we go without a Russian oven. If its organization is impossible, then it is necessary to create an imitation of it - an electric fireplace disguised as a stove and a woodpile with wood.

A house in the Russian country style is the most common type of interior design in Russia, since it is he who creates the maximum comfort in the house. This style is in demand no less modern options for interior decoration of the house.

Rustic kitchen

design ideas + Rustic style video If you're all- However, if you prefer the rustic style of your home, special attention should be paid to the interior of the kitchen.

It is she who is the basis of the rustic style. Warmth and comfort emanate from her, accompanied by the smell of boiled potatoes.

If you have chosen the Russian rustic style, then you must have wooden floors on the ceiling and an extractor hood designed to resemble a Russian stove. Walls should be plastered or brick. Painted decor elements, forged products, colorful tablecloths and napkins on the table - all this is from here.

design ideas + Rustic style video If your interior is made in country style, then the kitchen should have warm tones of wood, coffee flowers. There are pillows on the furniture, the windows are covered with checkered textiles. The walls are made of decorative stones.

The Provence style kitchen sparkles with light and joy, the walls are saturated with flowers, the furniture is whitewashed with acrylics and slightly sanded. There is gilding.

There are vases with flowers on the windows, there are elements of marine resources.

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