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designer recommendations, colors and styles- Review + Video Double-leaf interior doors are one of the best options for decorating a doorway. If you want to add elegance to the interior, install doors of this type. Installation of doors is not particularly difficult; it is no different from installing doors with one leaf. But you will see how many advantages this design has, and appreciate them during operation.

The design of such doors provides for the presence of two leaves, which are attached to one frame.

Most of all, this type is suitable for a doorway whose width is more than 1 m, and it will not work to close the opening with one sheet. Often, such a wide opening is formed for the entrances to the living room or hall, thus emphasizing the purpose of the room.

Experts say that, if desired, almost any canvas can be made double-leaf.

General information about doors with two wings

Door design options

  • Identical in symmetry and texture of the leaf.
  • Canvases of the same size, but not differing in symmetry.

    The shade of the canvases is the same.

  • Canvas with a mirror image of the pattern.
  • The aspect ratio of the canvases is 1: 4, which means that one of them is much wider, but there is an identity in colors and patterns.

Using double-leaf interior doors in the interior with canvases of different sizes, the narrowest element is fixed in the opening and is rarely opened, only if the need arises. This can be done with the help of crossbars that hold the fold closed.

Types of double-leaf doors

Swing doors

designer recommendations, colors and styles- Review + Video Interior double-leaf swing doors. In order to open this type of door, you will need a lot of free space in the room. The appearance of such doors is luxurious, they can decorate any room. Also, the design can be with an arch, but this option is only suitable for rooms with high ceilings.


Double-leaf interior sliding doors.

The opening process takes place horizontally, since the main door is fixed on rollers and slides along the rails. This option will be a good solution for a small room, and will not steal precious centimeters of the area. A subspecies of this design are doors that move along the wall. There is also a variant of a cassette door or, in another way, a compartment door, the doors of which are hidden when the wall is opened inward.

Shoji doors - a model that came to us from Japan, and has recently gained immense popularity.


Pendulum . They open in different directions. Suitable for installation in offices, shopping centers, shops. They have a huge margin of space for the free movement of the shutters.

Interior double folding doors or " accordion ".

The design is made up of narrow canvases that are connected by hinges.They are fixed on the box by means of hinges, when opening, the sashes move in different directions.

Patio . These are two-leaf sliding-type structures made of glass. One sash is fixed on rollers that are parallel to a static panel of the same shape.

Most often, such a structure is placed on balconies, loggias, terraces.

Compact . Such doors are the Italian version of two-leaf structures, and are characterized by convenient opening, by folding unilaterally and pressing against the wall. At the same time, doors do not take up precious space. Quite often, a compact door and a small swing door are installed in rooms.


Double-leaf interior dimensions are generally standard from the manufacturer:

  • Width of double-wing interior doors 400 , 550, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1100 mm, some companies can produce door leaves with a difference of only 10 mm.
  • Height 2 m, 2, 300 m (for apartments with high ceilings).


Double-leaf doors with a transom (arch) are made of different heights with a difference of 10 - 50 mm.

Material for making double-leaf doors

Wood : cedar, pine, larch, elm, beech, teak, oak, walnut, wenge , mahogany, Karelian birch, rosewood.

These are expensive options for door leaves from solid wood. They are characterized by strength, high weight, good noise isolation, while maintaining privacy. Prices for interior wooden doors are quite high.

Materials imitating wood: fiberboard, MDF, chipboard. In order to increase the service life, manufacturers cover the material with a laminating compound.

Such doors do not weigh much, prices are also several times lower than those of wooden ones.

Eco-veneer is often used for door cladding. This allows you to give cheap products an expensive look. To enhance the protective function, manufacturers apply Cilplex film.

Plastic .

Double-leaf doors are often made from polyvinyl chloride. Such options can be installed in rooms with high humidity. Double-leaf plastic interior doors are characterized by durability, service life is about 40 years. To give an attractive appearance, various decorative inserts made of glass, mirrors, stained glass elements are used.

Glass .

In the production of doors from this material, tempered glass is used, which is not afraid of blows:

  • designer recommendations, colors and styles- Review + Video Stemalit is a material that first they paint, then they are exposed to high temperatures.
  • Satin-matt tempered glass, which is decorated with drawings using the technique of applying sand in streams.
  • Optivite - glass that acquires special strength after the bleaching process.
  • Triplex is the so-called laminated glass, which is created by adding a film between layers of glass.Upon impact, the material will not break into small fragments, but will be covered with cracks.


Often, when creating unique options for glass double-leaf interior doors, LED lighting is used, which is mounted at the initial stage of their creation.

The color scheme of double-leaf doors

There is an important rule in interior design, which states that the color of the doors must be chosen according to the room, and in no way the case is not the other way around. And this is logical, because it is much easier to first choose the flooring, the shade of the walls, furniture, decor, and at the end of the door. Glass doors are an exception to the rule, since they are a work of art in themselves.

The most traditional is to match the color of the door to the color of the floor covering. The most popular are the following colors:

  • designer recommendations, colors and styles- Review + Video Variations in oak shades: white, stained, baked milk, with patina of golden, silver, smoky, meling, wenge.
  • Walnut shades: Milanese light with gold, dark and light, nougat, amber, gold, wenge.
  • Ash: light with a brownish tint, olive-golden, coffee with milk, ash, pearl.
  • Rosewood with a brownish-red or pinkish-brown tint.

  • Cherry brown-red hue.
  • Mahogany and its varieties: red sandalwood, mahogany, paduk.
  • Sapele with a color reminiscent of mahogany, but with a pronounced shade of purple.

Note. Double-leaf white interior doors - the model itself is popular.

Very often this color is used in the manufacture of plastic models. Double-leaf glass doors are created in plain and stained glass.

Selection of doors depending on the style of the interior

Classic, vintage or modern provide for the installation of doors with the same size of leaves. Doors made of solid wood or MDF, by the way, will come in handy in such interiors. Compact Italian double-leaf doors will organically fit into the classic design.

When choosing two-winged doors for the interior, it is important to consider the first impression of the model, namely, whether the doors are going to you. Their texture, color, material, design and other nuances. Also, it is very important to take into account the stylistic orientation of your interior, because if your living room is created in country style, then there can be no question of any stained glass doors, this is a kind of bad manners.

Examining the door tightly, pay attention to the quality of the material from which they are made. Models made of wood look rich, and they cost the same.

But they will serve you for more than one decade, and even your grandchildren will get it.

Doors made of tempered glass are not inferior in reliability to wooden ones, because they use high-quality materials with shockproof protection. Plastic canvases or their MDF are not particularly strong, mainly due to the presence of voids inside the structure.

Inspect the doors for reliability of coating with paint or film, ask for quality certificates and warranty period of service. It is very important to decide before buying whether the size of the canvases is suitable for your doorway, because expanding it is not an easy task.


If the doorway in your house is not standard sizes, then it is best to make double-leaf interior doors to order. The craftsmen will make all the necessary measurements and calculations, agree with you on the nuances of the door design. Also, you can agree on the timing of the work and document everything. It should be noted that custom-made doors will cost significantly more than ready-made options.


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